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How important is it for children to be able to play?

In the eyes of many friends, I am really not a person who knows how to play. So when they have any activities, they often don’t call me. After having children, it became even more so. Because I prefer to be with children. So those social events and parties have become irrelevant to me. Not many people are willing to play with me, a man who always has a baby. They always feel that their children are a burden and can be avoided for a while. I remember once there was a young man sitting in a friend’s car. A friend told him: \”You should also prepare to get married. Learn from the brother behind you. He is a daddy and has experience in raising children.\” \”I don\’t want to have children. It\’s too annoying.\” I could only smile. But I consider myself a person who can play. Because I can always get along with the kids. Can you say that children can\’t play? Anyone who can play with them must also be able to play. Therefore, in the eyes of children, I am a person who can play. Especially in the eyes of my son, I am just a big toy. As soon as I call, he immediately responds with a bang, and then rushes to the park, grassland, and river opposite. And in the small playground downstairs in the community, there are always children inviting me to participate in their games. And I always have a great time. Xi Murong said that if a child has never been in contact with nature in his life, such as touching the bark of a tree or stepping on dry and crisp fallen leaves, she cannot teach him art. Because he has never experienced beauty firsthand. I wholeheartedly agree with this. In the process of accompanying my children to grow up, I have always taken them to walk in the embrace of nature. When he was very young, I often played with him in the countryside. Look at the grass and flowers on the roadside. Pick up the stones by the river. Teach him the difference between dandelions and other weeds. Also let him grab whatever he can. So what he touched was a real world. Let the children look at the clouds, listen to the wind, and shake the trees. Playing can help your baby’s senses develop better. And when the child can run and jump. Especially if there are boys at home, many mothers have headaches and say that their children can\’t stop. You can’t blame the children because God gave them such bodies. Scientific research shows that boys have more dopamine in their blood and more blood flows through the cerebellum. Dopamine increases the likelihood of impulsive and risky behavior. The cerebellum controls behavior and body movements. The more blood flow flows through the cerebellum, the more active the cerebellum is, so boys love to move. Therefore, boys should exercise more to give the boy a chance to vent the irritability caused by hormones. So I often take my son to run in the square, sweating profusely. But he sleeps better at night this way. And when reading, you can concentrate more. Lightey, a professor at Harvard Medical School, said: \”Physical exercise itself cannot make you smarter, but it can put your brain in the most conducive state for learning.\” So don\’t be afraid that your children\’s playing will affect their learning. Proper exercise can promote children\’s learning. And there are many special benefits to playing. It allows children to understand the rules and learn to communicate better. If you get involved in a child\’s game. You will find a very wonderful thing – rules are always repeated, improved, and then implemented. They take it very seriouslyWaiting for the game, and investing all his intelligence and energy in the game. This kind of experience is very beneficial to the growth of children. I remember once taking Xiao Xiaoyu to play in the small square downstairs. There are two children fighting over a soft leather basketball. Then another child joined. The little guy looked at me, meaning he wanted to participate. I say if you want to play, go ahead and be safe. Then he took off his coat and left. But something bad happened. When several boys compete for a ball, there will be conflict. You pull me, I push you away. Finally, they forced the child holding the ball into the bushes and surrounded him. Because there are no rules, the game goes on in chaos for a while. Some mothers said that they were not allowed to play. Seeing that the children were happy, I gathered everyone together, divided them into groups, and then made rules. Let them pass the ball in pairs. After playing a few rounds, a miracle happened. A child discovered that a play facility in the small square had a round hole where you could throw a ball. So it was agreed that a goal would be scored. The next step is fun. Everyone is constantly improving the rules and adding new children. That night, we played until about 9 o\’clock, and the children were still running and passing the ball with great interest. Every child participates seriously. The gains are huge. Especially today, children in cities all live in beautifully decorated and comfortable rooms. Take online courses or experience the virtual world. But their bodies need such exercise even more. More importantly, children\’s minds need such experiences. And as adults, we don’t have such troubles. A mobile phone and the Internet can last a whole day. If your soul has been tortured to death by this world. Going to the gym and singing karaoke will not do the trick. But there is a very effective method – please remember to let the children play with you. Writer Zhou Guoping once wrote: I wrote down a scene I saw: At dusk, a couple took their children to play by the river, and they happily caught tadpoles in the river for the children. I immediately discovered that there was a problem with my account. The truth was – at dusk, a child took his parents to play by the river and taught them how to catch tadpoles in the river with great interest. Most of us would not do \”useless\” things like catching tadpoles if it were not led by our children. We have been living in a utilitarian world for a long time. If we only do \”useful\” things, we will never finish them. Where can we find the time and interest to play and do \”useless\” things? It wasn’t until the child was born and led by the child that I returned to the long-forgotten non-utilitarian world, willingly sacrificing many “useful” things for “useless” things. So, it is indeed the children who take us to play, to the park, to track the beetles on the blades of grass and the ants in the mud. Children renew our sense of the world. In fact, there are many wonderful things in life that you just haven’t discovered. What you have to do is change it a little bit. For example, we can take our children to do their own crafts instead of buying a bunch of toys. To encourage children to draw, just prepare a small blackboard worth tens of dollars. Let your children choose dishes and do some housework together. Let\’s go for a walk outdoors together, don\’t be afraidChatting, in fact, you will make many unexpected discoveries while walking. You can fly a kite together, or pick up a few leaves. You can also go to the countryside to plant a few small trees together and watch them grow. You can also go to the library with your children, go to a movie… there are so many things you can do. The key is that you have to do it. If you say you don’t know how, then follow your child and let him lead you to do it. You will find that play is really the foundation of knowledge between heaven and earth.

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