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How important is sex education? These four stages cannot be ignored

In China, sex education has always been a relatively marginal topic. People avoid talking about sex, mostly because schools and parents have unintentionally completely separated the topic of sex from education. As a result, many people are unable to understand a lot of sexual knowledge as adults. From theory to practice, most people have no systematic sexual knowledge at all and jump directly to practice. Therefore, true knowledge comes from practice, and many detours have been taken. A sexual abuse story in \”Fifty Shades of Grey\” was once regarded as a sex education film abroad. This novel by British female writer EL James was also an instant hit. Why? Sex is neither obscene nor dirty. It must be understood with correct concepts. When human beings are violent towards sex, they become the most ferocious existence. How to carry out correct sex education, these four stages cannot be ignored. Preschoolers: Let children realize the inviolability of their sexual organs. In recent years, news of molestation of preschool children has repeatedly broken out. It is often only after multiple times that the sexual organs have been torn and other phenomena have occurred, and parents have become aware of it. It\’s not that the child can\’t express it, but because the child doesn\’t know that his sexual organs are more private than other places. For children at this stage, what we should pay attention to is the morphological knowledge of human reproductive organs and the establishment of self-protection awareness of reproductive organs. Data shows that children will go through a sexual bud period from about 3 years old to preschool. The important manifestation of the sexual bud stage is that you will be curious about your own organs. Do not beat or scold you, let alone avoid it. This will easily cause girls to become sexually frigid and boys to have voyeurism when they grow up. The most important thing is to popularize sexual morphology among children so that they can psychologically accept and identify with it. Many parents will deliberately avoid this stage of first acquaintance with their children, but the later they talk about it, the stronger the connection will be with their children. In addition, we should also pay attention to a problem. The only way to let children establish the inviolability of their sexual organs is to remind them repeatedly. From school to before menstrual period: Understand basic normal sexual development. On the basis of preschool sex education, we must start to let children know that a person\’s normal sexual development and sexual behavior. Many children have just learned about menstruation and spermatorrhea during their menstrual period. They are unprepared for these, which will cause them to undergo great psychological changes in a certain period of time. Tell me something that happened when I was a kid, it sounds like a joke. One of my classmates suddenly called me one day. She said that she was going to die, her body was covered in blood, and she didn\’t know what to do. I was also shocked on the spot. I said, do you feel pain? She said it didn\’t hurt. That day, my mother happened to be next to me and said, maybe I am menstruating, please tell her to put toilet paper on first. So, after many years, this incident became a joke. I have a teacher who once told me that every time she had her period, she would deliberately ask her daughter to help her carry sanitary napkins. In this way, it will subtly let the children know the existence of menstruation and eliminate the fear psychologically. After going to school, many children actually develop a sense of identity. Girls know that they will be like their mothers, and boys know that they will be like their fathers. At this stage, it is best to provide necessary guidance. After the menstrual period: let children fully understand sexual knowledge. After becoming adults, why do many children become curious about sex. That’s because the less you understand, the moreYi Yue is more curious. In fact, most children have generally begun to be curious about sex in the upper grades of primary school. The so-called tasting the forbidden fruit is partly due to the impulse of adolescence, and partly due to ignorance of the seriousness of the consequences. Some schools will begin to popularize sexual knowledge. However, what parents need to do is: 1. Let their children deepen their understanding of their own sexual organs. 2. Be clear about your sexual life. That is, you must at least know that sexual intercourse between men and women can lead to pregnancy, and you must at least know about contraception and contraception. 3. Observe the child’s love situation. Please note that I am not asking you to break up puppy love, but I am asking your children to have a correct view of love. Tell your children that when two people fall in love, they will make progress together. After 18 years of age: you can talk openly about all sexual knowledge. I once saw an article called \”What are taught in sex education classes in the United States?\” \”, which mentioned that when she was working as a child guardian, she discovered that this high school student actually had a condom in his schoolbag. She later learned that this was a tool used by the teacher to teach. \”Guigui said that the content of the first sex education class was \’Know condoms calmly\’. At first, we were embarrassed, and the girls had their heads under the desk! However, after the teacher explained it, the girls did not scream. Now, boys’ hearts have stopped beating. Everyone understands that if you want to talk about sex, you have to know about condoms! This is a matter of course!” 18 years old is an adult, and at this stage, the popularization of sexual knowledge is almost complete. Parents should know that the most important thing to tell their children is: do not have sex for pleasure, but learn to be responsible for yourself. 1. Learn to wear condoms. Especially the parents of girls must tell her that if a boy is unwilling to wear a condom, he can refuse to have sex. Condoms can help develop good hygiene habits and reduce the risk of harm to both parties. 2. Avoid promiscuity. Many sexually transmitted diseases come from promiscuity. Having a healthy lover is the most important way to protect yourself. There is a saying that when you talk about everything honestly, everything falls into place. Our sex education is not for anything, but to tell children that sex is neither shameful nor mysterious, it is a part of our lives. The greatest responsibility of parents to their children is to help them fully understand themselves and fall in love with themselves.

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