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How long can a 7-year-old child live with oral cancer? It\’s all my fault that the father gave this to his child

The New Year is approaching. In addition to sumptuous banquets at home and abroad, various New Year goods will also be purchased. But there is one thing you need to pay attention to at home. Some of the snacks used by adults to satisfy their cravings during the New Year must not be fed to children! Some things may not be a problem for adults to eat, but this does not mean that adults’ food can be freely fed to children. Because children’s immunity and resistance are not comparable to those of adults, feeding certain foods to children may have irreparable consequences. 7-year-old Lele is a very well-behaved and obedient boy who has always been the darling of the whole family. But in the past two days, the child has developed oral ulcers in his mouth. The child has been complaining that his mouth hurts all day long, and there are also some ulcers on his tongue. At first, Lele’s mother thought that Lele had eaten too much recently, so she had some food accumulation. She thought that the recent meals were also a bit heavy, so she specially cooked light meals for Lele for a few days and asked Lele to drink more every day. some water. But as several days passed, Lele\’s condition not only failed to improve, but her mouth even hurt so much that she couldn\’t eat. Only then did the parents realize the seriousness of the problem, so they hurriedly took Lele to the hospital for examination. However, the examination results gave Lele\’s parents a blow. Lele, who was only 7 years old, actually suffered from oral cancer! To save the child\’s life, part of the oral tissue and tongue must be removed. It\’s really frustrating when something like this happens, but what exactly caused it? How could a perfectly good child get oral cancer? It turned out to be because Lele\’s father fed the child snacks that the child could not eat. Lele\’s father is a long-distance truck driver. He inevitably likes to eat some betel nuts when he travels long distances on weekdays. It not only adds some flavor to his mouth, but also helps him wake up and refresh his mind. Therefore, Lele also developed the habit of eating betel nuts with her father, and she liked to chew a few betel nuts whenever she had nothing to do. The father also thought that this would help his child grind his teeth, so he didn\’t care. But in fact, children cannot eat betel nut. Betel nut does have a refreshing effect for adults, but for children, it may damage the child\’s brain. Moreover, betel nut contains a large amount of caffeine, which is extremely addictive, and the ingredients contained in betel nut can also seriously affect and destroy the mucous membranes and tissues in children\’s mouths. Therefore, if children eat too much betel nut, it will cause oral irritation and lead to cancer. After hearing the news, Lele\’s father felt extremely remorseful and felt that he had harmed his child. He couldn\’t help but burst into tears when he thought that the child had to cut off his tongue to save his life. The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and the children are on winter vacation. Parents will also take their children to buy various new year goods. However, there are some foods in these New Year\’s goods that mothers must pay special attention to and not let their children eat them casually, otherwise their lives and health will be threatened. Many people know that ginkgo is slightly toxic, but babies are more likely to be poisoned than adults if they eat ginkgo, and the younger they are, the higher the mortality rate. If the ginkgo you eat is cooked at home or baked in a microwave oven, it is very likely that it will only be 70 to 80% cooked. Raw ginkgo is more toxic than ripe ginkgo, and just a few of them may cause poisoning. Jelly jelly is small but colorfulIt is rich, sweet and smooth, but it contains a lot of additives, especially artificial colors. Long-term consumption of the baby will cause slow reaction and mental decline. In addition, the elderly and children are prone to accidents when swallowing jelly, such as choking or choking on their throats, so it is best not to eat it. There are warnings on the jelly that it is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Honey is often mixed with botulinum toxin spores. Due to the limited defense of children\’s intestinal flora, botulinum toxin spores may germinate in the intestines and release toxins, leading to botulism poisoning, constipation, loss of appetite, weakness, crying, etc. Changes in voice and loss of control of mouth and eyes. Therefore, it is better for children to drink less honey. Peanuts, melon seeds, and nuts. Many parents think that nuts can be eaten once the baby has teeth and can bite. However, in fact, babies under 3 years old are not easy to chew nuts. Children\’s swallowing reflex is not yet fully developed. Even if they can bite nuts, they cannot fully chew them. Large particles can still easily get stuck in the trachea. Moreover, if the trachea is blocked and rescued improperly, death may occur in just a few minutes. Not long ago, there was news that a 6-year-old child died of suffocation due to eating peanuts. The reason was that after the peanuts blocked the trachea, the mother\’s resuscitation methods were inappropriate, causing the child to suffocate and die. Many people can’t put down their favorite plums and candied plum meat. In fact, this kind of candied food is almost a collection of various additives. Just look at its ingredients list: fresh apricot flesh, white sugar, salt, cream, citric acid, steviol glycosides, aspartame, cyclamate, licorice, vanillin, ethyl maltol, potassium sorbate, Saccharin sodium, acesulfame potassium, sodium benzoate. Moreover, plums and candied fruits have seeds. If the child is too young to eat them, they will not spit them out. If they get stuck, they will be life-threatening. Nowadays, the variety of food is dazzling. When children see it, they like this and that, and they want to try them all. But mothers cannot pamper their children and satisfy all their demands, because certain foods are really not allowed for children to eat and will affect their health. I hope parents can understand that temporary pampering can lead to big mistakes, and children are still young and cannot withstand any harm. To truly love a child is not to satisfy him, but to teach him how to restrain himself and not touch dangerous things. In life, if parents pay more attention to small details, their children\’s safety will be more guaranteed.

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