• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

How many children have lost because there are no rules?

When we educate our children, what exactly do we want to teach them? Knowledge, skills, etiquette, or habits? These are all important, but one thing is essential – rules. Understanding the rules is the first step for a child\’s growth. Become an adult first, then become a talent. When a naughty child gets into trouble, his parents can\’t help it. If children do not understand the rules, they will dare to get into any trouble: a boy in Xiangyang was playing at home during the summer vacation, and his head was stuck in the protective net, so he asked firefighters to help him out; a child in Nanjing threw eggs downstairs many times, causing damage to vehicles and passers-by. The neighbor couldn\’t bear it and called the police; some naughty kids in Gansu threw stones on the highway and damaged 7 cars, causing 200 people to be stranded in the service area… What good can come of children doing whatever they want? Breaking the rules in this way will only bring negative effects and put you in a dilemma, and your parents will not be able to avoid it even if they want to. Some mistakes can be forgiven once as the tuition a child must pay to grow. However, breaking the rules again and again is undoubtedly asking for trouble. Ultimately, parents and children pay excessive costs. Age is no longer a reason to make mistakes. Parents have a common excuse when their children make mistakes: \”He is still young and a child.\” However, in recent years, the public has been unwilling to accept this excuse and does not condone children\’s behavior that breaks the rules. After all, in the same land, the rules are regardless of age. Some parents use age to limit their children\’s growth, which will only make them slower. Some parents may worry that teaching their children to understand rules will hinder their freedom and nature. However, in fact, releasing nature and observing rules are unified as a whole, rather than opposite sides. Excellent children can understand the rules from an early age. They can tear down the house and dismantle the remote control. However, before taking action, the children will ask in advance: \”Mom, Dad, can I play with this?\” The house is a mess, but after playing, the child will consciously clean up the things and return everything to its original place. Although they are young, what children can do is beyond our imagination. As parents, we must be wary of a misunderstanding: knowing the rules does not mean that children listen to their parents. Parents are not the rules for their children, but role models for obeying the rules. In my life, I have encountered adults taking their children to run red lights and leading their children to jump in line. Many parents themselves do not understand the rules, let alone their children? Only by setting an example can we teach our children to follow the rules and understand things. In this way, it not only improves children\’s awareness of rules, but also exercises children\’s thinking and decision-making abilities. In the long run, the ultimate goal of a child\’s growth is to become a useful person to society. And society is established based on rules. Therefore, regardless of age, children should understand the rules and adapt to society as early as possible, which is the general trend of development. Rules help children gain a foothold in society. When the word \”rules\” is mentioned, some people may think of shackles and shackles, and feel that this is a heavy restraint. But parents must not have this kind of rejection mentality. For children, knowing the rules is the most powerful self-protection. Children who don’t understand anything are not only easily deceived by bad people, but also easily put into danger. There are some rules that parents mustTeach your children: Don’t easily believe what strangers say, don’t eat snacks given by strangers, stay vigilant when going out, and call for help when in danger… Only when children understand the rules of the world and know black and white, good and evil, can they prevent fraud. , stay away from danger. Only by understanding the rules and laws can you safeguard your legitimate rights and interests when being bullied. The rules of this religion must be taught to children, just like Sun Wukong wearing a tight band. There is a lot of pain in the process, but it is the only way to grow. The ancients said: \”If you are not comfortable as an adult, you will not be an adult if you are comfortable.\” To be a human being, one must accept civilized education. Back on Huaguo Mountain, no matter how lawless Sun Wukong was, he could \”seventy-two transformations\”, but he was still a monkey after all. After putting on the tight mantra, he achieved positive results on the way to obtain scriptures and became a fighting and victorious Buddha. Only when children put on the \”tightening curse\” and understand the way to survive within the rules can they gain a foothold in society. Knowing the rules is actually a shortcut to success. Children who don\’t understand the rules often take detours and spend time and energy trying to make mistakes; while children who understand the rules follow the right path, avoid dangers, and move forward smoothly. In the game of life, there are rules everywhere. The first to be eliminated must be those who do not understand the rules. Only when children are familiar with the rules can they clearly understand the game situation, analyze the pros and cons, make the most appropriate choice, and win the final victory.

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