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How many things can you do to make your children happy?

Children\’s happiness is very simple and is hidden in every little thing in life. Doing these five things with your child can best improve your child\’s happiness. Take advantage of your free time to get started with your child. Playing games with your children There is nothing happier for a child than playing. Exercise children\’s self-awareness bluey Bluey Family English cartoon [52 episodes in full HD 1080P] Although games are often misunderstood by many adults as a boring way to kill time, playing is an indispensable part of everyone\’s childhood. Important activities. It is an important way for children to explore and learn. Children who are good at playing are often good at learning. As parents, we should not only support our children to play, but also realize that it is also important to play with them. When children are very young, various small games have been quietly unfolding between parents and children. For example, covering your face and playing hide-and-seek with your child. This simple interaction is actually the beginning of the child\’s play. The child feels the parent\’s attention and the joy of the game. As children grow older, we can play more games with them, such as hide-and-seek, stacking blocks, puzzles, outdoor sports, etc. When playing, put down your mobile phone and work, and join the children\’s games wholeheartedly. Not only can you establish a good parent-child relationship, but you can also teach and guide your children during play, and educate them while having fun. During the holidays, no matter how busy you are, you must take time to play with your children for at least 20 minutes every day. A child is lucky to have a parent who can patiently play with him. Spend more time eating with your children. Obama once said: Even on our busiest days, Michelle and I make \”sacrosanct\” family time. For example, no matter how busy I am, I will go upstairs on time to have dinner with my family at 6:30 in the evening. This time is \’inviolable\’. My staff members all know that almost only a national emergency can keep me away from the dinner table. \”Eating with your children is also a big deal. Nowadays, the dining tables of many families have lost a touch of fireworks. Some young parents are busy with work and rarely sit down to eat with their children; some are too lazy to cook and often order takeout. Some parents like to watch TV and play with mobile phones while eating, and the dinner table is filled with silence… Eating has become the least cherished thing for many parents. However, it is difficult to raise a happy family with a deserted dining table. Children. Children’s first memories of family often lie on this small table. As soon as they enter the house, there is a table of delicious food. The family sits around and chats about their parents’ shortcomings. This is the most down-to-earth warmth. Mr. Cai Lam in the book Wrote: The meaning of life is to eat and drink. It is as simple and basic as that, because simplicity and basicness are the most beautiful. The happiest moment of the year is when the family gathers around the table to eat. Every day with the children , everyone should cherish moments like eating. Occasionally giving children some rituals seems very superficial, but it can bring people the most happiness. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries… before receiving blessings, we are always full of expectations , the children behaved more obviously, cheering and cheering, and even their eyes were shining. Many times, it is not that children are unwilling to do something or that they really can’t do it well, butIt\’s because parents don\’t pay enough attention and don\’t support enough. The right sense of ritual allows children to fully feel their own importance and to look forward to doing something well. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine that talked about the five moments when children remember their parents the most. One of them is the ritual of family life. A family full of love and ritual will definitely give the child a warm and happy childhood and a bright future. In ordinary days, the sense of ritual is not complicated. A hug before going out in the morning, a good night before going to bed, and a family walk after dinner. These small things reflect the passion for life. Living in a family with a strong sense of ritual and seeing parents take ordinary days with a serious attitude, children can also be affected and learn to take life more seriously. Recommended children’s philosophical enlightenment wisdom book: What Happiness Is? Set of 9 volumes. Tell your children stories and read picture books before going to bed. Jim Trillis said in \”The Reading Handbook\”: \”You may have unlimited wealth, boxes of jewelry and a Cabinets of gold, but you will never be richer than me. I have a mother who reads to me.\” During bedtime story time, the child snuggled next to his mother, listening to her voice, and her scent lingered in the air. , full of security. Some people say that people\’s memories before going to sleep are always particularly profound. The ten minutes of getting together before going to bed are the most precious memories of a child\’s childhood. Having a mother who can tell stories is the happiest thing for a child. Singer Chen Meiling has good interactions with children. All three sons were admitted to Stanford. In an interview, she mentioned her parenting experience: \”When they ask me questions, I will never say wait a minute. Maybe sometimes I When I was cooking, they came over to me and asked: Mom, why is the sky blue? I couldn’t answer it at all, but I just turned off the heat and said you asked a good question, let’s find an answer together later.” She used practical actions Tell your children: I am listening to your questions and I am willing to work with you to find answers. The curiosity in the child\’s eyes can be valued by the mother in this way, which means that he is seen and loved. The relationship between mother and child is full of trust and respect, and the child\’s heart will be full of happiness and security. An unfortunate child often feels too much blow, incomprehension and neglect in the family. I often meet some parents who complain that their children don’t like to take the initiative to talk to them. This result is largely because adults never cherish their children’s secrets and explorations from the beginning, and interrupt and scold them rudely. As time passed, the child\’s heart was filled with loneliness. When children express their inner feelings, the most important thing for adults to do is to respond proactively. This is the basis for good parent-child interaction. Psychological counselor Wu Zhihong said: The New York Times bestseller list of the top ten recommended methods of happiness ultra-clear PDF \”When the child\’s vitality is seen, it will turn into passion and love; when the child\’s vitality is not seen , it turns black.\” If a child is unhappy, the parent-child relationship is the key. The parents of those happy children walked into his heart.

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