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How much do you know about the importance of efficient time management for children?


Oct 1, 2023

Recently, I read a book \”Children\’s Time Management\” and made a mind map. Looking at the easy-to-understand scenarios + methods, I really want to share it with everyone. It is especially suitable for parents and children to read together! What should I do if my child in third grade still doesn’t know how to manage time? So how can his life be efficient in the future? So he must realize the importance of time! Everyone has 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. If we raise our children, they will be happy every day. What will we gain if we keep our children alone every day? Are your kids growing up this holiday season? If you read for one hour every day, you will have accumulated 365 hours of reading. If it takes ten hours to read one book, you will read about 36 books with more than 200 pages in that year. I feel that this is a gift of time. How about it? If it can be implemented, will the child go further than others? Of course, the winner is stronger! Step one: How to let him know the time? 1. First tell them how time passes? Time management methods and techniques: How to cure children’s procrastination without yelling or yelling? Ask them what they ate the day before yesterday, yesterday and today. What was the most impressive thing you played? What have you done? What do you remember? Let them reminisce! Finally, it made them think and realize that time goes really fast! Take them to make \”time cakes\” together, learn about the hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and tell them that time keeps turning like this, and the time that passes by will never come back! so……? Inspire them to cherish their time. 2. Play games to perceive time, such as: hide and seek game, agree to count to ten and open your eyes. Play the 123 wooden man game. Count to three and don’t touch the old wolf. What time is it? The old wolf said it was time to eat, so he turned around and ran back to the starting point to play the \”Werewolf\” game. When it gets dark, please close your eyes. Hunters, please open your eyes. Seers, please open your eyes. Feel the passage of time while waiting. The second step is to set the tomato alarm. Have you heard of the study plan? Set the Pomodoro alarm clock for 25 minutes and take a five-minute break. This is recognized as the best time rule for children to learn. Prepare: a Pomodoro, a piece of paper, and a pen. Make a list of homework on a piece of paper: such as reciting English words, doing arithmetic problems, reading texts aloud, etc. Estimate the time first! Drain important to secondary. Then set the Pomodoro alarm for 25 minutes, sound the alarm, rest for five minutes, complete one task, and then continue with the next Pomodoro. After resting for 5 minutes, you can relax, look far away, and do some jumping exercises! Rest for 15 to 25 minutes every three to four Pomodoros. Complete the tasks according to the Pomodoros and you will be rewarded! This is motivation to move forward. ​The third step of reflection: Who stole our time? Everyone’s time is fair, so why can others become academic masters and develop good habits in the same amount of time? At the same time, what did we do? So have we recorded time and summarized the reasons why time was stolen? This requires parents to lead their children to do it and practice it! Let your children see time being stolen! Let your children know the importance of cherishing time! Then I will share today’s article here, let’s take action together! Let us be parents who know how to manage time, then our children’s time management will not be a problem! come on……

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