• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

How should parents help their children with homework? It’s hard even if your child isn’t excellent!

Helping children with homework has become a worry for parents! Last year, it was reported online that many parents were admitted to the hospital because of this \”illness\”! ! ! How to help children with homework? I hope this article has inspired you~ Tell your children to have a correct attitude towards learning. Mom and dad need to work diligently and complete their jobs. This is called responsibility. As a student, you must ensure quality and quantity every day and complete your homework on time. This is also called responsibility. This is It\’s what you have to do, there\’s no room for bargaining. Some parents do not understand the homework assigned by the teacher. They either complain that the questions are not done well, or they accuse the teacher of assigning too many homework. They belittle the teacher in front of their children. This is extremely dangerous. Efforts should be made to improve children\’s interests, guide them to use a magnifying glass to find their strengths, and try to affirm their enthusiasm for homework as much as possible. Maybe the child doesn\’t intend to do the homework right away. If you sincerely praise the child for his sense of responsibility, when he grows up, the child will usually change himself and restrain himself in the face of praise. After the child\’s homework is completed, let the child play for a while and do not whip the fast cow. Supervise children to concentrate on homework 1. Tell children the benefits of efficient learning. Conduct learning competitions such as one-minute copying, one-minute memorization, and one-minute quick calculation. 2. Create a learning atmosphere. A clean and tidy desk and study room is very important. Do not place distracting things on children\’s desks. Parents should not disturb their children when they are doing homework. 3. Schedule homework time with your children to cultivate their concept of efficiency. Arrange your homework properly and don’t take everything you can finish at school home; don’t go play to your heart’s content after school and wait until your energy is almost exhausted before doing your homework. When doing homework, read the question clearly. Review the meaning of the question before you start writing. Don\’t do it only to find out that you made a mistake in the question or did not follow the requirements of the question. When doing homework, if you encounter a question you don\’t know, you can go around it first and do the questions you know how to do first. Don\’t just stop there and waste time indifferently. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Children need to use their brains when doing homework. If a child continuously thinks about problems for a long time without getting a rest, the brain will be tired and the brain will operate slowly. At this time, the child\’s learning efficiency will be reduced. will decrease and the error rate will increase. At this time, if the child is allowed to rest properly, his learning efficiency will increase after the fatigue is relieved. Check your children\’s homework frequently. Parents can check their children\’s homework frequently to know their children\’s learning status at any time. Whether the child is serious about studying, whether he has a firm grasp of knowledge, whether he has learning difficulties, etc., can all be reflected in the child\’s homework. It can also effectively supervise children\’s learning. If parents can look over their children\’s homework from time to time, the child will feel an invisible sense of pressure, and he may study harder because of this.

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