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How terrible is life for students who don’t want to study?


Oct 1, 2023

The \”Foxconn Poet\” once described his assembly line work this way: \”I polished off the edges, polished off the language, refused to be absent from work, and refused to take sick leave. Beside the assembly line, I stood like iron, and my hands were like flying. How many days and how many nights, I stood like that. Fall asleep.\” What a true and cruel portrayal! The documentary \”The Eighteen-Year-Old Assembly Line\” records such a group. The director followed the film for three years and captured the living conditions of these young dropouts as migrant workers. Their edges were smoothed by the assembly line and their eyes lost their sparkle. When you were young, you complained that studying was hard. If it was just to survive in the end, then what was the point of enduring all this hardship. After entering society, I discovered that reading and not reading really lead completely opposite lives. If your children don’t want to read, parents can watch this documentary with their children this summer. Let him understand how terrible life is without choices! The \”robots\” on the assembly line have no life but survival. There is a question on Zhihu: Why do most people prefer the hardships of life to the hardships of study? One upvoted answer was this: Probably because of laziness. You need to take the initiative to endure the hardships of study, while the hardships of life will come if you just lie down and don\’t move. After watching the high-scoring documentary \”The Eighteen-Year-Old Assembly Line\”, I was filled with emotions and agreed with this answer even more. Yang Peng, who was born in 1995, went to work in an electronics factory in Dongguan after graduating from junior high school. When I first joined the factory, I was assigned to do the hardest job in the factory – a repairman. This was a job that none of the older employees were willing to do. If you are not careful, you will be cut bloody by the pry knife in your hand. Simply bandage your fingers with tape and then quickly return to your work station to continue working. After a few years in the factory, his hands were covered with wounds of all sizes. Sometimes, he was so tired that he couldn\’t even hold the bowl. Yang Yujin, born in 1997, is a filial girl who wants to make money to build a house for her family. When the reporter asked how much money she needed to earn, she buried her head and burst into tears. She does soldering in the factory. In order to improve the accuracy of the chip, she cannot wear gloves when soldering. Hot tin spots will splash on her hands. This caused her originally slender fingers to be burned and covered with scars, and she could only bear it silently. However, no matter how tired or painful it is, we cannot delay even one minute. Because of the flow of work, if one person slows down and stops, the next one will also stop working. Even going to the bathroom is restricted to no more than ten minutes. I work 8 hours during the day and 4 hours of overtime at night. They repeat their work mechanically every day, which is boring. This is the documentary short film \”The Eighteen-Year-Old Assembly Line\” shot in 2016 at an electronics factory in Dongguan by director @殷鲁(Luojunnan Yin). During the filming, they contacted 63 workers, of whom 75% were born in the 1990s and 52% were born in the 1995s. These people often only have primary school or junior high school education. The robot-like work life has smoothed the edges of their youth and lost their wings to fly. Their eyes show confusion about the future, and their faces are full of helplessness. Many of them also wanted to escape, but had nowhere to go. Because they have neither academic qualifications nor skills, they are still on the same assembly line after jumping around. They never talk about the future becauseThe future is too far away, so we can only take it one step at a time. Cai Kangyong once said: When you were 15 years old, you found swimming difficult and gave up swimming. When you were 18 years old and met someone you liked and asked you to go swimming, you had to say \”I can\’t\”. When you were 18 years old, you found English difficult and gave up on English. When you were 28 years old, a great job came up but required you to know English, so you had to say \”I don\’t know how\”. Different stages of life have different missions. In the student stage, learning and mastering knowledge and accumulating energy for the future are the most important missions at this stage. The more troublesome it is, the more lazy you are to learn, and the more likely you are to miss many wonderful opportunities later on. In 2008, Anhui candidate Xu Mengnan promoted his educational philosophy with a score of 0 in the college entrance examination. Ten years later, he chose to register and take the college entrance examination again. In the past 10 years, Xu Mengnan has regretted countless times. He has carried banners and leaflets to schools all over the country to promote, using his personal experience to advise candidates to cherish the opportunity to study, hoping that everyone will not imitate him. The hardships you did not suffer while studying will be returned to you bit by bit in life. There is no room for negotiation and you can only passively accept it. As Zweig famously wrote: \”All the gifts given by fate have actually been marked with a price in secret.\” All the time you waste will appear in your life in another way. I once thought that studying was the hardest thing in the world, but later I discovered that no matter how hard it is, it can\’t be as hard as life. Reading is to leave the circle you hate. I often hear people say: All roads lead to Rome. But some people are born in Rome, and their starting point is the end point of your lifelong pursuit. Each of us is born different and cannot choose our family background. But what does it matter? As long as you work hard, you can change your destiny. The fastest way to change your destiny is to read. I like a sentence very much: Fate gives you a lower starting point than others because it wants to tell you that you will spend your life fighting to create a story of a desperate counterattack. My destiny is up to me, and everyone\’s destiny is in their own hands. In \”Jane Eyre\” written by Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre was an orphan since she was a child. Her uncle adopted her, but he died two years later. Her aunt regarded Jane Eyre as a thorn in her side and abused her in every possible way. Even the servants took it out on her. Several cousins ​​even insulted and beat her at will. But Jane Eyre can endure all the hardships. It turns out that she has her sanctuary, which is the study room, which contains hundreds of books left by her uncle. She often sneaks away to read books. Reading cures all her sufferings and allows her to develop a strong heart. At the age of 10, Jane Eyre was sent to Lowood School as an apprentice. No laughter or laughter could be heard in the campus, and only girls could be seen numbly chanting sutras and working. Anyone who resists even a little bit will be beaten and scolded by the principal and teachers. One day, when Jane Eyre was giving a lecture to the girls by the principal, she accidentally knocked over the drawing board. The principal made Jane Eyre stand on a high chair to be punished. He loudly rebuked Jane Eyre, called her a devil and a liar, and asked all the teachers and students in the school to isolate her. Jane Eyre was extremely sad. On the night of the punishment, Miss Temple called Jane Eyre tooffice. She encouraged Jane Eyre to read more and become a learned person, and her fate might be different. From then on, Jane Eyre became more and more fond of books and paid little attention to the trivial matters around her. A few years later, Jane Eyre stayed at the school to teach because of her excellent grades. After another two years, she found a job as a tutor and left Lowood School. Reading allowed her to leave the circle she hated, and also allowed her to change her life\’s destiny. At all times and in all countries, there are countless examples of people changing their destiny through reading. Maybe you will say, aren’t some graduates of Peking University selling pork? Aren’t there some people who didn’t graduate from elementary school who started big companies? What you don’t know is that the Peking University graduate selling pork is selling educated pork, which can increase the value of the pork. He now has 700 chain stores and earns 1.8 billion a year. What you don’t know is how much effort those entrepreneurs who haven’t graduated from elementary school have put in and how many books they have read. Behind their glamour, there are unknown hardships. Those who excel without reading many books are just an exception, and changing their destiny through reading is the way for most people. I once watched a documentary called \”The Road to School Over Mountains and Waters\”, which told the arduous journey of children from different countries to go to school. Some of them have to cross the prairie, which is not only dangerous but often hungry. Some have to paddle for two hours to reach the school. Some have to cross the iron rope, and some have to climb the ladder. If you are not careful, you will fall to pieces. They never gave up on such a difficult road to school, just to live a better life. Studying is not the only way out, but it is the best way out for ordinary people. The Power of Reading documentary, all 5 episodes in 1080P ultra-clear version. The thickness of the book determines the height of your life. Yan Zhenqing, a calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in \”Poems to Encourage Learning\”: The lights are on at three o\’clock and the rooster is on at five o\’clock, which is when men are studying. Black-haired people don\’t know how to study hard early, and white-haired people regret studying late. These verses remind me of the inspirational story of the famous teacher Wang Jinzhan. When he was in middle school, Wang Jinzhan\’s grades were at the bottom of his class. He didn\’t want to study at all, and he only wanted to take over his father\’s job after graduation. Just after the winter vacation of 1978, the head teacher mobilized the top five students to prepare for the exam. Wang Jinzhan told his teacher that he also wanted to go to college, but his class teacher looked at him as if he were an alien. It\’s that feeling of contempt but not letting you see it. His classmates also laughed at him. Wang Jinzhan vowed to go to college, and from then on he fell in love with learning and couldn\’t help himself. The school will cut off power at 9pm and lighting kerosene lamps is strictly prohibited. So he looked around for a place to study and finally found an empty cellar. He studied in the cellar until midnight every night, but what he felt was a kind of joy of struggle, a kind of fullness of whole-hearted devotion. Wang Jinwar later became the only student in his class who was admitted to college. Later, after he became a teacher, he also tutored a \”poor student\” who was the last in the class to get admitted to Peking University. Reading not only changed Wang Jinzhan\’s fate, but also deeply affected his students and his teaching methods. It can even be said that it also changed the fate of his students. There is no hard way to study, but that’s youThe way you see the world is a stepping stone to your future. All the hardships of studying are medals for your future life. In the documentary \”Eighteen-Year-Old Assembly Line\”, the factory boys really like to read the online novel \”Perfect World\”, which tells the story of a young man from a small mountain village who made a perfect counterattack. I believe that each of them is also looking forward to their own counterattack story. At the end of the documentary, they all expressed their dreams. Some wanted to be a boss, some wanted to be a designer, some wanted to open a store… But reality is not so perfect. If you want to counterattack, you can\’t just think about it. It’s just a thought, it must be possible if you work hard and study hard. In another documentary with a similar theme, \”Working\”, there is a technician, Master Zhang, who is an example of counterattack. After graduating from high school, he went out to work. At first he was working as a general worker, but after working in the factory, he worked hard and taught himself a related technology. Later, through his own efforts, he worked as a master, supervisor, president, etc. The salary was good and he was not that tired. He said: \”If you don\’t want to do assembly line work, then study hard and seriously and learn a skill. If you don\’t learn the skill, you can only do general work. There is no complaint and there is no way.\” He He has excellent professional skills and is so good at technology that his boss is afraid of him leaving his job. The world is actually fair. If you want to live a better life, you have to work harder. If your academic qualifications are not enough, go for self-study college or undergraduate studies; if your qualifications are not enough, go get the required qualification certificates; if your abilities are not enough, work hard to improve yourself, enhance your competitiveness, and maintain your ability and interest in lifelong reading and learning. Reading is the lowest cost investment. Every page you read will pave the way to your dreams. Zhou Guoping wrote in \”The Philosophy of Life\”: \”Why are there so few unique people in the world? One of the reasons is laziness, because it is necessary for a person to be responsible for himself, to truly realize himself, and to become a unique self. People who put in huge efforts. Many people are afraid of hardship and trouble, so they would rather relax and be a mediocre person.\” The most terrifying thing in life is that doing nothing in life is called \”ordinary and valuable.\” The biggest purpose of studying hard is to get rid of mediocrity. Study hard not for teachers or parents, but to live a better life, have more choices, and see a bigger world. Some people say: Life is like a piggy bank. Every effort you put in will be rewarded to you one day in the future. Work a little harder every day, even if it\’s just a small improvement. As time goes by, your piggy bank will eventually be full of rewards. Anything is possible if you work hard, and now is the best time to start working hard. Give it a like and parents are welcome to forward today\’s article to more children. While the time is right and you are young and beautiful, study hard, young people.

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