• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Over the weekend, a friend got married, and my wife and I went to the wedding with our calories. The wedding was very lively, with flowers and delicious food, and the warm and festive atmosphere was intoxicating. But while everyone was toasting with blessings, suddenly a harsh sound came over, something was broken to the ground. A teenage boy pushed the cups and plates on the table and left angrily. The child\’s mother chased after him, and then the waiters came to clean up the debris and garbage on the floor, and the guests started talking about it. The most common voice I hear is: \”This child is really ignorant!\” It turns out that the mother does not let the child eat a spicy dish on the table, as if the acne on the child\’s face is more serious, so it is suitable to eat something lighter. As soon as the mother\’s words came out of her mouth, the child became furious. It seems normal for a child to have acne on his face and have a bad temper during puberty. Isn\’t this the rebellious period we often call it? Rebellion in adolescence is well known to everyone, and it is believed that children can be forgiven for being rebellious occasionally. However, only parents who have experienced it will truly understand what it feels like. It is normal for children to start to show some rebelliousness during adolescence, because this is a stage of their transition from childhood to adulthood. Children\’s self-awareness continues to develop, and they always want to show their sovereignty over their parents, so they specifically go against their parents. Although it is normal, parents have to pay attention to it because adolescence is rebellious. If we do not handle it well, it will be very harmful to the growth of our children. If children are rebellious, if their parents always confront them head-on, it will cause tension in the parent-child relationship, and the children may also engage in some extreme behaviors that may hurt themselves. If parents are always unable to improve their relationship with their children, it will affect their children\’s academic performance and their physical and mental health. Therefore, parents are also very worried. Some parents say that giving birth to a son is like finding an \”enemy\”. It is easier to give birth to a well-behaved and sensible daughter. Children are rebellious regardless of gender. If they are children who are not rebellious in adolescence, it is mostly related to the way parents educate their children. Most of the junior high school students who are diligent and studious and have a good relationship with their parents come from democratic families who know how to respect their children. We often educate children to respect their parents. In fact, children also need the respect and understanding of their parents. If parents do not respect their children, it will cause rebellion in them. For example, when leading a child to meet an acquaintance, the child must greet him warmly. In fact, to the child, this person is a stranger. When everyone gets together, parents want their children to show off their talents, but the children may not be willing at all, and conflicts between parents and children are easy to arise. Parents who want to control their children will instead become a stumbling block in their children\’s growth. Children are rebellious, parents are at odds with each other, and internal strife in the family wastes a lot of time and energy for children and adults. Many things that we parents cannot accept are the children\’s own choices. As long as it does not violate the moral bottom line, children should have their own ideas. Therefore, parents who truly respect their children should treat their children as independent individuals from an early age and treat them as friends.There is no need for children to rebel in order to escape the shackles of their parents. Therefore, don\’t expose your child\’s shortcomings in front of him. That will not urge the child to correct, but will make the child resentful. Children also need self-esteem. When communicating with children, ask parents to put down their posture and learn to communicate well with their children. Children may learn to think from others\’ perspective and respect their parents\’ opinions. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring documentaries. In the family drama \”Little Joy\”, in which the children are addicted to self-discipline and talk about everything, and the couples talk well, in the family of several high school students, \”Fang Yifan\” \”His family is the most harmonious, and his personality is the most cheerful and lively. Although \”Qiao Yingzi\” has the best academic performance, her parents are divorced and her mother is very strict with her. At first, she secretly confronted her mother, skipping classes, playing Lego, and even later the child wanted to commit suicide. It is very important for parents and children to learn to communicate when the children grow up. Many times, when the child has entered adolescence, we also want to talk to the child, but the child does not want to talk to you. If I find you annoying, I will interrupt you whenever you speak, or else turn around and leave. My parents complain that it’s not that I don’t talk to my children properly, but that the children don’t let me talk. In what kind of family are children more likely to be rebellious? Those families where the atmosphere is tense, the relationship between the couple is not good, they often quarrel, and the parents beat, scold and educate their children. Once the children grow up, they want to change this situation, so the struggle between parents and children begins. In families where the parents have a good relationship and the family atmosphere is harmonious, children are less likely to be rebellious. Because parents have given their children a lot of warmth since childhood, children and parents talk about everything. Even if there are occasional differences, they can be resolved quickly without excessive reactions. Therefore, in order to educate children well, fathers and mothers must also learn to speak well and create a warm and stable family environment for the children\’s growth. The children will grow up carefree and have a healthier personality and will not be too rebellious. , the road to growth will go more smoothly.

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