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How to change family feng shui must first ask yourself how to achieve emotional stability?

Yi Shu said that the biggest mistake we make every day is to be too polite to strangers and too harsh to close people. A person\’s words and deeds at home determine the atmosphere of the family. You treat your home as a dumping ground for emotional venting and make cold remarks to your family members. Your family is like an ice cellar, chilling people\’s hearts. You regard home as the home of love, speak kindly and warmly to your family, make your family harmonious and live a harmonious life. Maintaining a stable mood is the best feng shui for a family. What is emotional intelligence and how to develop high emotional intelligence? Skills to Enhance Children\’s Inner Strength PDF Don\’t let bad emotions hurt the most important people in your life. In the book \”The Science of Forever Happiness,\” psychologist Tai Tashiro says: \”Emotional stability is one of the most important qualities of a partner, but it is underestimated.\” Living with an emotionally unstable person is simply life-changing. disaster. Previously, a couple in Dongguan set fire to their house because of a quarrel, which became a hot search topic. The cause was that the couple had a quarrel over trivial family matters and got into a fight over a disagreement. The wife tore her husband\’s clothes, and the husband set fire to his wife\’s clothes with a lighter in anger. Then a fire broke out, and the originally cozy little home was burned to ashes in an instant. Fortunately, the firefighters arrived in time and put out the fire, otherwise the entire building would have suffered. Neighbors said that the couple often quarreled at home, and would smash the door when the quarrel got louder. The relationship between husband and wife is like lips and teeth. It is inevitable that they will have stumbling blocks. The key is to control emotions. Having an emotionally stable partner is the greatest happiness in marriage. Feng Jicai wrote about an old couple who were nearly seventy years old in \”Old Couple and Old Wife\”. During their forty years of marriage, the two argued countless times. The old lady prepared the meal and asked the old man to eat, but the old man leaned on the table to unplug his cigarette holder, leaving pieces of paper, rags, and paper twists stuck with cigarette oil all over the table. The old lady urged him several times, but the old man was indifferent, so the old lady got angry. The two of them talked to each other, going over old scores, complaining to each other, and refusing to give in. But no matter how much they quarrel, the couple will never say anything hurtful to each other, let alone get into trouble if they disagree. In this way, each quarrel lasted no more than two hours, and the two reconciled again. Feng Jicai said: \”The two of them were like two glasses of water poured together. The quarrel was like drawing a line on the water. No matter how deep the line was, not even a trace would be left in the blink of an eye.\” Many communication between couples , 70% is emotion and 30% is content. If the communication emotions are not right, the content will be distorted, some words may be said that hurt the other party unscrupulously, and physical conflicts may even occur. In this world, the person you sleep with represents the happiness of your family to a large extent. Only when the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious can a family prosper and live a happy life. Your partner will also be with you for the longest time in this life and is the most important person in your life. Children\’s whole-brain development early education course: 101 early childhood education parent-child games [Audio + PDF] Be an emotionally stable adult and don\’t let your bad emotions hurt the most important people in your life. To destroy a child, get angry with him. Franklin once said: \”A man in anger rides a crazy horse. When a parentWhen he is emotionally unstable and rides this crazy horse, the first person to be hurt is his own child. \”Children pay for parents\’ bad moods, which is the biggest tragedy for a family. I watched a public welfare video called \”Mom, Dad, I don\’t want to be your child anymore.\” A little girl of only six years old said this to the camera The words made people feel distressed for a while. The little girl said that she didn’t want to celebrate Children’s Day anymore. She just wanted to grow up quickly and be tall and big. This way, she would have strength when her mother beat her. If she runs farther away, her mother won\’t be able to hit her. The little girl\’s mother is a very emotionally unstable person. Whenever she is unhappy, she will lose her temper. When she loses her temper, the little girl will suffer. Fists and kicks It kept falling on her, and no matter how painful it was, she had to endure it without shouting, otherwise her mother would hit her even harder. The happiest time for the little girl was when her mother was not at home on a business trip. Faced with a mother who could not control her emotions, the little girl The girl gradually became inferior and timid, and her eyes lost their light. She didn’t want to be her mother’s child anymore, she just wanted to escape from this irritable and unstable mother. Educationalist Yin Jianli once said: “Your three-point temper with your child will Seven points of damage to the child. \”To destroy a child, lose your temper with him. Parents\’ calm mood is the greatest education for their children. Mr. Hu Shi\’s mother is a very mild-tempered person. Whenever Hu Shi did something wrong, or If he says something wrong, his mother will write it down. When only the mother and son are left, the mother will close the door, detail the things he has done wrong, and ask him to admit his mistakes. In front of everyone, the mother never punishes, Hu Shi once yelled and scolded Hu Shi. Hu Shi once wrote in \”My Mother\”: \”If I learn a little bit of good temper, if I learn a little bit of kindness in dealing with others, if I can forgive people and be considerate – I have to Thanks to my loving mother. \”Some people say that a happy childhood will heal a lifetime, but an unfortunate childhood will take a lifetime to heal. A book about the future for parents: seize the critical period of development of children aged 0-7 to cultivate lifelong advantages. Parents will be emotionally stable, and the family will The more warm and happy the children will be, the better they will be. Not losing your temper with your parents is the greatest filial piety. Zhou Guoping once said: \”It is instinct to be picky about people close to you, but overcoming instinct and not being picky about people close to you is a kind of education.\” \”Whether a person is well-educated or not can be determined by his attitude towards his parents. After some people grow up, they blame all their unsatisfactory life and work on their parents. They feel that their parents did not create good conditions for themselves, and they pull away. The gap between him and the people around him has been reduced. A clip in the TV series \”Happy Family\” is still heartbreaking to watch. His son Fang Tianyi roared and firmly wanted to sever ties with his father who ran a noodle shop. Just because his father ran a noodle shop. , failed to help him in his career, and made him unable to hold his head high in front of his colleagues. \”Do you know how many people in the hospital are worse than me? They rely on their parents and don\’t have to worry about anything after leaving home. But I work harder than them because of their background. In their eyes, I will always be the son of a noodle seller, so I can only endure it. \”Hearing his son\’s words, the father felt as if his head was being poured over.A basin of cold water instantly silenced the fire and made me look ashamed. Perhaps out of guilt, after hearing his son\’s accusation, the father lay on the railing and couldn\’t help crying. In the end, the father burst into tears and bowed deeply to his son apologetically: \”It\’s my father who is incompetent. I\’m sorry for you.\” He was over fifty years old and his temples were gray, and he felt as aggrieved as a child. As a parent, who doesn’t want to provide the best life for their children. Many times, parents have given everything they can, but their children still think they have received too little. Don\’t blame your parents for not giving enough, this is all they have. In life, there are still some people who are kind to outsiders and rely on their parents\’ bottomless tolerance when they return home. He takes all the grievances he suffers on his parents, but he is moody and bossy towards them. The host Luo Jing once contradicted his mother because of her irritability. Unexpectedly, her mother shed tears. He was very remorseful and pressed a note under his desk. It reads: The educational effect of 103 kinds of games for young children: American student games and quality training manual to cultivate children\’s cooperation, self-esteem, communication, and emotional intelligence PDF \”Don\’t be impatient with your parents, talk well. Be patient with strangers and people with whom you have no relationship.\” People who are close to you, why can\’t you be patient and face your parents who love you so much and regard your life and happiness as more important than theirs?\” Your parents don\’t owe you anything, but you owe them a lot. Keeping your emotions stable in front of your parents and not losing your temper with them is the greatest filial piety for a child. ▽Bernard Shaw said that home is the only place in the world where human shortcomings and failures are hidden, and it also contains sweet love. Don\’t let out your trashy emotions and hurt your family members mercilessly just because they love us. If a family is broken up, no matter how successful an individual is, what happiness can there be? Only when there is harmony among family members can the family develop and prosper.

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