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How to communicate with teachers about children’s school status


Nov 1, 2023

In home-school cooperation, communication between parents and teachers is an important topic. When children make mistakes, when parents and teachers have different opinions, and when children encounter difficulties in educating their children, how can parents communicate effectively with teachers so that they can achieve a two-way relationship with each other? Rushing? This article will bring you inspiration and thinking, read it with Doudehui. Every parent hopes that teachers can pay more attention to their children, and they hope to communicate smoothly with teachers anytime and anywhere to meet their own needs. However, communication must be two-way, and certain communication skills need to be mastered to truly achieve the purpose of communication. How can we achieve two-way communication through communication? Respect and trust teachers from the bottom of your heart. Education is essentially a professional activity. As parents, we must respect the professionalism of teachers. As professional educators, parents must believe in their professional knowledge and abilities in education and teaching. Of course, parents are now constantly learning and awakening, but parents cannot interfere with teachers and question the school\’s education and teaching just because they have certain learning experience and educational concepts. When you and the teacher have different views on your child\’s learning and education methods, you must communicate based on the principle of respecting and trusting the teacher, look for common points between both parties, and seek common ground while reserving differences, in order to achieve the communication effect you want. If parents bring their emotions of questioning the teacher to their children, the children will become suspicious and alienated from the teacher. Empathize, understand and support teachers. If we become teachers, will we definitely do better? As parents, it is difficult for us to be fair and satisfied with everything when raising one or two children at home, let alone teachers? Teachers face dozens of students in the class and have heavy tasks, especially the head teacher. Class management, activity development, student ideological work… It is difficult to be foolproof when dealing with student problems, and it is impossible to ensure that people are safe when communicating with parents. When people are satisfied, there will inevitably be oversights. When a parent gets an unsatisfactory reply, you can put yourself in someone else\’s shoes. In this way, you will better understand the difficulty of the teacher and support some of his decisions. You have to believe that the teacher\’s original intention must be for the good of the child. Because besides parents in this world, the person who wants their children to grow up most is the teacher. , Actively build communication channels to link teachers. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate, such as phone calls, WeChat, QQ, letters, home visits, etc. Parents can communicate in the way you are good at. If you are good at verbal expression, you can speak sincerely on the phone and solve the problem through discussion; if you are good at written expression, you can Use private messages or letters to express your demands. Warm words and words can always hit people\’s hearts; if you want teachers to have a deeper understanding of your children and family\’s educational philosophy and environment, you can directly invite the teacher for a home visit, and face-to-face communication is more direct. ,faster. However, what needs to be noted in any communication channel is that you must first express gratitude and affirmation, then propose your own communication purpose, and finally express support for the teacher\’s work. Of course, when communicating about your child\’s problems, you must mainly communicate in private. Do not make \”inappropriate\” remarks in the class group, and do not communicate \”over the top\”, which will turn simple communication into pressure and burden on the teacher, directly OpenCommunication channels are the ones that best serve the purpose of communication. Look at your children objectively and fairly. When a child has a problem at school and must communicate with the teacher, parents must view their child objectively and fairly, and do not just defend the child just because they feel sorry for the child. Parents should make judgments based on the facts stated by the teacher. They should not just listen to their children\’s words, but should fully understand the facts through communication with the teacher. If a child really makes a mistake, the teacher\’s handling will allow him to find opportunities for growth in his mistakes. Parents should not focus on their children\’s mistakes or avoid the teacher\’s criticism, but should work with the teacher to help their children grow. When communication is smooth, everyone understands and tolerates each other, the relationship between home and school will be more harmonious. Only by supporting each other, encouraging each other, appreciating each other, and forming synergy can we empower every individual in life and complete the happy companionship of every family!

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