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How to control children playing with mobile phones? Avoid sending them to hell

Some time ago, Xiaopai fell in love with being a person who never goes home. Whenever he has free time, he would go to the house of his friend in the next building and play until he was hungry. One time, he took the composition book and swore to me: \”Mom, I will go to Tongtong\’s house and finish writing the composition and then come back.\” Tongtong\’s parents have always been very busy at work, and in such a big family, Tongtong is often alone. She always asks Xiaopai to accompany her, which I think is reasonable. After the results came back, there were only a few words written crookedly on the composition text. I looked suspicious and asked her, \”What are you playing at home? Are you having so much fun that you haven\’t even finished writing your essay?\” Xiaopai sneered mysteriously, opened and closed his mouth, like a lock was not secure. Locks, holding back a stomach full of things to say but not daring to say. I deliberately told her: \”Hey, it looks like there is some secret. You can\’t tell mom, right? Even if you don\’t tell her, mom doesn\’t want to know.\” Xiaopai couldn\’t stand it immediately, and he leaned into my ear and said, \”Tong The child\’s mother gave her a mobile phone, and she was not allowed to download software, but we searched Douyin videos on Baidu and watched them, which made us laugh to death.\” When I heard this, my heart skipped a beat, and I secretly said \”No\”. No wonder during this period, Xiaopai kept telling me, Mom, Mom, let me tell you a joke. After she told it, she laughed until she couldn’t stop. I kept wondering, where did she hear this from? Why didn’t I think it? funny. Children obtain information from so many different channels. You never would have thought that they would suddenly reach the age where they would use Baidu to search for anything. After thinking about it for a long time, I called Tongtong\’s mother while Xiaopai was in my room. Tongtong\’s mother screamed on the other end of the phone: \”Oh my god, her phone watch is broken. I was originally thinking of using another mobile phone to communicate, but I didn\’t expect that children nowadays have so many tricks.\” I said seriously: \” Yes, there are still great risks in giving children mobile phones. In the future, I will let Tongtong come to our house to play. It will be better if there are adults watching.\” Tongtong\’s mother agreed. I think this is not because I am overly nervous. For a child under 10 years old, without adult supervision, letting her play with her mobile phone means that you have no way of predicting what she will browse or play on her mobile phone, or whether she will complete her learning tasks well. What do you do after sleeping? Although the mobile phone cannot download new software, the apps and functions it comes with are enough for children to delve into it. Give your child a network and he can open the door to a new world. A recent report from the Academy of Social Sciences shows that the age at which Chinese minors first come into contact with the Internet continues to decrease. I carefully looked at its survey data. At the end of 2017, the Internet penetration rate of minors surveyed was as high as 98.1%, and the proportion of those who had access to the Internet before the age of 10 was as high as 72.0%, which was a significant increase from 55.9% in 2010. There is a shocking sentence in the report – nearly 70% of minors have encountered harmful information on the Internet, and the main sources of harmful information are advertisements, videos and games. Thinking of Xiaopai and being fascinated by Douyin, can its video content stand up to our review? Her outlook on life is still being vaguely established, and how much pollution those bad information will bring to her spiritual world. As a mother, I have no idea at all.No. The most frightening thing is that various scams appearing on the Internet have quietly extended their claws to children. I recently read an article on Zhihu, \”A Thing More Horrifying Than \”Suyuan\” Is Happening in China\”, which sent chills down my spine. The author writes that on Baidu Tieba, if you search for \”child star\”, there will be a series of Tieba similar to \”child star bar\” and \”child star training center bar\”, which contain various posts about recruiting child stars. Child stars are always associated with glamor and early fame. Some children can\’t resist the temptation and want to give it a try when they see the recruitment advertisement. But 99% of them are liars. They would pretend to be staff members and use QQ chat to trick girls into taking nude photos. They would also say very naturally that this was what the company was looking for when reviewing their physical fitness. In addition to nude photos, direct videos are also requested. On the grounds of body inspection, girls are asked to take off their underwear, expose private parts, and even make indecent actions in the video. If girls raise questions, they have already thought of a strategy to deal with it, saying that in order to \”design clothes\” they need to see all parts of the body clearly. During the video, they would also remind the girl to \”be careful when parents come in\” or \”lock the door.\” The questionnaire was distributed, and the entire process was also required to be kept confidential and not allowed to be known to parents. These children, who have never seen the dangers of the human world, were pushed down into the abyss of the devil. The unscrupulous scum secretly recorded these videos and then sold them to some pornographic websites. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily conducted an undercover investigation on this matter as early as 2016, exposing a series of dirty industrial chains. In May of this year, someone was finally sentenced to 11 years in prison. He molested 31 children in a year and a half by recruiting child actors. Now when I go to the \”child star bar\” again, I find that the recruitment is no longer blatant. It is filled with selfies and information posted by many girls. Those scammers hide in the comments and leave their QQ numbers for girls to add them. Even though many people started to reiterate in Tieba that everyone here is a scammer, they still couldn\’t resist the steady flow of girls posting photos in Tieba. Some comments say that there are too many silly girls and not enough liars. They took selfies with their mobile phones and posted them online in a few seconds. They asked strangers with excitement whether they could sing and dance, had a wide range of hobbies, and whether they were good-looking enough to become a star… My heart ached, these girls, really Do you know what you are doing? As parents, do we know what they are doing? Letting young children play with mobile phones is sending them to hell. The next day, I firmly told Xiaopai that from now on, when Tongtong’s parents are not at home, you can let Tongtong come to our house to play. When Xiaopai heard this, he knew that he had been deprived of the opportunity to play with his mobile phone freely, and he pouted and was very unhappy. But Xiaopai\’s school explicitly prohibited parents from letting their children play with electronic products during school hours, and she didn\’t have anything to say. This summer vacation, I only gave Xiaodai 10 minutes of mobile phone time every day, and I watched her play and watch everything. I need to know what she is interested in and maintain a basic understanding, alertness, and something to talk about at any time. In the past few years, she has often asked, Mom, IWhen can I have my own mobile phone? I have changed several answers, looking for various excuses, trying my best to push the time back. Her self-control, value judgment, and the formation of three views are not ready for an Internet that is completely open to children. Only us adults can filter her. But Xiaopai will eventually grow up and reach the age of owning her own mobile phone. I think I will make a \”three-part agreement\” with her in advance: Although you have the right to privacy and I will respect you very much, I still have to reserve the right to check your mobile phone when necessary. s right. Although I gave you my mobile phone, I still hope that we can agree on a time to use it every day, because you still have a lot of things to do. Although the phone already belongs to you, it was bought with my money after all. If you cannot control it and it seriously affects your normal life, I will reserve the right to take it back when necessary. This world is no different than when we were in school, when we were content if we had a PHS. Electronic products have long been a double-edged sword of Darkmos. I don\’t want it to kill our time and paralyze the child\’s soul. Hey, sigh, the only one who can find a pure land for our children on the Internet is ourselves.

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