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How to cultivate children\’s four abilities to change their ideas and win in the future?

I read a question on Zhihu: In today\’s era, what kind of children can win in the future? The answers to Section 53 of the video course \”How to Cultivate Children\’s Concentration Training Manual\” are varied, but one answer has attracted the approval of many netizens. \”I don\’t know what abilities children need to have to be more competitive in the future. But outstanding children must be extraordinary when they are young.\” Indeed, as the old saying goes, you will see your elders at the age of three, and you will see your elders at the age of seven, and excellent children His uniqueness has been revealed since he was a child. What determines whether a child can go far in the future is not simply academic performance, but the child\’s ability. Children with these \”four powers\” will often have a good future. A child with a calm mood is a supporter of balance. I have read this sentence, parents with a stable mood are the greatest blessing for their children. It is true, but raising a child with peaceful emotions is the greatest success of parental education. Tang Bei, a former CCTV host and writer, is grateful to her parents for educating her and helping her develop a gentle and calm character. She said in the interview that her parents had no expectations or plans for her since she was a child. They thought that she could grow up safely and healthily. As for whether she could go to college, what kind of person she would find, and what kind of job she would do, they had not thought about it at all. There was never any tension in their house, everything was calm. It was this kind of environment that allowed her to develop a calm mood from a young age, not to be alarmed when encountering difficulties, to be able to make the right choices, and to live her own life. Good emotions are a good medicine in education. It can promote children\’s healthy growth and achieve success. Children\’s ability to have emotional stability is actually supported by their balance. Psychologists point out that a child\’s balance means that he can be the master of his emotions, proactively think about his own choices, make wise decisions, and be flexible. When children are emotionally stable and peaceful, their attitude towards things will be positive, and their mentality must be good, so that they can live happily. Balance is like a ray of sunshine on a child, illuminating the child\’s life path. The child who is \”not afraid of anything\” has the resilience to make wings. In a CCTV program \”Big Ice Little General\”, there is a plot that left a deep impression on me. After the defeat against the Flying Bear Red Team, the coach came up with a way to choose a captain to improve the cohesion of the entire team. When the results were announced, Li Chengyan, the youngest member of the team, received 5 votes, which was surprising. At that time, everyone was surprised. Even the guest Lei Jiayin questioned that it was not him and asked him to step back before realizing that he was indeed Li Chengyan. In this process, instead of being timid, he showed strength and optimism beyond his years, and chose to have the courage to try and seize this opportunity. The educational effect of 103 kinds of games for young children: American student games and quality training manual to cultivate children\’s cooperation, self-esteem, communication, and emotional intelligence PDF When he started leading the team, he lost a game. Facing strong competitors, he did not blame others, but Reflect on yourself and find the reasons from yourself. Even when trailing 0-1, Li Chengyan scored a goal to equalize the score, and scored another goal three minutes later. He didn\’t win a trophy in the first three games, but that didn\’t stop him from getting into the game quickly;Maintaining an optimistic and positive attitude, using tenacious willpower to compete, and finally won the championship trophy in the fourth game. Li Chengyan\’s ability to be a good captain and lead the team to win trophies is due to his good resilience. Psychologists have found that people who can quickly recover their mental state when faced with emergencies (setbacks, challenges, failures, trauma, major stress) have an ability, that is, resilience. Just like when a person\’s body encounters germs, a person with a strong immune system has a low probability of getting sick, and even if he does get sick, he can recover quickly. Resilience is a person’s psychological immune system. This ability allows a person to quickly accept facts, adapt to the environment, and use the only resources to resolve difficulties. General Patton once said: \”The measure of a person\’s success is to see how high he bounces back from the bottom.\” Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, saw New Oriental\’s market value shrink by 90% under the torrent of \”double reduction\” educational reforms. He and Companies are on the verge of collapse. But he was not discouraged, but insisted on his principles and exited gracefully. The institution was closed down, students\’ tuition fees were refunded, teachers\’ salaries were paid, and 80,000 tables and chairs were donated to rural schools. At the same time, we are actively seeking new ways out, starting to get involved in agriculture, live broadcasting, etc., and constantly expanding into new areas in order to change the situation. In such a severe situation, he was still able to withstand pressure, carry on, and explore new paths. This powerful force in Yu Minhong is resilience. What cannot be defeated will make you stronger. Yu Minhong said: \”The shadow of retreat has never appeared in my heart.\” I believe that New Oriental will slowly regain its vitality in this kind of groping forward. Resilience is the magic weapon for a person to turn defeat into victory and stand out from the crowd. With a resilient will, a person is not afraid of difficulties when encountering difficulties. Resilient children have a strong heart. Don\’t be afraid when facing setbacks and challenges. Even if you fail in a challenge, you can stand up again after falling. The more you are frustrated, the more courageous you will be, and you will gain strength. They can rely on their own efforts to fight back and get out of the darkest moment and usher in the bright light. Insightful children are better at learning. For a while, it often rained in my hometown. One of my 4-year-old niece’s favorite things was to look at the sky after the rain. In the beginning, no one would bother her. Until the end, she rubbed her eyes, held my hand and asked, \”Why, sometimes there is a rainbow after the rain and sometimes there is not? Why are the colors of the rainbow different? And why are the colors of the rainbow different every time?\” How many and how few?\” When I was surprised by my niece\’s insight, I remembered that my friend\’s daughter had always been excellent. We asked her for tips on raising an excellent daughter, but she said that she had not deliberately cultivated it, but found that her daughter\’s advantage was insight. Strong, always able to identify problems keenly, and able to learn consciously. Daniel Siegel, a pioneer in brain science and psychology, theorized that insight can enable children not only to understand their own minds better, but also to better regulate their emotions and behaviors. Regulation comes from integration, and insight allows us to maintain self-awareness and connect feelings to form integration. Insight is the ability to see through oneself and understand oneself. Only when children gain insight can they understand themselves and buildconfidence. No wonder the top students are so good. It turns out that they have gained insights and are actively learning for the future. Never underestimate a child\’s insight, it has great advantages. Children who have insight from an early age are more likely to have better grades in the future. They can examine and understand themselves, make wise decisions based on their own insights, and take better control of their lives. Children with strong insights are more relaxed and open in both personality and behavior. They will not make themselves nervous or get into trouble, and they will be more able to adapt to the complexity of life, go at their own pace, and do better academically. If your child has insight, be happy because his life will be wonderful. How to cultivate children\’s concentration? Lin Wei: Let your children have amazing concentration. Children with empathy are more likely to be happy after watching a piece of news and being warmed by the actions of children. The female owner of a restaurant in Huizhou, Guangdong, accidentally fell down while using crutches to move around. Her daughter who was standing beside her rushed over and helped her mother stand up. According to the female boss, her daughter is only over two years old and is usually very considerate. I had limited mobility due to polio, and I had no strength in my hands and accidentally fell down. When her daughter found out, she rushed to help her and was very touched. The daughter kept asking her, \”Mom, are you okay?\” and picked up a cane and kept hitting the wall, thinking that the wall had hurt her mother. It is heartwarming to see this two-year-old child using his small body to protect his mother. Netizens also praised it for being so heartwarming and wanted a child like this. Children with empathy can be easily liked by others. Psychologist Rogers defined empathy, \”Empathy is understanding another person\’s experience in the world as if you were that person.\” Empathy can make children softer and more accepting of others\’ differences. , empathy is a child\’s tone and determines his attitude towards other people. People with empathy can empathize with the feelings and emotions of others, allow others to be seen and understood, have their needs responded to, and bring comfort to others\’ souls. Harvard University tracked 724 lives over 75 years and found that happiness has nothing to do with wealth, fame, or hard work. Good social relationships are the only secret to keeping us healthy and happy. Children with empathy are like a beam of healing and warm light. They can not only bring happiness to those around them, but also gain their own joy and happiness by dancing together in a mutually nourishing relationship. When a child has the ability to be happy, life will be dazzling. As Van Gogh said: Where the flower of love blooms, life can flourish. Bernard Shaw said: \”Those who stand out in the world can take the initiative to find the situation they want.\” Truly outstanding people will always seize the \”initiative\”, never neglect life, and will not retreat step by step. And when children have these \”four forces\”, they have the initiative. They are more emotionally stable and express themselves proactively; they are not afraid of difficulties and take the initiative to try; they understand themselves and take the initiative to learn; they are considerate and proactive in communicating. A complete collection of inspirational stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities who cultivate children to be diligent and strong PDF [Color Picture 29.7MB] Click \”Like\”\”Let children embrace initiative from an early age, and their future will be good, and they will be able to find their own path.\”

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