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How to cultivate children’s self-learning ability


Oct 1, 2023

When my son Xiaoming was in the first grade of elementary school, he was a very procrastinating child. After coming home from school every day, he is always listless and unwilling to do any study tasks. His academic performance has also been unsatisfactory, which worries me very much. In order to change this situation, I decided to try some new methods to help him transform from procrastination to efficient independent learning. I realize that the family environment has an important impact on children\’s learning attitudes and behaviors. So, I decided to start by changing our daily after-school activities. After school every day, I insist on making a study plan with Xiao Ming and personally supervise his learning process. 1First, Xiao Ming and I discussed and formulated a detailed study plan. We set a timetable for half an hour of relaxing activities after school each day, such as outdoor exercise or play. Then, we set a fixed study time every day, including completing homework, reviewing class content and reading. I told Xiao Ming that these learning tasks are to help him better master knowledge and improve his academic performance. 2 Secondly, I gave Xiao Ming active support and encouragement during the learning process. I would sit down with him, help him solve problems, and explain difficult knowledge points. At the same time, I also encourage him to think and solve problems independently and cultivate his independent learning ability. Whenever he completes a learning task, I will give him recognition and rewards to enhance his enthusiasm for learning. 3In addition, I also created a good learning environment for Xiao Ming. I equipped him with a spacious desk and comfortable chair to ensure he had a place to concentrate on his studies. I also prepared a wealth of learning resources for him, including reference books, exercise books and learning tools. These measures make Xiao Ming feel comfortable and happy while studying and help improve his learning results. 4 In addition, I also worked closely with Xiao Ming’s teacher. I maintain regular communication with my teacher to understand Xiao Ming’s performance and learning progress in school. The feedback provided by the teacher is very valuable to me. I can adjust and improve Xiao Ming\’s learning plan and methods based on the teacher\’s suggestions and opinions. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 5 After a period of hard work, I gradually saw a change in Xiao Ming’s learning attitude. He became more proactive and started his own study tasks after school, no longer procrastinating. He is full of interest in learning and eager to learn new knowledge every day. His academic performance also began to improve significantly and he made satisfactory progress. I firmly believe that all these changes stem from one thing I insist on doing – creating a positive learning environment for my son and giving him care, support and encouragement. By working with him on study plans, personally supervising his studies, and working with teachers, I helped him establish study habits and motivation. I see his progress and growth, which makes me extremely gratified and proud. Through this experience, I also deeply realized the importance of family to children\’s learning. Parental companionship and guidance have a profound impact on children\’s academic performance and learning attitude. I will continueInsist on studying with your son, provide him with a good learning environment and support, and help him become a proactive, efficient and independent learning child.

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