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How to deal with playful children


Oct 1, 2023

Today, parents attach great importance to early childhood education, and children are sent to various educational institutions early to start their learning life. Children who are obedient, well-behaved, love to learn, and love to read are called \”good children\” in school, while those who are playful and naughty are labeled \”troublemakers.\” A full set of logical thinking training questions and concentration training for children aged 2-6 years old, Little Octopus, a master of whole-brain development, PDF 20G. However, is being playful really useless? This article subverts our understanding. Don’t lose at the starting line. In fact, education that doesn’t respect children’s growth patterns has already caused children to lose at the starting line. Our parents like to say, don’t lose at the starting line. But at what age is the starting line? Ten years old? It\’s too late. Six or seven years old in primary school? It\’s too late. Therefore, some children need to be literate, learn English, and attend cram schools since kindergarten. Some countries prohibit kindergartens from teaching literacy and arithmetic. Why not? It\’s because the child\’s mind has not yet developed at this stage. Don\’t put such a heavy burden on the child, but let him play and be independent. Recognizing words at an age when you shouldn\’t be able to read, and doing math at an age when you shouldn\’t be able to do math are euphemistically called not losing at the starting line. In the end, you may lose at the starting line. Education is a long-term process. Don’t stigmatize “passing” by those who have studied, taught, or been parents. There is no one who does not understand these two words, but we have now forgotten the original meaning of “passing.” . In fact, passing is a big goal, and the most important indicator is passing. We have come to such a misunderstanding and stigmatized \”passing\”. In fact, in some study projects, parents can feel relieved and relieved if they pass the exam. It does not need to be too high, because education is a long-term matter. Why do we have to require a first-grade child to memorize 98% or 99% of the new words learned in a semester? In the future, you will learn the new and bring the old with you, and you will gradually understand it. Learning is a long process. This is really an insignificant thing, as long as you pass the exam. In the basic education stage, it is good to master the basic principles of each subject and pass the exam. So what if it greatly exceeds the passing mark and reaches 99 or 100 points? As time goes by, you will always forget it. Don’t be too demanding and there is no need to be too demanding. You have probably mastered things. As for which direction you will take in the end, your knowledge will be consolidated in the process of continuing to learn related subjects in the future. Reading is a childish skill, and it cannot be cultivated if it is too late. The cultivation of interest in reading is very similar to the cultivation of other physical hobbies. How broad is your recipe? How many things do you like to eat? Is it a partial eclipse? Everyone knows that milk is very nutritious and not too expensive. Therefore, Westerners consume a lot of milk, drinking one kilogram or more a day, regardless of time of day, morning and evening. But we Chinese are not that good. Only some of us can digest milk, and many people have diarrhea after drinking too much. why? It’s not entirely congenital, a lot of it is due to acquired factors. We lack an enzyme in our stomachs. If we drink more milk when we are young, we can develop this enzyme. If you don’t drink milk very much when you are a child, and you drink it when you are very old, there will be no milk in your stomach.Enzymes that digest milk. The same principle applies to cultivating interest in reading. If you don\’t develop a broad range of interests when you are young, it will be difficult when you are older. Child Kung Fu is very important. A child who is not playful is more terrible than a child who does not love to read! Being playful means that a child is enthusiastic about a game. If a child is not very interested in any game and does whatever the teacher tells him to do. He is not playful at all and has no special interest in other things. In fact, this is really a sign of a child. Trouble – because future development depends on people\’s interests to guide us in this direction. People who are not playful at all will lose interest after a long time. When I was a child, I was an extremely playful person. Although the space at that time was much larger than now, I still felt very suppressed. I think people who will be successful in the future were actually more playful when they were young. To be playful is to be enthusiastic about something, which is a good thing. If everyone follows the rules, it will be over.

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