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How to educate children well? Children must be taught these things before they are 6 years old

As the saying goes: there is no rule without rules. If we want to have an orderly life, we must abide by various rules everywhere. Of course, it is also very important to educate children to set rules. Why are there so many \”naughty children\” in society now? It\’s because parents don\’t give them correct examples at the age when they should set rules. The biggest fear is not that naughty children don’t do their homework, but that they don’t have rules. Behind the naughty children are bad examples from their parents. I remember when my daughter was about five years old, my mother took her to a playground near our home. According to my mother’s description, my daughter was climbing up on a climbing toy. Her foot slipped and she accidentally stepped on a little girl who was following her. The child cried. At that time, the mother of the child was playing with her mobile phone and did not see what happened. When he heard his child crying, he came over and scolded my mother indiscriminately for how she looked at the child. He pointed at my mother\’s nose and kept talking. Because my mother did not speak Mandarin well, she asked my mother to call the parents of the child, and the staff invited everyone to the office to wait. My husband and I arrived as quickly as possible. When the woman saw us coming, she became even more aggressive and cursed. My husband and I apologized repeatedly and said that we could cooperate if we needed to go to the hospital. The child was fine and stopped crying, but the mother threatened to kick my daughter in the face before she could relieve her anger. Later, they had to agree to give them free play at the amusement park for a month before they broke up on bad terms. Yu Minhong: How to educate children well is your lifelong career. In fact, this kind of small friction is common among children, but because adults\’ participation intensifies conflicts, it will set a very bad example for children. Zhang Ming once said this in \”Behind the Naughty Child, There is a Big Bear\”: Good habits may not be passed down from generation to generation, but bad habits will definitely be inherited. The reason why the naughty children are naughty is because there is a bear in front of them to set an example. Not knowing how to live a public life is our old problem. This problem needs education and correction. This principle must be instilled in children from an early age and influence them with appropriate behavior patterns. Loving a child does not mean standing up for him in everything, letting the child be the winner in everything, establishing a sense of right and wrong, and setting appropriate rules is true love! If you don’t discipline your children, society will regulate them for you. There is a question on Zhihu: How to fight back against naughty children? Let’s take a look at the story of the highly praised author: I was watching a movie in a cinema. Halfway through the movie, a naughty kid kept shining a laser pointer on the screen. His mother didn’t respond the whole time, so she just kept holding the kid and didn’t stop her. \”Whose child is in charge?\” Someone complained. No one said anything. Not two seconds after the laser light was turned off, the child was illuminated again. Someone was angry: \”Are you an orphan? No one cares about it. I\’ll take care of it for you.\” The abuse continued for a while, and a bottle of mineral water flew out and hit the naughty child on the head. , the naughty child howled at the top of his lungs, and the mother was also startled. She touched the child\’s head and scolded the people behind her. Behind them was a group of teenagers, and the lights were turned off. It was dark. Suddenly, another box of popcorn was thrown over, covering the naughty child and his mother. The people next to him were also slightly affected, so they quickly moved to the side. His mother stood up and scolded her without caring about her child. As a result, a bunch of messy things were thrown at the mother and son. In the end, the mother and son took the things andXi cursed and walked away. It can be seen that everyone does not like naughty children, and even more hate parents who do not discipline naughty children. If you don\’t discipline yourself, someone will naturally discipline you. As Kazuo Inamori said: \”Many parents regard being unruly as being lively and cute, and being unreasonable as being independent. Both parents and children need education.\” Children with rules win respect in \”Where Are We Going, Dad 5\” Chen Xiaochun, who has a bad temper, has a way of educating his children that every parent should learn from. Although Jordan Chan has always given outsiders the impression of being cold-tempered and bad-tempered, his education for Jasper is really not bad. In one episode, Uhm gave Jasper a small cake, but Jasper didn\’t eat it. Du Jiang on the side said: \”It\’s okay, you can eat. We won\’t talk about you. Just wipe your mouth clean when your father comes back. We will just say that you haven\’t eaten.\” But Jasper still didn\’t eat. I have to wait for my father to come back. Later, Jordan Chan came back, and Jasper asked him expectantly if he could eat the cake. Jordan Chan still shook his head firmly. There are many things Chen Xiaochun has to consider. One is because he usually educates Jasper not to eat snacks. The other is because the program stipulates that children are not allowed to bring snacks. Chen Xiaochun does not want Jasper to break the rules. In this society where naughty children are everywhere, Jasper in the show really attracted a lot of fans. Netizens joked about how Jordan Chan and Cai\’er Ying gave birth to such a sensible little sweet pepper. \”Warring States Policy\” says: Parents who love their children have far-reaching plans. How to plan far-reaching? We must teach them the most fundamental and important things about being a human being as early as possible. And knowing what is good and what is bad, understanding the rules, and being grateful are all major qualities and principles of being a human being. Teaching children these things will definitely make their lives smoother and their lives more stable. To do things, you must first learn to be a good person. People who understand the rules know that they are responsible for their own affairs and know the meaning of honesty and trustworthiness. When you repay the society with your sincerity, the society will also repay you with sincerity. Set rules for your children and start with small things. Once I took my daughter to a restaurant for dinner. When my daughter was receiving free snacks from the restaurant, she accidentally hit the lid of the container on the ground and broke it. There were many people around at that time, all looking at my daughter. My daughter was frightened and looked at me with her face flushed. I walked over and asked my daughter to borrow a broom and dustpan from the store clerk and carefully clean up the debris. Then I asked my daughter to apologize to the restaurant manager, ask about the price, and then lend her money to compensate for the loss. After returning home, my daughter paid me back the fee with her pocket money. Although my daughter\’s pocket money was much less, through this incident, my daughter also learned not to be too hasty and to take responsibility. Educator Professor Li Meijin once said: \”Be kind to your children before they are three years old, and establish your authority with them from three to six years old. Authority is the rule. To love your children but not teach them is like not loving them; to teach them without kindness is like being kind.\” Don’t teach.” The greatest wealth in a person’s life comes from his upbringing, and the most direct manifestation of upbringing is the ability to consider others, understand the rules, and always keep respect and consideration in mind. I would like to encourage all parents.

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