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How to enhance children\’s sense of security? Your youthful appearance is the guarantee

In the simple and elegant Weiyang Tangcheng, the program team arranged a question and answer session. After Chen Xiaochun used the \”God of Trumpets\” to interact with Jasper, he returned to the room from the monitoring room, and the people behind the scenes continued to pretend to be the \”God of Trumpets\” to talk to Jasper. The conversation was light-hearted at first, but after a while, the trumpet god suddenly asked: \”Are you afraid that daddy will grow old?\” Jasper said while playing, \”No, because I don\’t like growing old… I have never seen daddy grow old.\” The God of Trumpets: \”Then have you seen that some people\’s hair has turned white, their eyes have lost their sight, and they can\’t walk anymore?\” Jasper suddenly stood up and said loudly: \”I don\’t want it, I want my father!\” Trumpet God: \”Then what if one day my father gets old?\” Jasper looked at his father and said, \”I don\’t want…\” At this time, Chen Xiaochun could no longer control himself and burst into tears. Jasper noticed that his father was in a bad mood, so he quickly ran to his father and asked, \”Dad, what\’s wrong with you?\” While asking, he gently wiped the tears from the corners of his father\’s eyes with his hand. This sudden topic of \”aging\” was so heart-wrenching that it was difficult for Jordan Chan to control his emotions. He, who has always been known as \”Young and Dangerous\”, burst into tears at this time. He held the cute and cute child tightly in his arms and said softly : \”I love you.\” Why did a grown man shed uncontrollable tears? Chen Xiaochun said: \”I am really happy. He is the little angel who belongs to our Chen family. I really did not come to this show in vain, and I did not come to take risks with him in vain. I believe I will never forget that conversation in my life.\” \”Chen Xiaochun was born in 1967 and is 50 years old this year, while his son Xiao Xiaochun was born in 2013 and is only a four-year-old child. He is getting older, but his children are still young. Chen Xiaochun\’s hard shell is gradually melted by every super loving moment of his sensible son. He said: \”Many things are arranged by God, but I will try my best to promise him: \’I don\’t It will make my dad grow old\’, I will try my best.\” Before we had children, we were fearless. With children, we have a weakness. What is weak becomes strong, and what is hard becomes soft. After all, time is ruthless, and time will not be kind to us for a year and a half because of our expectations, but our love for our children will last forever and never change. I once read a report about China\’s \”most beautiful mother\”: 97-year-old mother Xu Zhang in Bozhou, Anhui Province, and her youngest son Xu Quanyi was unfortunately paralyzed and bedridden. He also suffered from schizophrenia and could not speak. He was cared for by his mother when he was eating, drinking and urinating. . The gray-haired mother took care of her sick son year after year. Gradually, the old man\’s back became as hunchback as a mountain. When the reporter went to see her, the old man was sewing diapers for his son. “Due to poor eyesight, the needle would often prick the old man’s finger. At this time, the old man would put his finger in his mouth and suck it, and then continue to sew, but the finger was still there. The old man couldn\’t care less about the bleeding, and the originally white thread quickly turned red.\” The scene of the old man feeding his son water with his back bent, moved people to tears. The porridge she fed her son was also called \”the warmest bowl of porridge in the world.\” The old man took good care of his son for forty years. A thin mother used her curved back to support her son. backLater, the old man fell down and his body ached. He often said to himself: \”I am most worried about my son. After I die, no one will love him…\” The old man may have wanted to leave a long time ago, just because he was ill. Her son would never grow up, so she held on and did not dare to leave casually. When she gets old, what will happen to her son? Who cooked him that bowl of porridge and fed him bite by bite? Who pushed him to bask in the sun? Who is talking to him about things he doesn\’t understand? Being a mother is strong. A mother\’s shoulders can be very thin, but a mother\’s heart can be very strong. If there is an afterlife, mother, I don’t want to be your son anymore. If there is an afterlife, mother, I don’t want to be your bondage anymore. The ageless male god Cai Guoqing has a son in middle age. During a variety show, Cai Guoqing\’s son Qingqing sang a song \”When You Get Old\”, which made Cai Guoqing burst into tears. The village chief asked Qingqing: \”If dad is really old, how will you take care of him?\” Qingqing\’s answer was full of filial piety: \”Leave him at home and cook for him every day.\” Cai Guoqing said with tears: \”Dad is an old dad, but for you, I will never grow old.\” This scene has made countless people burst into tears. One of my teachers is 53 years old and his son is only 10 years old. That day the teacher suddenly said sadly that he discovered that he had gray hair a few days ago. He was very panicked at the time because he was not ready to grow old. He said: \”I can\’t grow old. My child needs a young and powerful father to help him grasp the direction of life. My child hasn\’t grown up yet, how can I grow old with peace of mind?!\” When he visited again, the teacher was looking at himself in the mirror. There are white hairs on the temples, one after another. Then, he sadly discovered that the white hair had become attached to him and there was no way he could pull it out. He called his wife to help him. She advised him: \”The gray hair is given by time. How can you be the enemy of time? It\’s better not to pull it out.\” The teacher cried silently. After that day, he got up an hour earlier than usual every day, ran and exercised by the moat. In his spare time, he began to plan for retirement. He said that he did not accept old age, and he could not because his children were still young. Although as the teacher\’s wife said, no one can be the enemy of time, but the teacher is holding back a lot of energy in his heart. He should try his best to make himself younger. Even if his body is old, his mentality cannot be old. He must catch up with the years. Urging him to watch his children grow up before he really gets old. He wants to age a little slower, a little slower. Perhaps, this is the common wish of every parent? In the sand painting video \”Where Has Time Gone\”, the scene of children growing up and parents getting older makes people cry. Parents are busy all day long for their children. Inadvertently, the children grow up and the parents get older. Where has the time gone to urge the parents to grow older? Those time slip away from every cry and every laughter of the child; those time slip away from sewing and mending the child and prepare every meal for the child; those time slip away from the child when he is young. Time lingers around you, and as I grow up, I drift away from you. The growth of our children means our aging. But no matter how old the child is, he is still a child in our eyes and in our hearts. We are willing to hold their young hands and accompany them at every corner of their lives.Accompanying their faltering footsteps, supporting their dreams in life. Every parent loves their children, especially in families with elderly parents. Parents do not dare to grow old when facing young children. This is the mission of love and the belonging of love in psychology. In the \”Hierarchy of Needs Theory\” proposed by the famous American psychologist Maslow, we see that not only children, but adults also have the need for belonging and love. Sometimes we need our children more than our children need us. Needing each other is the most genuine love, and loving children is our simplest psychological need. We are willing to give everything we have for this love. My child, if you don’t grow up, how can we dare to grow old with ease? In the eyes of children, their parents are supermen. Whatever they want, their parents will conjure it up for them like magic. But the fact is that time makes people grow older, and the growth of children makes parents grow older day by day. Lao She wrote in \”My Mother\”: \”People who live to be eighty or ninety years old can still be more or less childlike with their mothers. Without a loving mother, they are like flowers in a vase. Although they still have color and fragrance, they have lost their beauty and fragrance.\” People who have a mother have a stable heart.\” The most beautiful thing in the world is: I have grown up and you are not old yet. The saddest thing in the world is: before you grow up, I already have a full head of hair. How can the years know the affairs of the world? How many parents wind up their clocks and race against time, just to watch their children grow up healthy and strong? How many parents want to borrow another twenty years from heaven in order to spend more time with their children? How many parents work hard in life and refuse to slack off, just to slow down the wrinkles on their faces, to slow down the dimness of their eyes, to prevent gray hair from appearing early, and to slow down the aging of their bodies. healthy? Time is like a chariot, it only moves forward but never retreats. It is caught off guard while going round and round. My parents are old, old, old… To borrow a few lines from Wang Guozhen\’s poem: The sky is not dark yet, how can the clouds dare to gray? ? The rain has not yet fallen, how dare the wind blow? How dare the seedlings wither when the melons are not yet ripe? You are not old yet, how dare I grow old? There is a kind of deep affection between parents, which is called how dare I grow old before you grow up. In the face of underage children, parents are obviously old, but they don\’t dare to grow old, and they are obviously sick, but they don\’t dare to get sick. The love of parents makes people feel distressed just thinking about it. To every child, time flies by and youth grows old. Love your parents well. To every parent, your child still has a long way to go. You must love yourself.

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