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How to get children to get the attention of teachers


Oct 1, 2023

How are your children doing at school? This is something parents especially want to know! In particular, do you have a good relationship with your teacher? Parents care more! In the process of communicating with teachers, parents can make teachers feel encouraged, and all the hard work will become worthwhile. When their work is recognized, all the efforts will become more valuable. If you want your children to get the attention of teachers, what parents have to do is to let their children continue to grow. Teachers love talents very much, especially students who take the initiative to learn and actively cooperate. Teachers especially want to train their children well and communicate well. Of course, children You will get more opportunities to grow! Do you want your children to get the attention of teachers at school? Of course I do! When children have been in school for a long time, they all hope that their children can be taken care of by teachers. However, what words and actions can make children get the attention and care of teachers? Parents want to better help their children grow and progress through communication with teachers, but they don’t know what content can make teachers pay attention to their children, so that children can get better guidance and guidance in school! When communicating with teachers, you must first understand two major principles in order to better achieve the goal of helping children grow. 01 There is a principle of key issues. There is no focus during communication, and the teacher cannot answer in a targeted manner. Parents also feel that the teacher has not observed their children at all, but they have not discovered that the questions they raised during communication have no focus, and the teacher cannot answer them. 02 Guide teachers to discover children’s strengths. When the teacher can see the child\’s strengths, the child will become better. This is the expectation effect in psychology. When a child is particularly good in the eyes of the teacher, he will become more confident and will actively work hard to become the child I want to learn from. On the basis of these two principles, if parents master 3 sentences and use them flexibly when communicating with teachers, their children can gain the teacher\’s attention and preference! The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! The first sentence, detailed questions, is conducive to the teacher\’s analysis. For example, if you ask the teacher whether the child listened carefully in class when he was in school, the teacher can think of where the student performed well in class and what shortcomings he had. Second sentence, humbly ask the teacher for advice, how to improve? Teachers have many good ways to help parents guide their children. When parents want to help their children grow up, they should be more modest and ask the teacher if there are any good ways to guide their children\’s progress at home. When teachers meet parents who actively cooperate in education, they will tell the parents about their own experiences and methods, so that they can achieve new breakthroughs for their children! The third sentence, is there anything else about the child that deserves our praise? Some parents have no direction when communicating with teachers, and even talk a lot about their children\’s shortcomings to the teacher. This will not make the children make progress! Let the teacher pay more attention, and you can see the many advantages in your child. On the one hand, it can help the child build confidence in learning, and on the other hand, it also reminds the teacher to see the shining points in the child! When the teacher thinks thisWhen children are well, they will take the initiative to provide them with many opportunities for growth! When communicating with the teacher, parents need to pay attention to these small details, so that the teacher can feel that the parents of this student are particularly active in cooperating with their work. The teacher will give the child a chance to exercise when there is an opportunity. This kind of care and attention , more effective than giving gifts! In the process of educating children, when there are some activities arranged in the school, the teacher will remember that there are several parents of students who are very willing to give their children opportunities to grow, and will send students to represent the class to participate in school activities and get The training of abilities. For example, in the same class, students need to be flag raisers, speak under the national flag, and participate in some important activities. This is a great opportunity for children in their growth process. Who will the teacher send to participate? When the usual performance is similar, we will send some children whose parents are willing to cooperate with the teacher and get the attention of the teacher. The children will naturally be able to do so in school and have more opportunities to develop everything from personal abilities to expression level. And opportunities to practice!

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