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How to improve children’s courage


Oct 1, 2023

We all hope that our children will have courage, dare to try when encountering challenges, not easily shrink back when encountering setbacks, and dare to take responsibility when they make mistakes. However, in reality, it is more difficult for us to observe children showing courage when they encounter challenges, setbacks or make mistakes. So, where does the child\’s courage come from? A German mother’s experience in teaching integrity and self-discipline: Teach good children who are strong + independent + tolerant + frugal The significance of rules After the cultural activities in the afternoon, the children played freely in the yard. Ruirui ran happily in the yard. Soon, he followed the children in the big class and got involved in the games of several of them. Ruirui seemed a little excited at this moment. Maybe the energy always tends to surge when boys get together. As a result, they started pushing and kicking each other. Among them, a child in the top class excitedly put his hand on Ruirui\’s back and pushed hard, causing Ruirui to fall to the ground. Ruirui was stunned. His expression showed the joy that had not dissipated when he just enjoyed the game, the shock of being suddenly pushed to the ground, the pain caused by feeling the pain, and the anger caused by the pain. The kid in the top class was also shocked. Obviously, he didn\’t expect that such a push would cause the other person to fall. He didn\’t mean to hurt the other person, he just wanted to play in this way. Seeing Rui Rui fall, his face was full of surprise, embarrassment and bewilderment. He immediately apologized to Rui Rui and said, \”I\’m sorry!…\” Rui Rui got up from the ground in an instant, with surprise. , angry mood, hands on hips, breathing heavily, head slightly lowered, staring at the top class child opposite, without giving any response to the other party\’s apology. Obviously, Ruirui hasn\’t calmed down yet. I immediately stepped forward and wanted to help them solve the problem. But then, Ruirui left angrily with those emotions. He ran to the small slide and stayed on it. I stood next to the kid in the top class, looked at him, and found that he was a little regretful and a little self-blame. I asked him: \”After you saw him being pushed down by you, you felt a little guilty. Do you want to take responsibility for your actions immediately and solve the problem with him?\” He nodded while telling the story of the incident. I said: \”Well, yes, I know. It doesn\’t matter, don\’t worry. Ruirui is in mood at the moment and needs to adjust for a while. When Ruirui adjusts his mood, he will come over and solve it with you. I appreciate your initiative to ask His quality of apologizing and taking responsibility for his actions.\” While waiting, I saw that the child in the senior class would pay attention to Rui Rui on the slide from time to time. His mood at the moment was extremely calm, and he didn\’t have any impatience. He was just waiting for the other party to solve the problem that just happened and to apologize to the other party. Not long after, Ruirui ran back from the slide. At this moment, his mood was much calmer. I asked him: \”Ruirui, can you solve the problem now?\” Ruirui glanced at me. I continued: \”This brother just pushed you down, and he wants to apologize to you. He is waiting for your response, waiting for your forgiveness. He wants to solve this problem with you.\” I just finished speaking, the child in the top class Walk to Ruirui very carefullyIn front of me, I looked him in the eyes and said word for word: \”I\’m sorry!\” Ruirui also readily accepted the other party\’s apology and responded gently and calmly: \”I forgive you!\” Seeing how relaxed they were after solving the problem, I felt relieved. . In the process of solving the problem, I was moved by the quality of the children in the top class waiting calmly. This incident made me see again that the significance of establishing rules for children by solving problems with them every day and every time is far-reaching and cumulative. When children continue to experience peaceful and equal ways of solving problems, eventually, the seeds of self-responsibility can be planted in them. And I also believe that this quality can accompany this life for a lifetime. I think this is also the meaning of being a frontline worker of love and freedom education, and it is an honor. In an environment of respect and equality, when we give children the space to face events, they will have the ability to take responsibility for themselves and the courage to face problems. Ruirui was pushed and was still reacting emotionally. Children need to have such a process of understanding their own emotions. When two children have a problem and one child cannot face it yet, the teacher will tell the other child \”he needs to adjust for a while\” and solve it when he is ready to face and solve the problem, while the other child will be quiet While waiting, he is also facing the process of solving problems by himself, which is a sign of respect and self-consistency. ——Liu Jia

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