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How to improve family education capabilities


Oct 1, 2023

In 2022, which has gone through the challenges of the ongoing epidemic, the development of family education is particularly worth remembering: first, first, first, first, first case… \”First\” has become the keyword for family education in 2022. Behind the pioneering word \”Shou\”, it means the beginning of everything, breaking through the old situation and opening up a new one. At this moment, amid all the discomforts and troubles caused by infection with the new coronavirus, looking back on 2022, I feel even more deeply that the significance of \”first\” is hard to come by and cannot be underestimated. 2022 is the year when family education officially moves away from being a mere \”private and family matter\”. On January 1, my country’s first law regulating family education, the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, was officially implemented. On January 6, the People\’s Court of Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province issued the country\’s first \”Family Education Order\”. Since then, all parts of the country have issued family education guidance orders to parents or guardians who have \”lost their education\”, urging parents to assume the responsibility for family education. . Chongqing courts have also piloted the establishment of family education guidance workstations in courts at all levels, and encouraged judges to minor in psychology, education and other aspects of knowledge. The Family Education Promotion Law has elevated family matters to a state matter. After there are laws to follow and governance in accordance with the law, family education has officially entered a new period of development away from being a mere \”private matter and family matter.\” In October, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed strengthening family education and family tradition, which raised family education to a new height. 2022 is the year for complete and systematic planning and overall promotion of family education. In April, 11 departments including the All-China Women\’s Federation and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the \”Five-Year Plan on Guidance and Promotion of Family Education (2021-2025)\”, which clearly proposed to improve family education policies and measures and promote the integration of family education guidance services into urban and rural community public services. , public cultural services. Promote the establishment of parent schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and organize at least two family education guidance service activities every semester to ensure that there are systems, plans, teachers, activities, and evaluations. After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, it has become an important responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels to strengthen the construction of family education and family tradition and improve the collaborative education mechanism of family, school and community. By the end of the year, most provinces and cities across the country have made plans and requirements for the establishment of parent schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and will gradually achieve universal coverage. 2022 is the year to promote the institutionalization of family education. The implementation of family education does not require the guarantee of a single system, but the assistance of multiple systems, that is, institutionalized guarantee. This year, all parts of the country have introduced rules and regulations on family education, creating an atmosphere for institutionalized promotion of family education. In September, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security promulgated a new version of the Occupational Classification Ceremony, which included family education instructors in the new occupational catalog for the first time. This was the first time that family education entered the occupational classification; in September, Hangzhou introduced the country\’s first teacher family education guidance ability evaluation standards; in September , Henan promulgated the newly revised \”Evaluation Standards for Intermediate and Senior Professional Titles for Primary and Secondary School Teachers\”, which for the first time set forth requirements for family education guidance ability and performance in the evaluation of teachers\’ professional titles, as an important part of \”educating people\”. From government departments, schools to various social organizations, systems and regulations related to family education have been introduced one after another, forming a strong network to institutionalize family education. 2022 isParents’ home education continues to face challenges. The epidemic is raging, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are often closed, students are taking online classes at home, and face-to-face parent-teacher meetings have been greatly reduced. The unexpected pressure of the epidemic has lasted for three years. Parents continue to find that being with their children 24 hours a day has caused problems in the parent-child relationship. , they put forward several \”what to do\”: what to do if the children cannot control the use of mobile phones and computers, what to do if they go out to play despite the epidemic, what to do if they cannot concentrate on online classes at home, what to do if the learning effect is not good, what to do if the children are isolated every day What to do if you have extreme emotions at home… Parents use various ways to express their hope that the \”mythical beast will return\” and their children to return to school. They also use various forms to complain about the complex emotions and physical and mental problems of supervising their children\’s food and drink every day and watching their children take online classes. tired. The extreme emotional and psychological situations of individual children and parents have also attracted widespread attention. Scientific guidance on family education for parents is particularly urgent. At first, I just thought it was normal, but the epidemic brought all kinds of difficulties and hardships. Things that can be done with a lot of effort in the past may require several times the effort during the epidemic; wishes that can be easily realized in the past may become out of reach during the epidemic. The breakthrough development of family education in 2022 is therefore even more rare and worth remembering. Fan Deng Reading Club teaches five compulsory courses for new parents in family education [Video + Audio] Everything is difficult at the beginning. There are many \”first\” characters, indicating that there are many original blank spots. Under the huge waves of history are countless waves. Behind the changes of the times are countless perseverance and efforts. Behind the 2022 family education is the efforts of countless people related to family education. The road ahead is not yet over, and the pioneering work created by the word \”Shou\” looks forward to its persistence and continuation in the future. It will also have a profound impact on the future: parents must improve their family education capabilities; teachers must improve their family education guidance capabilities; relevant departments, It is necessary to improve family education management capabilities and service support capabilities.

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