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How to inspire inner motivation in children and students


Nov 1, 2023

It is really not easy to understand the difficulties and challenges children face in learning. They seem to struggle with every word, and writing homework is like climbing a mountain. As parents, we may not be able to control our disappointment and anger, blaming and complaining constantly. However, the more this happens, the more serious the children\’s procrastination seems to be, and the relationship between parents and children becomes strained. Children often have not realized the true meaning of learning and lack the spontaneous motivation in their hearts. As parents, we not only need more strategies and patience in the process of educating them, but more importantly, we need to teach them how to learn. The key to stimulating intrinsic motivation in children is to give them a sense of accomplishment. The growth of knowledge brings self-affirmation and a sense of accomplishment, thereby stimulating their inner drive. Some wonderful documentaries can provide children with knowledge and inspiring perspectives that our parents\’ nagging cannot match. The following are some recommended documentaries that can inspire children from different perspectives: 1. Traveling over mountains and rivers to go to school. This documentary tells the stories of children who have to travel difficult and dangerous roads in order to go to school, allowing us to feel that they are fighting for their dreams. persistence and effort. This is an excellent inspirational material for family education. 2. Little Boys This is a story about a group of lucky children who have extraordinary talents and are well cared for by adults. In their search for the light of hope, they themselves become that light. 3. The first time in life By recording the most meaningful \”first\” experience in life, from birth to the last stage of life, this documentary allows children to understand the ordinaryness and preciousness of life. 4. Real growth explores the confusion and anxiety of each generation in the process of growing up, and finds its own position in it, understands the gap between ideals and reality, and learns to adjust and adapt. 5.18-year-old Assembly Line tells the story that even in a difficult environment, as long as there is a dream in the heart, life will be full of meaning. Although everyone is small, they have their own values ​​and dreams. 6. The power of reading emphasizes that reading is not just a privilege for top students, but a kind of spiritual satisfaction and growth. 7. College Entrance Exam tells their stories from different backgrounds of college entrance examination life, conveying the importance of optimism, positivity and hard work. 8. By recording youth and kind-hearted college students, the university shows the dreams in their hearts and the light in their eyes. 9. Slave of Habit teaches children how to develop good habits and get rid of bad habits, emphasizing the importance of self-discipline and willpower in growing up. These documentaries are not only a visual and intellectual feast, they also quietly sow the seeds of growth in the hearts of children. Each work tells the story of persistence, courage, dreams and growth in its own unique way. As parents, we can use these stories to explore the true meaning of learning with our children and experience the wonderful journey of life together. These stories not only open the door to a new world for children, but also provide us with a new way of education so that we can better understand and support their growth. Quickly collect it and watch it with your children~

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