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How to let children establish a correct view of idols


Oct 1, 2023

In this era of universal entertainment, celebrities are the yearning for almost all children. But not all children can chase stars rationally. In this process, only parents’ timely guidance can prevent children from taking detours and losing themselves on the way to chasing stars. How crazy are children who blindly follow stars? According to the \”Dimension\” survey: the younger the age, the higher the proportion of star-chasing people. New York Times Bestseller List Top Ten Recommended Methods of Happiness Ultra-clear PDF Among the post-90s generation, less than 30% are star-chasers. Among the post-95s generation, this proportion has increased to 50%. About 70% of the post-00s generation consider themselves to be star-chasers. . Teenagers have become the main group of star chasers, accounting for more than 50%. In such a huge group, there is far more than one person who is almost crazy. The news that a 17-year-old boy borrowed more than 900,000 yuan to support celebrities is shocking. Xiao Hui, a 17-year-old high school student, was taken to court by a friend for owing a debt of 920,000 yuan. After receiving the court summons, the father was very surprised. Why did his child borrow so much money? Where did this money go? But no matter how he asked, Xiao Hui still refused to explain where the money went. It wasn\’t until the court session that Xiao Hui revealed the purpose of borrowing the money, which was actually to chase stars. In just three months, Xiao Hui borrowed 920,000 from a friend for reasons such as buying idol albums, booking a hotel, and attending a handshake party. However, she was unable to repay the debt. The friend had to take the father and son to court. No coincidence. Also crazy about this is Wang Mengqi, a senior girl in the fandom. She has been chasing celebrities for more than a year, spending as much as 6 figures, and bought more than 100 calendars alone. During the time when she was chasing stars, she received countless express packages containing various peripherals and endorsement products of her idols. There were so many that she couldn\’t even remember what she bought. The unopened express boxes built a high \”wall\” in her dormitory. In order to chase stars, Wang Mengqi not only spent all her savings from scholarships and part-time jobs, but also borrowed 30,000 yuan from the Internet, which often forced her to pay back the money. Later, because the idol group disbanded, Wang Mengqi stopped chasing stars. But after nearly two years of quitting the fandom, she still hasn\’t been able to fill the hole left by star chasing in her life, which makes her regret it. You see, how crazy are these kids who blindly follow stars. They got stuck in it, lost themselves, and even paid a heavy price for it. However, many parents don’t understand why so many children like to chase stars. What\’s the reason behind such enthusiasm? Behind every child\’s behavior and emotions, there must be certain positive motives. Most of the groupies are teenagers who have not yet matured mentally. The reason why children of this age develop a mentality of worshiping and being obsessed with idols is not without trace. Child psychology research believes that there will be an \”identity effect\” in the process of children\’s growth. The process of a person gradually maturing is to try to accept another person\’s values, behavior patterns and appearance, and to worship and imitate them during cognitive, emotional and personality development. Children initially appreciate the stars\’ appearance, voice, temperament and other qualities. Later, they will gradually fall into the \”personality\” deliberately created by the star, and then develop worship. Especially the academic masters created by celebritiesCharacters, warm characters, and hard-working characters are exactly the inner recognition of beauty among young people. Sa Beining once said a classic saying: \”Chasing stars is actually chasing yourself.\” Stars can gain the admiration and recognition of children because children regard stars as their \”ideal self\” and what they want in the future. Becoming. In life, children will also face a lot of learning pressure, as well as negative emotions caused by pressure. Chasing stars has therefore become a vent for them to release stress. Going crazy with the stars and forgetting the turmoil of reality is like a kind of healing. There is a question in Zhihu: Is it really meaningful to chase stars? One netizen said this: Chasing stars is an outlet for my emotions, just like someone walking up to me and holding an umbrella for me on a day when it is pouring. Another netizen said: In my darkest and painful years, it was his singing that vented my emotions and gave me strength. He made the world worth it. In fact, many parents are busy with work and have little communication with their children. They simply believe that as long as they do not treat their children materially poorly, their needs can be met. In the end, children may chase stars crazily in search of \”being needed\” to compensate for their inner emotional lack. Someone once conducted a survey and found that most of the children who are more extreme and crazy in chasing stars lack the care and companionship of their parents. A mother cried on the Internet: her 13-year-old daughter is obsessed with a male celebrity and has posted pictures of him all over the house. Whenever she sees this celebrity on TV or on her mobile phone, she gets excited. Later, he actually stole money and secretly went to attend fan activities. In the end, he had to call the police to get the child back. Not only does the child not feel guilty, but he also declares: \”I just like him, he is better than your parents!\” Every child with a rebellious, sensitive, crazy star-chasing personality, in addition to external factors of the environment, lacks the warm companionship of his parents. and patient education. Letting idols exert their power is the best way for children to chase stars. Being loved is never a bad thing. Parents let their children understand that idols are role models and turning worship into motivation is the best way for children to chase stars. If you want your children to establish a correct view of idols and pursue stars rationally, the guiding role of parents is essential. If you have a star-chasing child at home, then you must try to say these three sentences to your child. The first sentence: \”What\’s so great about him or her? Can you tell me?\” When we don\’t know why a child is crazy about a person, we might as well try to understand the child\’s idol first and understand why the child is obsessed with it. In this way, parents can have more common language with their children, and children will be more willing to communicate with their parents. Not only does it increase intimacy, it also prevents children from excessively chasing stars. On the day of the 17th Huabiao Awards Ceremony, a mother accompanied her daughter to support TFBOYS and expressed her support for her daughter’s pursuit of stars. Because my daughter is very sensible and does not delay her studies, chasing stars has become a way to relax. Therefore, parents, please don’t be anxious when it comes to your children chasing stars. You might as well learn more about it and give your children full respect and understanding. The second sentence: \”I think you can be like her.\” My colleague said that her daughter Tingting likes Zhang Zifeng very much.She guided Tingting to learn from Zhang Zifeng’s spirit of hard work, hard work, and pursuit of excellence. He also told Tingting that Zhang Zifeng did not forget to study while filming variety shows, and was eventually admitted to university with excellent results. Seeing such outstanding and hard-working idols, Tingting secretly made up her mind to get into the university of her choice. Sure enough, Tingting became more motivated to study, and after hard work, she was successfully admitted to the School of Foreign Languages. Guiding children to move closer to high-quality idols can allow children to burst out endless positive energy from themselves and guide them to be positive. The third sentence: \”He is as good as him!\” Parents can help their children expand their idols from the star entertainment circle to a larger circle. For example, the 14-year-old Quan Hongchan who won the diving championship at the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian who rewrote the history of Asian track and field, or the anti-epidemic heroes Academician Zhong Nanshan and Academician Li Lanjuan can all become \”stars\” for children to learn and admire. Children are in an important stage of establishing values ​​and outlook on life. Let their idols become their strength, help each other to complete each other, and illuminate each other. Working hard to pursue a better life and be as dazzling as your idols is the best way for children to pursue stars. Someone once said on the Internet: The rational pursuit of stars is to treat idols as a mirror and tidy up your clothes in front of this mirror. Idols with positive energy can become role models for children, inspiring them to pursue hard, live like their idols, and then surpass them. Finally, I use a passage written by Shu Ting in \”To the Oak Tree\” to send to every child: If I love you – I will never imitate the infatuated bird and repeat monotonous songs for the green shade; I want to be like you Amazing person; I must be a kapok tree near you; standing with you as the image of a tree. Dear child, may your idol be a guiding light in your life. May you be as outstanding as him and shine like a star together.

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