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How to let your child become a person with joy everywhere?

Life is just a memory. If you have not accompanied your child in their childhood, you cannot say, \”You are busy working, working overtime, staying up late, and going on business trips to give your child a better life and make him happy!\” There are many things in life. It exists because we have experienced it together and he still remembers it. collection! Download the full set of 108 compulsory courses on how to grow with your children. If a child loses the company of his parents in childhood and does not have the laughter and laughter of his family in his memory, his future happiness will be like duckweed on the water, which will inevitably float and appear particularly thin. When you see the familiar child around you remaining silent, unwilling to communicate with you, and becoming independent too early, you should be careful: the child may be experiencing loneliness and pain that no one can understand. I saw someone recalling their sour childhood like this: \”From the first to the sixth grade of elementary school, I boarded in a closed school. Because it was too far away from home, I could only go home during the winter and summer vacations.\” With a feeling of freedom, full of joy and I look forward to returning home, but my parents are busy with work and have almost no time to accompany me. I am alone, staring at the birds and clouds flying in the sky through the window. \”I feel envious when I see other children having all kinds of pastries and Western-style family dinners made by their mothers. But my own memories of food are only cheap roadside stalls and school cafeterias where the dishes never change day after day. \”I grew up with countless missed appointments from my parents, \’Someone came suddenly\’, \’There\’s someone coming to the store\’, \’There are a lot of things at work, I\’m just too busy in business and I don\’t have time, you can make your own arrangements.\’ \’\”Actually, when I was a kid, I liked telling my mother what I did and what happened every day. But she came home too late from get off work every day. I had a lot of things to say, whether I should say this or that first. , but never waited until she came home to listen. \”Sometimes, I want to nag to my parents. I don’t quite understand why my roommates can call their parents every night and say, ‘Hey, Mom, I’ve eaten and I’ve got enough money.’ I seem to have never known who to report these words to since I was a child, and adults also acquiesce to me. Can take care of yourself. \”When you, as a parent, wake up and look back, your child may no longer be the child you know! Because the child standing in front of you may have gradually become accustomed to remaining silent, or even act angry or furious! The communication between you and your child starts to become more and more difficult. If he is just rebellious and doesn\’t get along with you, it\’s fine. But what should you do if this child becomes cold inside and starts to lose his life? For children, they only grow up once. , if you miss it, you miss it, even if you spend a lot of money, you can\’t buy it back! I hope you can slow down, save some time, accompany them with high quality, learn the following methods of raising children, and cultivate his ability to have happiness, joy and auspiciousness Lifelong. First, teach your children to know how to be content. Contentment is the greatest happiness in life. “Those who are greedy are rich in body but poor in heart; those who are content are poor in body but rich in heart. \”Happiness is not waiting until your child gets 100 points in the exam, nor is it when you get the admission notice from a prestigious school, nor is it waiting until your child grows up and finds your ideal job. Happiness is now! What is happiness? Happiness is waking up in the morning and still being alive. Accompanied by parents, happiness isIn the bowl is the hot breakfast carefully prepared by my mother. Happiness is the little schoolbag on my back, the wild flowers and grass on the roadside, and the crystal clear dewdrops. Happiness is the sound of the children\’s jumping footsteps… Don\’t take away each and every one who is being chased. If desire is regarded as happiness, then happiness will become a mirage, looming. \”Foot\” is the closest to the earth. To teach children to understand \”contentment\” means that happiness is everything that the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body touch, and happiness is the present moment. Second, let your children learn to seek their own benefit in everything. \”Mencius\” says: If you are unable to do something, you should seek others from yourself. If you fail to do something, encounter difficulties and setbacks, or do not get along well with your interpersonal relationships, do not blame others but reflect on yourself and find the reasons for everything within yourself. Let your children know that eating, dressing, and studying are all their own business, and they must work hard to do it well. No matter what happens, always look for the reason from yourself. Only by taking the initiative to take responsibility can you take back the initiative to solve the problem. Complaining means escaping by yourself and shifting the responsibility to others. In this way, you will not be able to achieve growth and will not be respected and welcomed by others. Over time, life will become unsatisfactory and have bad luck! Seek everything from yourself, I am the source of everything, the master of destiny, let your children have good luck and happiness forever! Third, make joy a habit! When a person can be in joy under any circumstances, he is the real rich man and king. He does not take joy in things or feel sad about himself, and makes joy a habit. Like Yan Hui, \”With a basket of food and a ladle of water, in the back alleys, people can\’t bear their worries, but they won\’t change their happiness even after returning home.\” He lives with a bamboo basket of rice and a ladle of cold water every day in a shabby house in a slum area. Yan Hui could not stand this kind of poverty, but Yan Hui was able to live in poverty and live in peace, and dealt with it indifferently. If a child learns to make joy a habit, he will not miss out on happiness, wealth, and auspiciousness! His life is full, fulfilling and shining in every minute and every second. The heart is a field of blessing, sow your own happiness! Those who are content are always happy, and those who are open-minded are worry-free! Seek your own interests in everything, so that your child can become a happy person and have peace and happiness throughout his life!

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