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How to make children fall in love with reading


Oct 1, 2023

Start reading! In the process of reading, let the children feel the improvement of intelligence, let the children feel cognitive satisfaction, let the children feel happy and interesting! How can we make children fall in love with reading by finding the bait for getting started? In fact, for children to get started in a field, they just lack a hook. What is a hook? We can understand it as a catalyst, or as a temptation, a bait, a guide to get started. So you only need to find a book he wants to read and a book he likes to read. Then let him feel the improvement of intelligence, cognitive satisfaction, happiness and fun while reading this book. Then he will soon continue to read. Yin Jianli changed a child\’s life: How to take a good reading class mp3. Of course, it is not easy to find a book you like. why? You need to find the book first. Once you find that book, this thing becomes possible. But this book alone is not enough. How can he experience the joy of reading while reading? This may need to be enlightened by our parents. How did I do it? I don’t know if you have seen the short video of me talking about movies with my son. While we are chatting, he will discover something, and I will prove that his discovery is amazing. Sometimes I would induce him to express a point of view, induce him to understand a truth, induce him to discern a pattern. Of course, this thing is a hole dug by me. But after digging this hole, I still had to make him feel that it was his discovery, not mine. Make him feel like he\’s had an epiphany, feel like he\’s learned a lot, feel like he\’s made a good point. But in fact, I came to dig a channel for this point of view, and it came naturally, but it made him feel that he came up with it. How to build a drainage canal? So what do you call this process? It’s hard for me to come up with a name to define what this process is called. I call it “the ladder of growth”, or you can also call it “the channel of traffic flow”. I often do this, by watching movies and reading, to let the child get a huge self-affirmation in the process, feel his own value, and make him feel that he is satisfied. Of course he is willing to read and discuss, and then he will realize more things and be more willing to read. Slowly he will become a master of reading. His thoughts, his logic, and his values ​​have undergone great changes because his cognition continues to rise. As his cognition continues to rise, he will be able to understand more complex, difficult, and mysterious things, and he will gain more pleasure from this kind of intellectual challenge, which leads to a positive endless loop. You have to let him have time to read. If you want your child to like reading, he needs that book. He needs someone to recommend that book to him, and then send the book to him by some chance, so that he can read. Time to read. Just recommend books to him, but you require your children to finish their homework every day, and then do other exercises, such as Huanggang Little Champion. Then he won\’t have time to read, and this will never be achieved. There are some roads that he will never see or walk, even if the road is right next to him, so you have to give up something. If you close a window, you willIf you need to open a door, but you are always closing the window and closing the door, there is really no way out. If you want your children to fall in love with reading, you will inevitably spend less time studying.

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