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How to make children grow taller in spring? If you miss these methods, you will have to wait another year

Spring is a season full of life. Everything that has been dormant for a winter begins to revive and enters a \”fierce period\”. This is not only true for animals and plants, but also for our children! Spring is an important season for children to grow taller, and mothers should seize this critical opportunity! But the more issues mothers are concerned about, the easier it is to fall into misunderstandings. There is a friend next to Bai Shijun. The couple is not very tall. In order to make the child\’s height exceed the \”genetic\” limit, they keep stuffing food into the child\’s mouth all day long. Nutritional supplements such as calcium tablets and protein powder are more I ate a lot. The most common thing I heard her say was: \”You can be taller than your dad if you eat more…\” As a result, less than half a year later, when I met my friend\’s daughter again, I didn\’t notice how much the child had grown. The development of \”Pangdun\”. Another friend who is a doctor couldn\’t see it and told her face to face: \”A good baby has been fed to \’horizontal development\’ by you. Are you deliberately trying to trick the baby…\” No wonder this doctor friend said so. , this friend who wanted to help his children grow taller through food really made a mistake. In today\’s era where we don\’t have to worry about nutrition or food, if children can grow taller just by eating more and taking supplements, then our next generation will not be short! Feeding and diet are indeed very important for the growth and development of children, but efforts must also pay attention to methods. If the direction is wrong, the harder you work, the more embarrassing you will be… If you want your children to grow taller, these 4 points are the key! 1. Arrange your diet scientifically to ensure balanced nutrition. If you want your children to grow well, it is essential to arrange your diet scientifically and ensure balanced nutrition. Never think that it is a good thing if your child can eat and eat more. So, what kind of diet is a reasonable and scientific diet? To put it concisely, it includes the following points: 丨Diversified diet A high-quality diet is definitely not based on quantity, but should be as diverse as possible. In order for children to obtain different and balanced nutrients from food every day, the daily diet should include cereals, dairy products, eggs, poultry and fish, fresh seasonal vegetables, beans, etc. as much as possible. Spinach: It can promote growth and development and enhance disease resistance. The carotene contained in spinach is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and the health of epithelial cells, and increase the ability to prevent infectious diseases. Carrots: Rich in vitamin A, very good for vision development. In addition, carrots are also helpful for children to grow taller. Milk: Milk is a nutrient-rich food. Milk contains various amino acids necessary for human growth and development. The most important thing is that milk food contains high calcium, which is very helpful for body growth. Bean foods: They are rich in protein, which is necessary for the human body and is indispensable for the growth of children. Foods rich in vitamins: The weather in spring is changeable, and it is easy to catch colds and cause respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. At this time, you should add more foods rich in vitamins to prevent diseases. Vitamin content tips: Vitamin A is rich in cod liver oil, liver, dark green and dark yellow vegetables and fruits; vitamin B is rich in liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products, cereals, carrots, fish, vegetables and other foods; vitamin C content in green vegetables and citrus fruitsMore; vitamin D is more abundant in cod liver oil, liver, egg yolk and milk; vitamin E is more abundant in the fats and oils of wheat and rice germ, eggs, liver and meat.丨Eat smaller meals more frequently. In addition, children have a relatively large amount of exercise, but their digestive ability is far inferior to that of adults. It is best to adhere to the principle of eating smaller meals more frequently, so that children can have appropriate snacks after regular meals.丨Learn to read food labels and stay away from junk food. What should children eat for snacks? It may not be practical to ask mothers to make some snacks and snacks every day. At this time, some healthy snacks on the market are good choices, such as yogurt, cheese, whole wheat crackers or toast with lower sugar content. In addition, if there is a long list of additives on the food label, or the shelf life of the snack is very long, be sure to give up decisively!丨Don’t rely on any nutritional or health care products. Finally, don’t rely on any nutritional or health care products! For children, the best source of nutrition is their daily diet. No matter how good the nutrition is, it cannot make the child \”jump tall\” all of a sudden. If it is not done well, it may increase the burden on the child\’s kidneys and affect the child\’s height. 2. Reasonable exercise is essential. It is self-evident that exercise is important for children to grow taller. Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly are 2-3 cm taller than other children. In addition, a child who loves sports will stand taller and straighter than a child who does not love sports. This alone can make the child\’s demeanor look different. Usually, you can let your children participate in more sports that require running and jumping. Such sports can help them grow taller. 3. Ensure adequate and high-quality sleep. Nowadays, many children generally have the problem of insufficient sleep time. Like many adults, they \”can\’t fall asleep at night and can\’t get up in the morning.\” If circumstances permit, never let your child develop such sleeping habits from an early age. Because growth hormone is greatly affected by circadian rhythm, its secretion increases significantly during deep sleep, especially during the period from 10:00 at night to 2:00 in the morning, when the secretion reaches its peak. If the child has not fallen asleep or entered the deep sleep stage during this period, then in the long run, the child\’s growth will really be delayed. If you want your child to enter a deep sleep state as soon as possible, it is best to let him fall asleep before 9 pm. 4. Create a relaxed and good family atmosphere. In addition, psychological factors will also affect the growth and development of children. A bad psychological state will often affect the brain and endocrine functions of the human body. Studies have found that children who live in a sad and depressive family atmosphere for a long time generally have problems with poor appetite and poor sleep. If you want your children to grow well, it is by no means that everything will be fine if you feed them well. It has a relationship that cannot be ignored with reasonable exercise, adequate sleep, and a good family atmosphere.

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