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How to make your child better?

In the TV series \”Do You Know\”, one of the most common lines is: \”Parents love their children for far-reaching reasons.\” Parents who truly love their children must not only take care of their current food, clothing, and daily life, but more importantly, Plan for their future and know what kind of qualities can help children move more steadily and steadily on the road of life. Once, I had dinner with my friends, and everyone was talking about which early education classes their children had enrolled in, what talents they had learned, and what competitions they had participated in… Are these important to the growth of children? 36 Chen Meiling’s Parenting Methods MP3 [Complete] to help your children go directly to top schools How high and how far you run are key factors. I remember I once saw a saying on the Internet: \”Parents with foresight are a little cruel and unfeeling.\” In the following things, parents who are willing to \”give up\” can make their children better and better! Many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a restaurant visit, but are not willing to spend a hundred dollars to buy a few books for their children. I know several mothers who have signed up for various early education classes, English classes, and dance classes. When asked what books they read to their children, they didn’t know. Some people even said: \”Start reading at such a young age, don\’t hurt your eyes!\” The famous education expert Yin Jianli once analyzed that many parents prefer to see \”immediate results\” in their children\’s early education. For example, if a child can sing an English children\’s song and dance two dances, they feel that the child has \”won at the starting line.\” However, no specific results can be seen in reading in a short period of time, so many parents feel that reading is not possible. No, as long as you have good academic performance. In fact, the difference in reading from childhood is the most important difference in \”win or lose\” for children in the future. Children who read a lot often have strong explosive power in learning. At the same time, reading can also fully exercise children\’s logical thinking ability, language expression ability and strong thirst for knowledge. These are difficult to train in a short period of time. of. Teacher Yin Jianli concluded: Those who have laid a good reading foundation and interest in reading since childhood are the ones who really win at the starting line. There is an old saying: It is better to teach your children once than to leave a son with ten thousand gold. Parents who are willing to buy good books and more books for their children must have a long-term plan and ambition, so that their children can take a solid first step on the road to growth. There was a news story some time ago about a sixth-grade child. Because he had not completed his homework for three days, his father took the child back to his hometown in the countryside early in the morning and asked the child to accept the punishment of picking excrement. After the child came back, he wrote an essay about this unforgettable experience. It can be seen that his father\’s \”dung-picking education\” was very successful this time. \”At first I thought picking up excrement was a very easy task, but when I received the excrement bucket, I realized how difficult it was…:\” \”I tried my best to stand up. Every step I took was very difficult…\” I will stop and rest after walking for a while.\” Recommended classic parenting book: Zheng Yefu\’s Education in ChinaPathology PDF Download (Obviously I was carrying a load) “Later, after I carried the load for a long time, I felt great pain in the bones on my shoulders and the back of my neck. I also felt that the excrement I was carrying on my shoulders was getting heavier and heavier, as if I was carrying a Mount Tai on my shoulders. …\” In the end, Mingming cried and promised her father that if she didn\’t do her homework again, she would come back to pick manure, and if she didn\’t do well in the midterm exam, she would go back to her hometown to do farm work. Not only that, his father also asked Mingming to write a sentence on a note that night: \”It\’s hard to carry excrement, and the work is tiring. The only way out is studying.\” This note has been hidden in Mingming\’s school bag. He said that he did not blame his father. This experience of picking up manure made him grow a lot and understand the importance of learning. Children are not flowers in a greenhouse. Sooner or later, they have to accept the wind and rain from the outside world. Rather than holding it in your palm as if it were the apple of your eye, you might as well be willing to let them suffer some hardships. Although they may suffer some setbacks now, there are some truths that children will not understand unless they have experienced them personally. Only by knowing how to let children endure hardships can they help them achieve great things in the future. Be willing to spend time with your children. In recent years, many knowledgeable people have been calling for family education to be included in the legal system. Recommended parenting books: Thoughts after reading Zeng Guofan’s Family Letter pdf. Many parents would rather go home and check their phones and play mahjong than spend time with their children. They think that as long as their children are well fed and clothed, as for the spiritual companionship, teachers will naturally discipline them in the future. Parents don\’t have to worry. This is what I find very sad. Spending enough time with our children and giving them full kindness and care is our responsibility as parents, and it is also the basic requirement of being a parent. A good friend of mine is a psychological counselor for children and adolescents. She said that she often receives questions from many parents: Why is my child truant and rebellious? Why doesn’t my child want to communicate with me? Why are children addicted to the Internet and disobedient no matter what they say? The main reason lies in the problem of getting along with their children in their childhood. They lacked in-depth communication with their children and had few memories of getting along happily together. When children grow up and have passed the period of dependence on their parents, they naturally no longer want to talk to their parents properly. There are really no shortcuts on the road to educating children. Many mothers have told me that when their children are still young, it doesn\’t matter if they are busy or tired, or neglect their children. They are blood and blood, and they are all biological and will never be alienated. But later I discovered that I missed the most critical period of companionship with my children, and found that my children were really separated from me, and it was difficult to enjoy parent-child time together happily. Therefore, no matter how busy or tiring you are at work, please set aside time to spend with your children. Although it is tiring, it is to pave the way for the child\’s future growth. No matter how tiring it is, you must do it. No matter how tiring it is, it’s worth it! I am willing to lead by example. I once saw a piece of news: a mother named Li Jianghua, whose daughter was in elementary school. In order to \”dissolve the negative energy of tutoring children with homework,\” she took the teacher qualification certificate exam. Unexpectedly, she passed the exam. Got it! This mother Li usually likes reading and writing very much. After her daughter went to school, the process of checking her children\’s homework also triggered her in-depth thinking about education. Sometimes she also served as her children\’s tutor. She also often gives exam papers to her daughter.Physical training is like a test paper engraved with a mimeographed steel plate: (Exam paper given by Li’s mother to her daughter) Dong Qing once said to parents: You want your children to be what kind of person you want them to be. Parents who are willing to continuously invest in themselves and set an example for their children can give their children full confidence and courage to move forward, provide the best reference for their growth, and set the best example. Therefore, if you want your children to be excellent, you must first strive to move in the direction of excellence. Recommended books on scientific parenting. I really hope my parents have read this book. Download the electronic version. Even if it cannot be perfect, it can at least show a positive attitude to the children. Let the children see the efforts of their parents and be infected by the parents’ spirit, and the children will also I will take the initiative to work hard to improve and get better and better. Parents who are willing to set an example and have strict demands on themselves are the best role models for their children\’s growth.

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