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How to pay attention to your diet during breastfeeding


Oct 1, 2023

During pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are cautious. Strictly follow the doctor\’s instructions, humbly accept the experience of others, and continue to learn and abide by various little knowledge during pregnancy, so as not to make any mistakes. Especially when it comes to diet, I dare not slack off. Eat whatever is nutritious and whatever is good for raising a baby. As for the food you like, such as spicy and iced food, you have forgotten all about it for the sake of your child. During pregnancy, it is also good for pregnant mothers to be cautious. Not only will it make themselves relaxed, but it will also be very beneficial to the development of the fetus in the abdomen. However, after giving birth, many mothers seem to be completely different people. Maybe they have been depressed for a long time during pregnancy. After giving birth to the child, they feel relieved and just let themselves go and eat whatever they like. But In fact, this approach is also incorrect. Case: \”What\’s going on? Why does the child have diarrhea again?\” neighbor Xiaoli\’s mother-in-law came over anxiously, holding the pale baby in her arms, and asked Xiaoli anxiously. Seeing the child like this, Xiaoli was also very helpless. She didn\’t understand why. The child was only more than half a year old and always had diarrhea. This was the third time this week. Xiaoli always felt that things were not that simple. One day she called the baby\’s father, and the two of them accompanied the baby to the hospital to prepare for a comprehensive examination to see what the problem was. After a doctor\’s examination, it was found that the child\’s gastrointestinal condition was indeed a little weak, and the main cause of the child\’s gastrointestinal problems was \”dietary intake\”, and a little bit of \”alcohol\” was found in the child\’s gastric juice! Hearing this, Xiaoli\’s mother-in-law and husband were both shocked. How could there be alcohol in the child\’s stomach? Hearing the family members\’ doubts, the doctor was also very helpless. Xiaoli stood aside with a guilty conscience, and finally admitted her mistake: \”Mom, that\’s it. Didn\’t I think the baby was born, so I couldn\’t hold it back that day, so I I just ordered a spicy hotpot and drank a glass.\” Hearing this, my mother-in-law was also surprised: \”You are big-hearted and you are still breastfeeding, so you dared to eat spicy hotpot and drank a glass. , you are a mother, you are really irresponsible for your child.\” Xiaoli didn\’t know that her diet would affect her milk, and she regretted it at a loss. I hope this incident can serve as a warning to other mothers. Even after giving birth to a baby, you should not indulge in overeating, especially during the lactation period. You must pay attention to nutritional balance and health, and try your best to achieve this.\” Eat two and don’t eat three.” First, let’s take a look at the three things not to eat and what foods women should avoid during breastfeeding. •Avoid highly irritating foods. The first thing is highly irritating foods or snacks, such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, strong tea, etc. Mothers should try their best not to touch such highly irritating foods. Otherwise, these things are likely to affect the secretion of milk, and if ingested by the child, it will affect the child\’s health. •Avoid spicy, cold and spicy foods. Furthermore, women should try to avoid spicy, raw and cold foods when they are breastfeeding. Eat less chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns, and try not to eat spicy hot pot, spicy hot pot, hot pot, etc., and pay attentionEat less cold food, drink more stomach-warming porridge, and pay attention to a diversified diet. •Be careful to avoid foods that are highly tonic. In addition to avoiding the above two points, lactating mothers basically do not need foods that are highly tonic. Many mothers drink various greasy and tonic soups every day in order to have enough milk. In fact, this will not only affect the mother\’s appetite, but also affect the child\’s digestion, and even lead to overnutrition in the child and adverse consequences. Mom’s usual diet should still be light, healthy, green, and balanced. The above are the foods that women need to avoid during breastfeeding. Next, let’s take a look at what mothers should eat during breastfeeding. Choosing the following two points can help mothers have an appetite and their children can eat Eat nutritiously. 1. During lactation, pay more attention to supplementing foods with high protein content. During lactation, the mother will definitely consume a lot of protein, so it is absolutely wrong to eat more high-protein foods. Chicken, duck, fish, and eggs are a good choice to maintain nutritional balance and health. You can drink more milk and supplement protein. 2. During lactation, pay more attention to supplementing foods with high DHA content. During lactation, mothers should try to eat more foods with higher DHA content, which is extremely beneficial to the brain development of their children. Mothers can eat more fruits and vegetables, or choose some small nuts, which can promote their children\’s brain development and make them smarter in the future. After the pregnant mother \”unloads\”, some mothers feel relieved and no longer so cautious. However, during breastfeeding, mothers still cannot let their stomachs go too freely and eat without restraint. After all, what you eat is closely related to the milk you secrete, and it will also directly affect your child\’s health. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the pattern. Mothers should not only pay attention to their own diet during breastfeeding, but also pay attention to some changes in the baby\’s body. If the baby has any discomfort, parents It is still necessary to take your child for a check-up in time to avoid serious consequences. Therefore, I hope that all mothers will pay attention to it and adhere to the above principles of eating two and three without eating, so that their children can be healthier and fly into the distant future with a more beautiful attitude. Moms, what foods do you avoid eating during breastfeeding? Do you have any experience on how to provide your baby with healthy nutrition during breastfeeding?

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