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How to raise a good child who knows what happiness is?

Professor Zhu Yongxin, advisor to the academic committee of the Chinese Education Society and chairman of the Family Education Professional Committee, mentioned in his speech: \”The most fundamental thing is to improve the educational quality of parents and promote the educational concept of \’adulthood is more important than talent, and happiness is more important than success.\’ . Parents should return happiness to their children.\” But everyone\’s understanding of happiness is different. What should we do to make our children happy? The following 10 pictures will tell us that happiness is like a mathematical problem, which can be established if the conditions are met and can be solved if you have the skills. The seemingly sparse and ordinary things in life are the key to improving a child\’s happiness. Habits cultivate primary school students\’ daily behavioral norms. English cartoon wallpaper ultra-clear PDF. Speaking well is the best gift for children. Psychologist Luxemburg wrote in the book \”Nonviolent Communication\”: \”Perhaps we do not think that the way we talk is Violent. But language does often cause pain to oneself and others.\” Many times, parents obviously care and love, but their mouth becomes a sharp blade that hurts their children, causing them hard-to-heal injuries. In fact, no matter how affectionate your heart is, it needs to be expressed correctly to be accepted by children. What parents have to do is to be more understanding and less blaming, more encouraging and less punishing, more tolerant and less complaining. Only in this way can children experience the happiness flowing in their hearts and the warmth brought by family. More sense of ritual makes children full of expectations for tomorrow. Educationalists believe that children need four kinds of nutrition in their childhood, namely, a sense of security, a sense of existence, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of ritual. Many parents think that the sense of ritual is very complicated, but in fact, an unexpected gift or a colorful trip can all interpret the sense of ritual, and can make children keenly aware of the differences in life, and remember every moment with their parents. Special moments spent together. Gradually, these seemingly ordinary rituals will become a huge force rooted in the children\’s hearts, build up the children\’s expectations for future life, let go appropriately and return the steering wheel of life to the children. Many parents are afraid that their children will take detours, so they always use There are various ways to \”restrain\” children, even if they have grown up. As everyone knows, parents and children are actually just passers-by in the same car. One day, the child will have to sail farther away alone. Truly wise parents never act as the masters of their children\’s lives, but act as anchors to their children\’s inner worlds, giving them strength, protecting them, and standing where their children can see them when they look up, silently accompanying and watching over their children. They know very well that exiting appropriately when it is time to exit is the best thing for their children. Treating the other half well can provide children with a sufficient sense of security. Compared with imperfect education and an incomplete family, what really scares children is the tension between parents. Every quarrel, abuse, push, and tear that parents have has a negative impact on the child\’s spirit. After all, the relationship between parents affects the child\’s personality; the way parents get along determines the child\’s future. If you want to raise a child who is confident, optimistic, and full of inner security, the best way is to be kind to your significant other. Let children live in a close and harmonious family, feel love, learn to love, and eventually become a warm and loving person. Squat down and communicate to impress the children with respect and sincerity. There are thousands of people and millions of hearts. For the same thing, different people from different perspectives may come up with completely opposite answers. Many times, the parent-child relationship reaches a deadlock because they forget to put themselves in others\’ shoes and empathize with others. At this time, if parents can try to squat down and look at the problem from the child\’s perspective, they will naturally understand the child\’s behavior and be considerate of the child\’s mistakes, and the distance between the hearts will be closer. The most important thing is that life is an echo. When parents begin to understand their children, children will slowly learn to be grateful to their parents. Allow the child to cry and accept his negative emotions. \”It\’s okay, don\’t cry.\” \”I really don\’t know what to cry about!\” \”If you cry again, your parents will not want you.\” In life, many parents do not allow their children to cry. Tears, so much so that the child clearly felt a heavy rain in his heart, but on the surface he could only force a smile and chew his sorrow alone. But in fact, crying is also a good thing for children. Once the tears are shed, the emotional garbage in your heart will not be blocked. Only by evacuating the old sadness can you make enough room for the new happiness, and the child will be stronger than before. Accompanying children to \”go crazy\” stimulates their creativity. Lin Yutang attributes a happy life to four things, the last of which is playing games with children. In fact, the same is true for children. The time when parents play with their children not only allows children to experience a different kind of happiness, but also allows children to stimulate creativity and imagination and gain a different sense of accomplishment in the process of understanding and exploring the world. And one day, when a child grows up, the happiest moments in his memory will not be an exercise or a set of formulas, but the time spent running and laughing with his parents. Say goodbye to \”other people\’s children\” and discover the shining points of your own children. The book \”Human Weaknesses\” writes: \”Many troubles in life come from blindly comparing ourselves with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life.\” Meaningless comparisons not only hurt children\’s self-confidence, but also make children regard their peers as potential opponents and lose precious friendships. You must know that every child is a unique existence in the world and has his own season. Some children are like peonies, which bloom beautifully and fragrantly as soon as spring comes; some children are like wintersweet, which can only bloom in winter. Dou Xue. Only by seeing the differences in children and encouraging them to use their own strengths can they live a long life at their own pace. Supporting children’s hobbies ignited his inner passion. When talking about education, Bill Gates warned parents: “The only thing parents should do for their children is to find their children’s passion, encourage them to pursue it with all their strength, and play it to their full potential. To the fullest.\” Because real achievements in life must belong to those who are extremely intoxicated. As parents, what we have to do is to discover the interests of our children, so that they can use their interests as fuel throughout their long lives, live for love, and bloom fireworks of different colors in the world. Move together with your children to find a good medicine to heal the body and mind. Many parents ignore the importance of exercise and think that it hasTime is not as good as letting the children do two more questions and play one more piece of music. But they forget that sports can not only make children healthy, smart and tough. It can also secrete a \”happy hormone\” that allows the body and mind to eliminate toxins and heal the body and soul. Exercise seems to be just a small habit, but when children overcome inertia and turn it into a part of life, one day they will be pleasantly surprised to find that because of exercise, they have gained a better self and an extraordinarily wonderful life. Life. British writer Owen once said: \”The purpose of all human efforts is to obtain happiness.\” Many times, happiness is not a state, but a continuous ability. If a person can often see love, feel love, and learn to give love as he grows up, then he will naturally have the ability to be happy. And once he acquires this ability, he will also have a sharp edge against life. As parents, we cannot protect our children\’s lives. Feeling Better, a British BBC children\’s emotional intelligence training cartoon, has 25 episodes in 1080P, but it can give him a string of passwords called \”happiness\” in day-to-day education, allowing him to start his own journey. Only in this way can children have the courage to overcome obstacles, the fearless confidence, and the luck to have the last laugh to face the smooth or rugged road ahead.

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