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How to raise self-disciplined children?

Recently, a mother backstage left me a message: My son and I had another fight last night. The reason was that I found my son secretly hiding in bed watching the live broadcast in the middle of the night, so I severely criticized him. My son couldn\’t resist me at the time, so he pushed me out of the house while crying, and told me to leave him alone in the future. After the double reduction, the child\’s spare time has obviously increased, and the time for playing has also increased. At first, I thought that the child was under a lot of pressure to study, so it would be good to relax appropriately. But just recently, my child has obviously begun to dawdle and perfunctory in doing homework when he comes back from school; he is still unwilling to give extra exercises on weekends, and now he has begun to indulge in junk entertainment… As soon as I take care of the child, the child asks me: Why can everyone else play? , I’m the only one who can’t play? How should I discipline my children? In fact, I can particularly understand how my parents feel. A German mother’s experience in teaching the code of integrity and self-discipline: Teach good children who are strong + independent + tolerant + frugal. Although the “double deduction” has been made, the current high school entrance examination and college entrance examination still use academic performance as the main screening criteria, so no wonder parents are worried. I just happened to see an amazing Q&A about \”study\” between a mother who graduated from Tsinghua University and her son. It is full of wisdom and thinking, and may give some help to confused parents. Now that I have so much spare time, why can’t I watch live broadcasts and play games? The reason is simple, because fragmented entertainment such as games and short videos are invisible time killers. Maybe you get short-term fulfillment and happiness from it, but in the end it only brings you endless emptiness and degradation. An empty mineral water bottle is worth at most a dime; filled with water, it is worth one yuan; filled with drinks, it is worth 3 yuan, and filled with wine, it is worth 100 yuan. If your head is full of games, it is worthless; if your head is full of knowledge, it is priceless. Child, if you spend your time on these useless entertainments, you are wasting the most expensive brain in the world. If you want to be a valuable person, you want to climb mountains and see more beautiful scenery in the world. Then don\’t spend your best time trapped in illusory happiness, squandering time and wasting your years. But all my classmates are playing with their mobile phones. If I don’t play, will I feel out of place? Yes, there are many children in your class who like to play games and mobile phones. You sometimes play with your phone and try to have common topics with everyone. But kid, what are the consequences of your efforts to be gregarious? You may gain a few short-lasting friendships, but what you lose is yourself and even the most precious time. If a straw is tied with cabbage, it is worth the price of cabbage; if it is tied with hairy crabs, it is the price of hairy crabs. The same goes for people. With different people, the direction of your life will be different. And the friends who are truly worthy of deep friendship are those who move forward side by side with you, make progress with you, and become better, rather than those who lead you downward. Children, and every outstanding person, have gone upstream and gone through a lonely and lonely time alone. Cultivate yourself well. When you are good enough, you will be like the sun, naturally attracting a group of friends who will stride forward with you. sometimes i haveI don’t want to play, but what should I do if I can’t control myself? Children, the most terrifying thing about people is their sober depravity. If you covet temporary indulgence, although you will gain happiness and satisfaction in the moment, you will be swallowed up by endless emptiness and guilt later; choosing self-discipline may be painful at first, but as you develop a habit, you will live a more fulfilling life. , gain more real-life achievements and happiness. The second type of happiness is richer, longer-lasting, and higher-level happiness. Children, you will never know how powerful you are unless you push yourself. Only by rejecting the temptation that others can\’t refuse and doing what others can\’t do can you live the way you want. But the country advocates \”double reduction\”, why are you still so strict with me? There was once a meaningful picture on the Internet: a little bird nestled comfortably in its nest, and in the distance, a group of birds were flying higher and higher in the vast blue sky. With a sentence: \”Child, I know you are tired, but everyone else is flying…\” Isn\’t this little bird a true reflection of you now? My child, \”double reduction\” does not mean \”happy\”, nor does it mean that you can let yourself go. After all, after double reduction, you will face no less challenges. Think about it, you are playing games on your mobile phone while others are preparing for homework; you are staying up late and dozing off in class, but others are paying attention; you are drifting down the river, while others are paddling hard. In the long run, after ten years, the school you want to go to can only be attended by others, and the life you want can only be lived by others. So children, don’t blame teachers and parents for being strict with you. Everyone is running hard. If you are allowed to live a comfortable and unrestrained life today, what you will lose tomorrow is your confidence and future. Teachers have reduced homework after class, why do I have to do extra homework? This is a good question. Do you know why some students can get into the top three in every exam? Is it because they are smarter and more talented than you? Actually not. It\’s that they study hard every day after class that you can\’t see. Don\’t underestimate this 20% of after-school study time. It determines almost 80% of a person\’s excellence. Because every day in class, you learn the same knowledge. If you want to quietly widen the gap with others, you often rely on your hard work after class. Just because you have finished your school homework does not mean that you have mastered all the knowledge; if the school does not set exams, it does not mean that there is no gap between you and others. The most fair thing in this world is time. It does not favor anyone. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day. Wherever you spend your time, flowers will bloom. If I can’t get into college, will there be no future? No, kid, even if you fail to go to college in the future, you can still be a useful person to society. But do you know? \”If a small tree grows for one year, it can only be used as a fence or as firewood; if it grows for 10 years, it can be used as a purlin; if it grows for 20 years, it will be more useful. It can be used to make beams, pillars, furniture…\” How much you study does not completely determine a person\’s future, but it determines how much he chooses in life. All your accumulation and efforts now are forThis will allow you to have more choices in the future instead of being forced to make a living. You must also have your own dreams and the person you want to be. The most helpless thing in life is that opportunities and dreams are right in front of you, but you are unable to catch them and watch them slip away. Therefore, every effort you make now is paving the way for your future. But studying is really hard, and I always feel like I can’t see the end at a glance. My child, there is nothing in this world that is not hard. Isn’t it hard for your parents to go to work every day, rain or shine, and have to cook and help you with your homework when you get home? Isn’t it hard for the mother-in-law who comes out to sell breakfast at 4 or 5 a.m. every day at the entrance of the community? Isn’t it hard for those takeaway guys who run up and down from morning to night every day and are exposed to wind and sun? Yes, studying is indeed very hard. It is difficult to solve equations and do Mathematical Olympiads. It is difficult to read and understand Chinese. Memorizing English words is boring. There is no reward in the short term. But it is the only thing in the world that as long as you work hard, you will definitely gain something. matter. The pain of life is the pain of despair, the pain of having no way out for a long time. This kind of pain cannot be seen or touched, but it will last a lifetime. My child, when you grow up you will understand: What should you do if your child does not take the initiative to learn? How to make children fall in love with learning and efficient accompanying reading class completed mp3 There is a \”law of conservation of suffering\” in life. If you can\’t endure the hardship of studying today, you will have to endure the hardship of life tomorrow. If you have no education or skills in the future, you are doomed to struggle for life and struggle at the bottom for the rest of your life. For you now, learning is the simplest thing and the easiest way to escape the hardships of life. Sometimes, I have tried hard but my results are still not satisfactory. What should I do? do you know? The process of learning is like boiling water. Although there is only a slight difference between hot water at 99℃ and boiling water at 100℃, there is an essential difference. Many times, when a pot of water is not boiling, it is not because the weather is too cold, but because the heat is not yet high. In the same way, a person who only dabbles and gives up half-way will never be successful. As the ancients said: \”If you don\’t accumulate small steps, you can\’t reach a thousand miles; if you don\’t accumulate small streams, you can\’t become a river.\” Your accumulation day by day is the watershed from quantitative change to qualitative change. The smallest gap between people is IQ, and the biggest gap is persistence. As long as you keep studying, live every day in a down-to-earth manner, maintain a normal mind, overcome impetuousness, and make a little progress every day, you will definitely become that pot of boiling water. The thickness of the books under a person\’s feet will be the height of his life. My child, when you stand on the 30th floor and look down, all you see is beautiful scenery, but when you look down from the 3rd floor, what you see is a mess. For you now, immersing yourself in reading and working hard to accumulate knowledge is the best springboard to the world. Life is not a road in vain, every step counts. 52 compulsory lessons for Chinese parents during the critical period of children\’s growth mp3 Dear children, for the sake of your own life, let\’s have a good time burning. I believe that in the future, you will definitely thank yourself for working hard today.

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