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How to resolve power struggles without competing with adolescent children


Oct 1, 2023

Sons are moving towards another stage of their life – adolescence – at lightning speed. Not only do they begin to have their own ideas, but they also insist on their own choices. This is another period that tests parents. Parents in this period must learn to follow the trend. And for. Duel? Don’t compete with adolescent children. High-definition scan PDF version download. Just follow the trend, and you will often get twice the result with half the effort. Last Wednesday was Children\’s Day, and my son\’s school had a half-day holiday. As soon as he came back from school, he told me that he had made an appointment with his classmates to catch insects in the park in the afternoon. If it rained, each of them would take 100 yuan to play in Colorful City. I had arranged other things for him in the afternoon, but after hearing what he said, he had his own Plan and stick to it. I didn’t talk about my arrangements. I was just very disappointed for a moment, and a sense of frustration arose spontaneously, but I was quickly relieved and had to admit that the little man in front of me was gradually growing up. The strongest feeling in the past six months is that he has begun to have his own ideas, doesn\’t like others always denying him, and prefers to be with his friends. The characteristics of adolescence have slowly begun to emerge. It really started raining in the afternoon and we couldn\’t go to the park. My son and his classmates started their own plan B. He took 128 yuan from his lucky money, put on his phone and watch, and said to call me if you have anything. It was easy to lose the wallet in his pocket, so I prepared a red waist bag for him. After putting it on, he was very satisfied with his outfit. Seeing his joyful expression, I was glad that I didn\’t force him to follow my plan. After listening to him talk about the afternoon\’s activities in Colorful City, I began to imagine the four boys jumping for joy in Colorful City. When I got home in the evening, my son said: \”I had a very unforgettable Children\’s Day today, and there will be more unforgettable Children\’s Day in the future.\” This sentence impressed me deeply. He is full of expectations for the future. This is really a wonderful day. A good thing! The growth of children seems to be unstoppable. As parents, are we prepared? As parents, we also need to grow. To be a growth-oriented parent, we must learn to take advantage of the situation and give our children more positive feedback when it comes to their children\’s education. Within a certain range, let the children make their own decisions, and the parents should grasp the general direction and not let the children go astray. Adolescence is a power game! In the power struggle with their children, parents must be willing to let go and meet the needs of adolescent children for independence and autonomy. When you give your children more power, the power struggle between you and your children will cease to exist.

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