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How to sort out wrong question papers and how to use them correctly


Oct 1, 2023

Compiling wrong question papers is a must for all top students, and it is indispensable for improving grades. Therefore, parents should cultivate their children\’s habit of sorting out wrong question papers from an early age to help them learn. What is a wrong question book? The so-called wrong questions are the learning method of writing down the wrong questions and correcting them again. Correction is an inevitable process for any homework or test. After the teacher explains all the mistakes, the students will basically go through it again according to the content taught by the teacher. Before the exam, they will take out the tested paper and look at the wrong questions. Many people think that this is the wrong way to study from the test book. In fact, this idea is biased. Sorting out wrong questions is a process of constantly going back and refining them. It runs through the process of learning new knowledge and reviewing old knowledge. Its foundation is to see the big from the small, to find out the loopholes in knowledge from the wrong questions, and to find out the mistakes in taking the test. Correcting and improving personal habits, thinking and other weaknesses is the essence of the wrong-question book learning method. Wrong questions are an important means for children to improve their performance, but not being able to sort them out is a huge difference. Some parents said that their children also made mistakes in the test books, but after spending so much time and effort, their grades did not improve and they simply could not persevere. This is because the child turned the wrong question book into a wrong question copy book, which naturally has no effect. A mother said: Starting from the third or fourth grade of elementary school, parents should guide their children to use the wrong answer book correctly. Of course, the school teachers will also ask for it, but very few children can comply with the teacher\’s requirements. Those children who can cooperate well have become academic leaders. In the process of using the wrong question book, many children do this: no matter what the reason for the mistake is, as long as it is a wrong question, copy it all into the wrong question book, and write down the correct solution process once. I never seriously analyze where I went wrong, thinking that the meaning of wrong questions is to get a certain wrong question correct. It’s okay not to write such wrong question papers. It’s purely to deal with the teacher, purely to impress yourself and make yourself look like you’re working hard. Therefore, parents should be involved in sorting out wrong questions before the fourth grade of primary school. This is not to make the wrong questions more beautiful, but to teach children how to really sort out wrong questions, which is to sort out knowledge points and systematically solve problems. It’s not copying for the sake of copying. Xueersi Primary School English Grammar Basics Complete Collection of 1,000 questions and analytical answers in ultra-clear pdf. After a period of summarization and organization, parents can know where their children\’s regular mistakes are and where they often make mistakes, so that they can provide better help. to the child. So, how to correctly organize the wrong question book? Mainly focus on three key points. It is of great benefit for parents to teach their children these thinking methods. 1. What knowledge points does this question test? Behind all the questions there are one or two core test points. If the child does not master the knowledge points, blindly answering the questions will definitely not work. The correct way is to clarify the knowledge points and apply relevant knowledge to answer. For example, when copying, the child must know clearly what the question is and understand it. Therefore, when sorting out the wrong questions, you can mark relevant knowledge points next to the wrong questions to deepen their impression and make it easier to classify the wrong questions. 2. What is the idea of ​​​​solving this question? If the child just copies the correct answer once, he will still make a mistake next time he encounters a similar problem. Only by truly understandingOnly when you have a question idea can you be able to solve a question or a type of question. The same question may not appear again, but the problem-solving ideas will appear repeatedly. 3. Why did you get this question wrong? Knowing the correct answer is not enough, you also need to know the reason for the mistake. Only by truly knowing the reason for the mistake can you avoid making the same mistake next time. If it is because of mistakes in reviewing the questions, then you should develop the habit of reading the questions and circling the key words. If it is due to calculation errors, time-limited calculation exercises should be strengthened. Only by understanding these three points can you truly make a good mistake book, which will be more effective than your child\’s new questions.

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