• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

How to speak so that children will listen?

Many parents have discovered a very strange phenomenon: their children can chatter all day long when they are with friends, but become silent once they get home. When asked about something, the child just grunted and mumbled casually. He managed to say a few words, but ended the conversation with \”Forget it, I won\’t tell you anymore.\” This makes parents very confused. Why are our children unwilling to communicate with us? After reading the cartoon below, you may know the answer. Moreover, you will find secrets on communicating and getting along with your children in these relaxing comics! Parents often say they are listening, but in fact they are not paying attention. When children talk to parents, parents keep their eyes on the TV and mobile phones. Children are very smart and sensitive. Just imagine, if you were a child, you would also feel frustrated and discouraged. So the child \”just forget it\”. As time goes by, the child chooses to \”shut up\” and stops communicating with adults. Instead of doing this: [Collector\’s Edition] How to speak so that children will listen, how to listen so that children are willing to speak, pdf download, it is better to do this: When the child talks to you, parents\’ questions, blame or suggestions will disrupt the child\’s thinking and dampen the child\’s enthusiasm. , making it difficult for children to have clear ideas and a positive attitude to talk about things and think about problems, so in the end they just say \”Don\’t bother me! You can use simple words like \”Oh…\” \”Well…\” \”That\’s right…\” to respond. Children. Only participate, do not interfere, and let the children finish speaking first. On the one hand, it expresses the parents\’ concern; on the other hand, it does not interrupt the children and allows the children to sort out their thoughts and feelings during the narration process, so that it is possible Find your own solution. Instead of doing this: Cooperative Parenting: The Importance of Parent-Child Communication and Parent-Child Education PDF Download Instead of doing this: Don’t deny your child’s feelings, but speak out your child’s feelings and accept your child’s feelings. When the child hears himself When a child\’s feelings are understood by their parents and their thoughts are spoken from your mouth, they will be very relieved and grateful. Knowing that their parents can understand their inner feelings makes it easier to open up to them. When a child wants something that is not available When we do this, we usually explain to our children why not. But the more we explain, the more the children won’t listen. Do you think your children are unreasonable? Instead of doing this: Parenting anxiety cannot be solved by a few chicken soup articles. These 15 parenting books will Instead of collecting it, do this:

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