How to treat a baby’s weak spleen and stomach

\”9 out of 10 babies have a weak spleen and stomach\”, so in the daily process of caring for children, we must pay attention to the importance of spleen and stomach maintenance. Today Doudehui is here to share with you, how should we take care of children with weak spleen and stomach? Children with spleen-yin deficiency tend to eat more meat. There are very few children who don\’t like to eat meat. This is due to other reasons, such as parents with spleen-yin deficiency. What are the symptoms of spleen deficiency in children? 1. Bags under the eyes and blue eyelids. The lower eyelids are the spleen and the upper eyelids are the stomach. Children with spleen deficiency will have bags under the eyes and blue eyelids due to insufficient transportation and transformation of the spleen and stomach and condensation of water and moisture. 2. The tongue coating is white and greasy, and there are tooth marks on the tongue. Children with weak spleen and spleen will have tooth marks on both sides of the tongue. This is because the child\’s spleen and stomach have weakened transportation and transformation capabilities, so the transportation and transformation of water and grains are insufficient and cannot be metabolized, resulting in water and dampness. It condenses in the mouth and forms tooth marks when the tongue has been soaked in water. The heavier the tooth marks are, the more moisture the child has. In addition, geographic tongue will also form, which is white spots on the tongue. The more spots there are, the worse the child\’s spleen and stomach function will be. 3. Night sweats and frequent illness. If the spleen cannot keep up with nutrition, the body\’s physical condition will be very poor. Over time, it will also lead to lung qi deficiency, causing repeated colds, coughs, etc. 4. Not growing taller, the body is thin and the spleen deficiency leads to poor nutrient absorption, which cannot meet the needs of growth and development. This will make the child not grow taller, and no matter how much he eats, he will not gain weight. What are the causes of spleen and stomach weakness in children? 1. Overuse of medication: Some parents feel like the sky is falling when they see their children getting sick. In order to treat them quickly, some parents will overuse medications, which will damage their children\’s spleen and stomach functions. Over time, the child\’s spleen and stomach function gradually weakens, affecting digestion, absorption and immune function. 2. Cold: Sometimes children suffer from internal heat and fever. Some parents do not differentiate between cold and heat, deficiency or excess, and directly use medicine to clear away heat and eliminate internal heat. This causes some children with a deficiency of fire to have increasingly severe symptoms and colder constitutions. In addition, cold evil can easily damage the spleen and stomach. If children often catch cold, the function of the spleen and stomach will be damaged, leading to symptoms such as indigestion and loss of appetite. 3. Improper diet: Children’s spleen and stomach functions are relatively weak, and improper diet can easily lead to damage to the spleen and stomach. For example, long-term consumption of greasy or irritating foods can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort; overeating sweets or high-calorie foods can cause indigestion and affect spleen and stomach function; bad eating habits such as skipping breakfast or going to bed immediately after meals can also Adverse effects on the spleen and stomach. What are the dietary remedies for children with spleen deficiency? 1. Ingredients for corn thick noodle soup: Pour vegetables, corn, carrots, noodles and corn kernels into a food supplement machine, add an appropriate amount of water, stir evenly, and then filter. Chop carrots and greens and cook noodles together. Corn juice is squeezed to make a thick soup base, paired with vegetables and carrots. It is soft and glutinous and easy to digest. It nourishes the spleen and stomach, promotes gastrointestinal motility, and protects the spleen and stomach of children. Huaishan Lotus Seed and Spare Ribs Soup also has a therapeutic recipe. Huaishan yam, lotus seed meat, coix seed, Ophiopogon japonicus and pork ribs are boiled together. This soup tastes sweet after drinking, and children like it very much. In addition, it is best to remove the lotus seed heart in the lotus seed meat, because it relieves heart fire. Lotus seed meat is generally used to replenish the spleen. In short, a child\’s spleen and stomach weakness may be caused by a variety of factors. Pay attention to rational use of medication, keeping warm and cold, and eating a reasonable diet, etc., to maintain the health of the child\’s spleen and stomach. As long as you take it seriously and take care of it in time, the problem of spleen and stomach weakness will gradually be alleviated. In addition, as a reminder, for the above method, parents can find a nearby traditional Chinese medicine doctor to conduct a detailed analysis based on the child\’s constitution, and then make additions or subtractions, so that the effect will be better.

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