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Huang Shengyi became famous, and her 6-year-old son’s words made countless parents ashamed

A few days ago, the variety show \”Mom is Superman 3\” was launched, and Huang Shengyi and his son Andy once topped the list of hot searches on Weibo. During the show, Andy, who was 5 and a half years old, was asked: \”Do you feel lonely when your parents are busy at work and can\’t accompany you?\” He answered without hesitation: \”Not lonely.\” As for the reason, he said, \”I\’m used to it. Yes.\” After hearing his son\’s answer, Huang Shengyi burst into tears. As a mother, it really hurts my heart to hear a 5-and-a-half-year-old child pretend to be relaxed and say, \”I\’m used to being alone, used to not being with my parents.\” The child who pretended to be \”accustomed to loneliness\” may have longed for his parents\’ attention and companionship time and time again, but after being disappointed again and again, he slowly let go of his inner expectations. He is not really used to loneliness, but has already learned to let go of his desires. We always want to do our best to give our children the best life, enroll them in a tutoring class worth 30,000 yuan, and buy them a house in a school district worth 8 million yuan, but we neglect to spend more time and thought with our children. . How many children clearly have both parents, but live as \”orphans\”! We always say that since we have children, we have weaknesses and armor. For the sake of our children, we are willing to give everything we have, even if it means giving our lives. But why would we rather give up our lives than spend more time with our children? Ultimately, we still don’t realize the importance of companionship. Some people may say: We need to make money to support our families! Money is needed to pay off the mortgage, money is needed to buy milk powder for the children, and even more money is needed to send the children to good schools when they are older. Therefore, making money to support the family and spending time with the children seems to have become an inseparable problem, and we must give up one or the other. Image source: \”The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel\” However, such a difficult problem should not be solved by children! In middle age, we have parents and children. We have to run around constantly for life every day, and at the same time devote enough time and energy to accompany our children. This is a difficulty that all parents must face. Such difficulties can only be overcome by our parents. Last year, Hunan Satellite TV launched a program \”Children Travel Thousands of Miles\”. The first guest invited was He Jiang. He once gave a speech at the Harvard University graduation ceremony as an outstanding student representative. He Jiang comes from a poor rural family in Hunan Province. He was able to go abroad and achieve today\’s impressive achievements not only due to his own efforts, but also due to his parents\’ attentive company for him in the beginning. In their village, it is very common for parents to go out to work to make money, and many children become \”left-behind children.\” He Jiang\’s parents chose to stay at home to accompany their children to grow up. They said they could plant more crops and feed more pigs to solve their economic difficulties. They believe in the concept of \”reading changes your destiny\” and constantly encourage children to study hard. They don\’t play cards or entertain, but quietly accompany their children to read and do homework every day. The whole family reads together in the evening, exchanges reading experiences, and holds family reading competitions. Accompanying children\’s growth carefully is the best family tradition and the best education that parents can give their children. A primary school student once wrote an essay titled \”My life is like a plant raised at home\”, complaining that he was just like the plants his mother raised.Same, often ignored and forgotten. He even worried that one day, he would be like that plant with roots full of bugs and his mother would dislike him. Please click here to enter the picture description. The words between the lines reveal the child\’s loneliness and fear, as well as the child\’s desire for the company of his parents! Another primary school student even made a strong cry to the father who \”would rather check his cell phone than play with him\”: \”You are no longer my father, you are almost the father of the cell phone!\” \”Dad, I have always wanted to be right. You said, play with me for a while.\” This cry is as eager as it is helpless! How helpless it is, how heartbreaking it is! Dear parents, please temporarily put down the endless work in your hands, put down the mobile phone that keeps scrolling, and spend more time with your children! Children only grow up once. If you miss it, you will really miss it. Image source: \”Someone I Like\” Psychologist David Elkind said: \”What children need to know most is that they are important to their parents and will always be surrounded by love.\” Companionship is the longest love. Confession. Only when parents provide attentive companionship at the beginning of life, will full love be infiltrated into the heart of the child, giving him enough confidence to move forward confidently on the stumbling road of life, and enough confidence to pass on love to more people. people. Zuckerberg, who grew up with his parents, became a role model for fathers around the world after the birth of his daughter. When his two daughters were born, the young CEO, who was in charge of hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, not only took two months of paternity leave arbitrarily, but also modified the company\’s maternity leave regulations: all Facebook full-time employees will have four months of paid leave. Maternity or paternity leave, regardless of the employee’s gender and location. He has turned into a baby show-off maniac, and his social media platforms are filled with photos of him swimming, reading picture books, and traveling with his daughter. Not only that, he and his wife also established the \”Zuckerberg-Chan Project\” to devote themselves to philanthropy, change global children\’s education and medical issues, and strive to create a better and loving world. There is a saying that children need a light to grow, especially when they are young, the light from their parents is more important. And this light is the company of parents. Please give your child more attentive company and let your child\’s heart be filled with warmth and love. Listen carefully to your children In the movie \”Stars on Earth\”, the mother of the boy Isha is a full-time mother who takes care of her son\’s daily life and accompanies him to do his homework. However, she never discovered that her son had dyslexia and would use B He was confused with letters that looked similar to d, and would write S and R backwards, not to mention his son\’s amazing talent for painting. Picture source: \”My Love from the Star\” When the parents looked at Isha, who had poor grades, they took it for granted that he was disobedient, troublesome, and didn\’t study hard. They sent him to a strange boarding school, despite his son\’s pleading. do not go\”. On the day when Isha was sent to boarding school, he looked at his parents who were leaving, walking lonely and lonely to the dormitory. The background music made him feel sad every time he listened to it. I never told you how scared I was of the night. I acted as if nothing had happened but my heart was very low. Photo source: \”My Love from the Star\” Fortunately, Ishaan was lucky. He met an art teacher who understood him and discovered him. dyslexia, seeHis amazing painting talent helped him overcome difficulties bit by bit and aroused his confidence bit by bit. True companionship does not mean being with the child 24 hours a day, but it means carefully feeling and understanding the child\’s needs and giving a warm response in a timely manner. Give your child the respect of \”being who he is.\” There was a time when my daughter was a little distant from me. She no longer put her arms around my neck, kissed me, hugged me and acted like a baby as usual. After my husband reminded me, I discovered that it was because I always couldn\’t help but interrupt my daughter when she was doing something. When she was putting together the building blocks, I couldn\’t help but say next to her: \”You should put them together like this\” and \”These two are put together correctly.\” When she was happily playing with the sand on the beach, I couldn\’t help but remind her: \”Don\’t get sand into your clothes and shoes.\” Who wants to have someone next to you telling you what to do? Who wants to have someone nagging and interrupting their actions? Every time I interrupt, I seem to be reminding her invisibly, \”Mom doesn\’t like you like this.\” It was not until later that I quietly accompanied her lying on the ground watching ants move, watching her put together all kinds of imaginative building block shapes, and watching her laughing at the sand rising in the sky, that she started to like playing with me again. Sharing her little joys with me. Picture source: \”Family with Children\” True companionship is to respect the child \”as he is\” and to accompany the child quietly to watch \”the grass bears its seeds and the wind shakes its leaves\”. Create a \”parent-child time\” that is exclusive to you. It may not be realistic for parents to spend a lot of time with their children every day. Then you can create a \”parent-child time\” that is exclusive to you. For example, for half an hour after dinner, put everything down and concentrate on spending time with your child. . At this specific time, put down your work, put down your mobile phone, and devote yourself to playing games, reading picture books, and doing sports with your children… Picture source: \”Single Parent Resort\” No matter how busy former U.S. President Obama is, he will insist on having dinner with his family in the evening , share the day’s experiences with the children and talk about interesting things at school. Create exclusive \”parent-child time\” and the form of companionship can also be changed appropriately. A mother in Chengdu often travels to other places for work. In order to make up for the regret of not being able to accompany her children, she writes letters to her son every time she travels. Each letter is carefully designed and includes some short stories or games. The time when their son reads letters becomes their exclusive \”parent-child time.\” True companionship does not limit the length of time or the methods. The most important thing is to let the children feel your love and companionship. Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard, said: \”Ten years later, you will not regret that you did one less project, but you will regret that you did not spend an extra hour with your children.\” Every flower has its flowering period, and every flower has its flowering period. A child\’s growth is irreversible. Water it with full love, accompany your child through every important stage of life, and let your child\’s heart be filled with love and warmth. Children grow up in a blink of an eye, and missing them will be a lifelong regret.

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