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Huang Shengyi, who died for love, only scored 28 points in the \”Being a Mother\” exam

After I gave birth to a baby, I also became obsessed with parent-child variety shows. The edited daily parenting routines of celebrity parents, although there are many artificial elements, there are also natural and interesting clips. In the recent hit \”Mom is Superman\”, Huang Shengyi\’s son Andy Yang\’s \”natural expression\” made the scene awkward for a time. Huang Shengyi, who encountered three embarrassing situations: \”My son loves his younger brother and grandma the most, my son wants to grow old, and I\’m just a 28-point mother.\” I wonder if she secretly regrets participating in the show at this moment. Today, let us gossip from the perspective of a parent and talk about what this mother who sacrificed her career for her family but was repeatedly embarrassed did wrong. Huang Shengyi awkwardly interviewed the children alone for three consecutive times, then asked the interview questions to the mother, asking the mother to guess the child\’s answer, and finally revealed the answer – this was a \”bottom test\” by the program team for the four guests this time, aiming to test Show how well the mother knows her children. The routine is so deep that you have to accept it! But Huang Shengyi did know very little about his son, which caused one wave of embarrassment after another. Awkward 1: Who does Andy like the most? When Andy was asked, \”Mom, dad, brother, who do you like best?\” Huang Shengyi answered \”Mom\” confidently on the other side of the screen: As a result, Andy\’s answer was: And the real answer in Andy\’s heart Yes: This is so embarrassing! Embarrassment 2: Are you afraid that your parents will grow old? When it comes to the question \”Are you afraid that your parents will grow old?\”, many viewers who have just climbed out of the pit of \”Where Are We Going, Dad 5\” may still be thinking about the cute Jasper. At that time, as soon as Jasper heard that his father was going to grow old, he immediately said \”I don\’t want it\”. When he saw his father on the side, he pursed his lips and shed tears, and he quickly stepped forward to comfort him, which made the audience burst into tears. And how would Andy answer the same question? Let’s take a look at Huang Shengyi’s guess first: And Andy’s real answer is: He guessed the beginning but not the end, which is even more embarrassing. Embarrassing 3: 28 points Mom will have points since it is an exam, and there is no harm without comparison. In this exam, Alyssa Chia scored 100 points, Huo Siyan scored 80 points, while Huang Shengyi, who claimed to sacrifice her career for her family, only scored 28 points. Embarrassing to the Nth Power not only has three embarrassing moments that catch people off guard, but the daily life between mother and son is also full of embarrassment. Huang Shengyi used snacks to please Andy, and set up a table full of his favorite things, but Andy responded coldly, \”Where? Which one is my favorite?\” Taking Andy to take a \”mug photo\”, because Andy was short (he is a child after all) and couldn\’t focus properly. After Huang Shengyi kept pulling and pulling, Andy sadly responded \”I won\’t take the photo anymore\”, leaving her alone with the scissors. Hands smile. Whether she sacrificed her career for her family or left her performance on the show empty-handed, speaking of Huang Shengyi alone, Pumpkin\’s mother was also moved by the role she played. The mute girl in white clothes in \”Kung Fu\” didn\’t have a single line, but conquered the audience with a drop of tears: Jiang Lingda, the second female lead in \”Red Apple Paradise\”, is almost the most beautiful and scheming girl in people\’s impressions: these two characters were amazing The audience, but it has become almost all the audience\’s memories of Huang Shengyi, because since then, her entanglements with the agency, many disputes in relationships and marriage have almostAlmost far outweighed the early achievements in acting career. And Huang Shengyi himself has always revealed, intentionally or unintentionally, that \”he has sacrificed his career for his family.\” Including this time when he took his son to participate in a variety show, he was once labeled as \”comeback\” and \”return\”. So here comes the question: If Huang Shengyi really died for love and family, why did she know nothing about her children and was repeatedly embarrassed in her interactions? Only providing \”invisible companionship\” will one day make you embarrassed. As a public figure and a big star, how well Huang Shengyi\’s family and career are \”maintained\” is still a bit far away for us. But seeing her embarrassment in front of the screen must have made many parents sweat – Do I know my child well enough? ·Is the companionship I provide my child qualified? ·If I also take such a basic test, how many points can I get? Indeed, whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, spending time with your children is an unshirkable responsibility. And if all you provide is \”invisible companionship\”, one day you will also face Huang Shengyi\’s embarrassment. What is invisible companionship? The so-called invisible companionship means that when parents are with their children, they only watch and accompany them, only give commanding lectures or only provide material satisfaction. The children are completely unable to feel their parents’ attentive listening and active communication, and they will not give you any advice. Learn about their opportunities. Just like the father played by Kong Yoo in the Korean movie \”Train to Busan\”, after he divorced his wife, custody of his daughter clearly belonged to him, but he did not understand his daughter\’s preferences at all. On his daughter\’s birthday, he bought back a toy , but it wasn’t until I entered my daughter’s room that I discovered that the child’s mother had already bought a gift worth a dime. A still from \”Train to Busan\” shows that the daughter only has her mother in her heart. Being busy at work is not a reason to accompany your children invisibly. There are many working parents who are in the workplace but care about their children. The Chengdu Business Daily once reported on an ingenious working mother: Because Ms. Gong often had to travel on business and could not accompany her children, since her son was 3 years old, she would leave written letters at home before each business trip and communicate with her through letters. Children interact to make up for the regret of not being able to be with the child and accompany the child\’s growth. The letter Ms. Gong wrote to her son is also a parent. Pumpkin’s mother also understands the mental and physical exhaustion of different types of parents on the issue of accompanying their children. Although stay-at-home parents spend a lot of time with their children, they cannot be confidant with their children 24 hours a day. They always have to spend a lot of time cooking and doing housework; working parents are even more busy. But in order not to encounter embarrassment and not miss precious moments in the growth process of your children, you still have to work hard. Please refer to the following suggestions – let your mobile phone be quiet for a while. Whether a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, take 1 to 3 hours a day to spend your undivided attention with your children. Presumably it won\’t really delay work. Before starting to play or read picture books with their children, it is recommended that parents briefly explain the work at hand, inform everyone that they will be \”lost\” and leave a message in advance, then mute their mobile phones and put them far away, and spend a while with them in a down-to-earth manner. Set up your anniversary. When we are in love, we always like to set up a \”anniversary\” to date, have dinner, and communicate with our lover on that day.Gifts, etc. You can also use this trick with children! Anniversaries can be held once a month or once a week. Before the anniversary comes, parents are asked to \”rush forward\” on the work at hand. On this day, take leave to accompany the children or go home early to do special activities with the children (eating meals). Relaxation, family speech, etc.). When there is an anniversary, the children will also have something to look forward to. Spending one day with them every month or every week is far better than being together every day and turning a blind eye! Adopt the oldest method. In the past, the sun became slower, and cars, horses, and mails were all slower… Mu Xin\’s \”Once Upon a Time was Slow\” is Pumpkin\’s mother\’s favorite poem. The Chengdu mother mentioned above who wrote to her children, It must have given parents endless inspiration. In fact, having similar views on parenting does not count as plagiarism, and we can try to imitate it. Leave a letter for your child in a fixed drawer every day. It may only be a few words, but the words written on the paper will definitely bring you and your child a wonderful experience. Many unspeakable \”secrets\” can also be used. written on it. Years later, it will be a special experience to take out your collected letterheads and reflect on them.

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