• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

I accidentally raised my child to be a beggar! One thing that should alert millions of parents

A homeless man came to my door and wanted to ask my mother for something to eat. This homeless man was very pitiful. His right hand and the entire arm were broken off, and his empty sleeves were dangling, which was very uncomfortable to see. I thought my mother would give generously, but my mother pointed to the pile of bricks in front of the door and said to the homeless man: \”Please help me move this pile of bricks to the back of the house first, can you?\” The homeless man said angrily: \”I only have one hand, and you still have the heart to ask me to carry bricks? If you can\’t help me, I won\’t blame you, so why make things difficult for me?\” The mother was not angry. She smiled at the homeless man, then leaned over and used one hand. Grabbed two bricks. When she came back from moving, she said to the homeless man gently: \”Look, you can work with one hand. I can do it, why can\’t you?\” The homeless man was stunned and looked at him strangely. Looking at her mother, her pointed Adam\’s apple rolled up and down twice like an olive. Finally, she leaned down and lifted the bricks with her only hand. Only two bricks could be moved at a time. It took him two hours to finish moving the bricks. He was so tired that he was out of breath, there was a lot of dust on his face, and a few strands of hair were wet with sweat and stuck to his forehead. His mother handed him a snow-white towel. The tramp took it and wiped his face and neck very carefully. The white towel turned into a black towel. The mother handed him a glass of water and a piece of bread. Before leaving, the mother handed him 20 dollars. The tramp took the money and said touchedly: \”Thank you, madam.\” The mother said: \”You don\’t need to thank me, this is the wages you earned with your own strength.\” The tramp said gratefully: \”I will never forget you. .\” He bowed deeply to his mother and set out on the road with his head held high. A few days later, another homeless man came to my door and begged my mother for alms. His mother asked him to move the bricks from the back of the house to the front of the house, and gave him water, bread, and $20 as usual. I asked my mother in confusion: \”Last time you asked someone to move the bricks from the front to the back of the house, and this time you asked someone to move the bricks from the back to the front. Do you want to put the bricks at the back or the front?\” Where is the front?\” My mother said, \”These piles of bricks are actually the same if they are placed in front of or behind the house.\” I pursed my lips and said, \”Then we won\’t move them.\” My mother touched my head and said, \”But, for homeless people, For Han people, there is a big difference between moving bricks and not moving bricks…\” After that, some homeless people often came to our house, and every time my mother would reenact the past drama. The bricks in my house were in the front room of the house. The back lot was moved around. A few years later, a very respectable man came to my house. He wears suits and ties and has an extraordinary demeanor, just like those successful people on TV. The only fly in the ointment is that he only has one left hand and an empty sleeve on the right. He held his mother\’s hand, leaned down and said, \”Without you, I would still be a homeless man. Because you asked me to move bricks back then, I can become the chairman of a company today.\” His mother said, \”This is yourself. What you did has nothing to do with me.\” The man straightened his body, looked at his mother and said, \”It was you who helped me regain my dignity and my confidence. It was on that day that I realized that I was still capable of doing something. Things.\” In order to thank his mother, the one-armed chairman decided to give us a house as a gift, which was much better than what we have now. Mother said: \”I can\’t accept yourGift. \”\”Why? \”Because everyone in our family has two hands!\” \”The chairman insisted: \”I have already bought it for you. The mother smiled and said, \”Then give the house to someone who doesn\’t even have a hand!\” \”We have four children in our family. Although our family is not rich, we have all become independent when we grow up. My two brothers have obtained doctorate degrees. My sister is now the manager of a supermarket. I am A lawyer, he is about to run for Congress in our state. My mother is very old, and the pile of bricks in our house is sometimes moved around under the command of my mother. At the end of the story, please think about two things. minutes, and then continue. After reading the above text, don’t think that I am telling you a story about doing good. What I want you to read is a mystery about education. Have you ever thought about how our children come to us? In life, do you look like that homeless person? They have no ability, they are weak, they need our charity, they need our help… How should we help them? Some parents really regard their children as homeless people, Treating them as beggars, they dressed the children, brought the dishes and chopsticks to the children, stuffed money into their hands… and then said to them: Look, I am working hard to support you! So, the child really They became homeless and beggars. As their parents gave them alms day after day, they slowly lost their self-confidence, dignity, and ability to survive. Then we would loudly say: Why are you so worthless? Why are you so useless? Don’t know how to do it? Please recall the above story, think about this mother’s intentions, and think about her approach: Shouldn’t we treat children the same way? When children come to us, they are indeed weak, indeed They need help, but it is by no means charity; they not only need care, but also need to be nurtured about independence, and have hopes and dreams. From now on, examine ourselves, in which direction are we training our children?

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