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I am a woman, I am about 30 years old, and my child is about 3 years old

A: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. My husband and I also experienced sweetness, but later, the good times did not last long… The change should have happened after the child was born, or in other words, everything was foreshadowed long ago, I just didn\’t notice it. How sweet it was at first, but how desperate it is now. I know that the collapse of a building is definitely not something that happens overnight. But, I didn\’t pay attention. I have been a stay-at-home mother for three years in order to take care of my children. This is a decision we made together. However, I feel tired all the time. I have to take care of the child all by myself. Even if there is an emergency one day, I have to carry the child with me. No relatives or friends can support me, let alone eating and going to the toilet. I once asked if I could hire an hourly worker to help with the cooking. He said it wasn\’t necessary. I thought about our financial situation and didn\’t say anything else. After all, I don\’t make any money, so what I save is what I make. In the past three years, I have suffered from severe back pain every day and night, and my temper has gradually become bad. He was considerate at first and always said, \”Honey, thank you for your hard work!\” However, the burden was still on me, and my mood never got better. Later he stopped even saying nice things. As soon as I mentioned my back pain, he said, \”How can it be so easy for people to take care of their children? Why do you only feel pain here and there?\” I felt chest tightness and shortness of breath, and I was so stuck that I couldn\’t say a word. I thought about it again and again, and by the time I remembered how to reply, he would have already gone away. I know he is disappointed. After all, I haven\’t acted coquettishly or cutely for a long time. However, I don’t know what happened. There was an extra child in my arms, and I immediately felt that I was a tigress, and I couldn’t act coquettishly. B: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. Nowadays, the days without quarrels are quite sweet. However, I am always sick, with some minor ailments that are not painful or itchy. It’s not bad to be sick, because I can just sleep without being disturbed. I need sleep so much. After having a baby, I never slept through it. In the past, I had to breastfeed, but now I have to cover myself with a quilt or ask the baby to get up to urinate. There is always a reason to wake up anyway, and the quality of sleep can be imagined. He only went to the doctor with me once. Just that time, I was still nagging and resentful, to the effect that I disliked my poor health. He took me to the hospital. He was not even a friend. I was hobbling alone. I took the report to the doctor to see the results, but he didn\’t even enter the consulting room. Whenever I get sick, he starts nagging me and asks me if I have any family history. Is it just pretending? Without social security, how can you get seriously ill? That expression seemed to indicate that he had been deceived when shopping and bought a defective product. In June, my heart feels as cold as winter snow. C: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. However, later, he said that I was a waste and that I had no ability. I was very depressed for a while, because of his comments on me, I became very negative. IHow could I not care about his evaluation? He is the person closest to me! I told myself, no, I am not a waste. I have not worked in these years, but I have always had an income. Although it is small, I have the ability to make money. He maliciously hit me, just to step on me to the ground, see me in agony, and vent his dissatisfaction with me. He is not a so-called successful person. His evaluation of me is based on his malice toward me. I can\’t believe it. If I believe it, I will be ruined. He dislikes me for being incompetent because I haven\’t helped much financially, but my time and energy are limited. I have to take good care of my children on one side, and I can\’t make a lot of money on the other. It\’s not my fault, it\’s not My fault. I relied on this psychological suggestion to get through the difficult times. I have minimized his negative impact on me, which means that I don\’t care about him that much. Does it matter whether he is happy or unhappy, happy or unhappy, loves him or not? It would be nice if we didn\’t quarrel. Ding: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. Later, we became house slaves, and then we quarreled more often. I have a job with a meager salary, but it’s very free. I can drop off the kids, go home and wash myself, go to work in the afternoon, and pick up the kids from school. Although the salary is meager, it is enough to cover rent and living expenses, and I am very content. What I didn\’t expect was that when he was arguing with me, he pointed at my nose and said, you loser! I was surprised, I thought, maybe I was too idle, he said this to me. I couldn\’t swallow that breath, so I changed my job. The salary was higher, but my time was less. I worked from 9 to 6, with weekends off. He was very happy because his salary was a thousand yuan more than before. My time at home suddenly became less. Some of the housework that used to belong to me is now assigned to him, and he takes care of the children one day on weekends. At first he cooked dinner, but later it changed from three dishes and one soup to two dishes and one soup, to one dish without soup, and then he just ate out in a small restaurant. He said, trouble. You can make money, and I can make money, and I can cook well every day for several years. Why do you say it’s troublesome after you’ve been cooking for a month? What I can\’t accept the most is that my child suddenly shows behavioral regression. The formerly well-behaved baby now cries a lot, especially when he sees me at night, and he can\’t stop sobbing when the smallest thing doesn\’t go his way. He was very angry and said, I was so good when I took care of you, why do you cry when I see you? He didn\’t even realize that it was because I suddenly had less time to spend with my kids. I am in pain and guilty, but I am helpless. E: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. However, I don’t know what happened later, life gradually became not what it was like before. In the past, our house was always clean and fresh. Later, he said that I was wandering around the house with a mop every day, and I also disliked that his shoes were not straight. It was annoying to death. I don\’t want to wash and wash anymore, let the toilet stink, let the window sill collect dust, and let the rice grains scatter on the stove. In the past, our wardrobe was always neat and orderly. Later, he always said that II folded the clothes for a long time and didn\’t know how to do anything serious. I don\’t want to think about how to store it all day long anymore. The clothes are thrown into the closet in a ball. If he can\’t find them, just don\’t wear them. In the past, our family\’s meals always consisted of meat and vegetables, three dishes and one soup. Later, he never came home for dinner, and my children and I always ate leftovers. I no longer study recipes all day long, just deal with it, and the meal is over. In the past, I would always wait for him to come home very late and make him honey water to relieve his hangover. He always said he hated honey water and asked me where I came from so many deceptive home remedies. Later, I took the child to bed early without waiting for him. Ji: I am a woman, a married woman, a woman with children. I am about 30 years old and my child is about 3 years old. I was married to love. In the past… before, I always felt that love was a sharp weapon, capable of cutting through thorns and thorns, and invincible in the world. Now, I feel that love is a piece of honey, tricking people into this bottomless abyss. Now, I always think that even if human beings need to continue their bloodline, marriage does not have to be such a destructive trick. Like a matrilineal society, it is good for the women of the entire family to live together. The entire family is the backing, and one man It doesn’t matter if it’s unreliable. Nowadays, such a one-on-one marriage relationship is always too trusting. Now, I always wonder, is it because having children is too hard, so I have to exchange love? A woman is such a creature, if you give her love, even a monkey would dare to give birth to a child, let alone a child. But when a child is born, a woman has to devote half her life\’s efforts, while a man\’s love can be withdrawn in minutes. Right now, I don\’t think about anything. Nine times out of ten life will be unsatisfactory, just think of him as the unsatisfactory gap! No, no, we can’t let him out. I’ve had this idea strangled to death many times. After all, I still have children. When I decide to change my life, I have to give my children the right to choose. That would be too irresponsible. And obviously, if he wasn\’t extremely vicious, who would be willing to give up his father\’s life? You see Ping\’er in the TV series \”The First Half of My Life\”. His mother got divorced and he fought back. He looks very good-looking. But as for Ping\’er, his stable life is gone. Because his mother is busy with work, he is often sent to the hospital. Go here, send it there. In real life, there are so many handsome and wealthy Uncle He Han who can be his superman. It is a blessing not to look at other people\’s faces. You and your mother are soaked in the rain, and you watch your father holding someone else\’s child in his arms. You definitely don\’t want your child to experience such pain. However, it seems that such a peaceful life on the surface but with constant undercurrents cannot be considered responsible. The child looked at his father\’s face, then his mother\’s face, and asked cautiously: \”Why are my parents unhappy? Is it because I am not good?\” I said, no, adults\’ matters have nothing to do with children. The little man lowered his head, obviously not believing it. \”Mom, do you no longer need love when you grow up?\” \”No, honey, no matter how old you are, people need love.\” \”Do adults like you also need love?\” \”Adults like me also need love.\” I need it, but my spring of love seems to have dried up, or I am sick. I only feel the love of my baby, but not the love of my father.I don\’t know what to do anymore, life has to go on, but, I don\’t know if love will come… The road ahead is dark, I seem to see the end, but also seem to be unable to see the end. I\’m afraid that the road ahead will be increasingly difficult. This is my confession about my marriage. who I am? I am women A, B, C, D, E, and Ji. I may also be you or her. I am a woman who is confused, confused, struggling, and pursuing in marriage.

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