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I must be crazy to try to get a high needs kid to learn piano

When I first bought this piano at the beginning of the year, I originally planned to train Guoguo to learn piano. Guoguo\’s very well-behaved and patient character should be suitable for piano learning. As for the hairy devil…it doesn\’t seem to go well with the piano. If he has to learn an instrument, he should be more suitable for playing drums or percussion instruments such as percussion…I recall that when I was a child , I have only practiced the electronic keyboard for two or three years. I don’t know how many beatings I have to take before I can sit on the piano bench honestly. I don’t know how much training I have to endure and how many tears I have to shed before I can play a piece of music correctly. . If my little kid was beaten and trained, and endured such boring and arduous exercises, tsk tsk, I really don’t want to challenge that scene at all. This stubborn and stubborn kid, who would rather bend than bend, and has super fighting ability, I guess he hasn’t practiced piano. Well, I was so angry that I had a heart attack. But I didn’t expect that Guoguo wouldn’t be accepted into the piano class because she was under 4 years old at the time. Considering the issue of fairness, it seemed to be partial to only let my younger sister learn and not my older brother, so I signed up for my older brother first. My expectations for him were very low, so I just learned to play casually. Whatever I can learn is what I learned. Give my sister a warm-up. What I never expected was that after taking a few classes, Mao Tou not only did not give up, but was actually very interested in it and considered himself a \”good at music\” person in school. He felt great about himself! The school\’s music teacher even called me specially to praise Mao Tou for his good ears, accurate listening, good timekeeping, talent and so on… The brat was so proud that he almost floated to the sky. I don’t know if I have talent or not, but it’s true that I’m trying to learn and sell it now… I accidentally fell in love with the piano, so I should be happy. I never imagined that endless torture awaited me. After all, a child with a high-demand temperament is different. Not only does he have to play, but he also has to play well, and he has to play the most difficult ones, and he also has to learn quickly so that he can stand out in the class. He would catch me and let me teach him when he has nothing to do. . Such a motivated kid is a nightmare for me, because his nerves are too sensitive and his self-esteem is too strong. The frustration during practice is unbearable for him. If he makes a mistake in playing, he will get so angry that he will scream. If you continue to practice without believing in evil, it will definitely be easier to make mistakes when practicing with emotions, and then you will fall into an endless cycle, and finally develop into crying, beating your chest and doubting life. Let\’s put it this way, every time it was practice time, he would stage an epic tragedy on the piano bench alone, roaring, wailing, and despairing. Every time, he tortured my mother so much that I couldn\’t bear it anymore, and in the end I had to give him to him. He had to be dragged off the stage and endured his crying for more than half an hour before he could return to a normal human being. If you don\’t know what\’s going on in our house, you might think that I\’m whipping the child with a whip… Every time I tell the child that it\’s so painful or else we shouldn\’t practice anymore, no! The high-demand devil will never admit defeat and has a high need for a sense of accomplishment. He will never give up or give up. He must practice until he makes no mistakes. Looking at such an ambitious child, I don\’t know whether to laugh or cry. After practicing for a while, my heart almost couldn\’t stand it anymore. As soon as I saw him approaching the piano, I felt my eyes darken. I didn\’t buy a piano. Is this a gunpowder magazine?Can you live a good life? So I found a sunny day and planned to have a good talk with him about this matter: My child, it’s okay for you to practice the piano, but can you not lose your temper so much? It’s normal to make mistakes when playing, let’s just change it. ! Everyone makes mistakes, even my mother makes mistakes, but if you practice more, you won’t make mistakes! As soon as the baby heard this, his eyes filled with tears, and he pursed his lips and said, \”Mom, I know everything you said, but I just can\’t help but be angry.\” I said, \”But when you get angry, you won\’t be able to practice well. Is there any way you can make yourself less angry?\” The baby thought about it seriously and said, \”It\’s so hard not to be angry. Mom, if I get angry, Can you just come over and give me a hug?\” I said, \”I said I hugged you before, but you were still very angry and pushed me!\” The baby said, \”No, mom, you hugged me twice. The first time you hugged me, I felt better. The second time, I was so angry that I pushed you.\” I said, \”Then when will I hug you so that you don\’t push me?\” the baby said. : \”Well, just hurry up. If you see me angry, come over and hug me right away. I will be fine.\” I said, \”Then let\’s make an appointment. If I hug you, you still can\’t calm down. We won\’t do it today.\” Now that you’re playing the piano, let’s take a rest, okay!?” The baby said yes. Since then, Mao Tou\’s screams and collapses have been much less frequent. Once I find that he is not in the right mood, I rush to hug him and wait until he calms down before practicing again. It can be seen that Mao Tou is also working hard to make himself calmer. The time can only last for 5 minutes each time, and can gradually be extended to more than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, let him play for a while. When he is in a good mood, practice for another 15 minutes. In this way, he can basically complete the task smoothly every day, which makes the old mother very happy. Then a new problem comes. Sometimes Mao Tou makes a wrong play, but refuses to admit that he is wrong. Once I remind him that he has made a mistake here and needs to change it, and then try to give him a demonstration, he will burst into tears. He lost his temper over the floor. He didn\’t listen to anything I said. He didn\’t even watch my demonstration and kept yelling. To be honest, that unreasonable look really made me suddenly have the urge to take off his pants and spank him… Every time I silently recited 100 times in my mind: \”You are a parenting influencer, this slap will make you happy\” The character is broken!\”, and finally I was able to slowly recover… It\’s so difficult to unite knowledge and action, isn\’t it? So I chose another sunny day, today, to talk to him about this issue of \”admitting mistakes\”. I said: When I was practicing the piano, my mother said that you made a mistake here, why didn\’t you listen? The baby said: Because you think I am stupid. I said: Mom didn’t mean that. She just said you made a mistake here, just change it. The baby said: But your face looks like you are talking about me being stupid. I said: Oh, that may be because my mother\’s tone of voice is not good, so what should I say to you to accept it? The child said: I don’t like to hear the word “wrong”, even teachers don’t say that. I said: What did the teacher say? The child said: The teacher just told me directly what the right thing looks like. I said: Well, if you make a mistake next time, mom won’t say anything, just give youDemonstrate it once and get it right, is that okay? The baby said: OK. Wow, why do I feel like I have been educated by him… I must be crazy to let a high-demand child learn piano. This is not him practicing piano, he is clearly training his mother\’s character! I really envy my parents. When I practice the piano, I only need to slap my hands. How relaxed and happy! But seeing Mao Tou so proudly say that he likes music, running to play a piece of music happily whenever he has nothing to do, and being so enthusiastic about practicing the piano that he can’t stop him, it’s the same feeling as when I was a child and I felt sick when I saw the piano. Naturally, The same cannot be said. The old mother\’s spiritual trial was worth it. I hope that I can keep my original intention and continue to practice Buddhism. I don’t expect him to practice well, I just hope that he can get happiness from music.

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