• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

I want to leave some for my mother…

One day, I took my son to the vegetable market early in the morning. I bought the eel he likes to eat. Since it was just the two of us eating, we didn’t prepare much. At noon, I showed off my cooking skills and fried a delicious dish. My son was very excited and came over to smell it again and again. Like a greedy little cat. You should know that eating is his favorite thing besides reading. I asked him if it tasted good? \”It\’s delicious, it\’s really delicious.\” \”If it\’s delicious, let\’s eat it all. Don\’t leave any leftovers.\” \”Dad, it\’s so delicious, leave some for mom…\” I felt warm in my heart when I heard such sensible words. Warm. Tell him, \”Mom is at work, and this dish won\’t taste good until tonight. Dad will buy it tomorrow and cook it for mom.\” \”Okay, dad, if you have delicious dishes from now on, just cook them in the evening. Don\’t Do it at noon.\” \”Why?\” Because my mother comes back for dinner in the evening, so I keep it for my mother to eat together. \”Well, I was already impressed by this mother\’s little sweet man. I even jokingly said, \”Don\’t we just eat whatever we want at noon, can\’t we eat something delicious?\” \”The boy ignored me and was busy eating. I was very happy because this is the education of true love. An important responsibility of education is to let children have love. We often talk about how to educate children. So there are many, many theories, There are many experts who hold their own opinions. But they are contradictory in front of us. One mother said that today\’s children are ungrateful, and what is the use of those so-called education methods? Look, how many children are there now? Be grateful. I think gratitude is the last thing that should be talked about, but it naturally sprouts from a heart full of love. So when it comes to gratitude education, I think the natural transmission of love is more warm and feasible. We in China often There is this scene. Many schools invite an expert to give a lecture on the playground. To arouse the children\’s gratitude, and then ask the children to kneel down and thank their parents. They assign homework and let the children go home to wash their parents\’ feet to express their gratitude for their upbringing. . And what is the effect of this kind of gratitude education? I don’t know. I think it is probably not as practical as the influence of parents’ words and deeds on children. If you love your wife and husband, your children will feel the love. If you love your parents and the elderly, your children will feel the love. You will also feel it. If you are kind to others, your children will also feel it. Every time I have guests at home or say goodbye to friends and relatives, I will ask them to be careful on the road and remember to give me a message when they get back to where they live. This thought has also affected my son. . Every time my mother goes downstairs, the boy will definitely chase her to the door. He tells her to drive carefully on the road. Even if I go down to get the express delivery, he will tell me to be careful. It is a blessing for parents to have children who love others. A few days ago, too Cooking at home. I cooked pork belly and cuttlefish in a pressure cooker. My son saw that I had been thinking about how to cook it for a long time and was busy in the kitchen for a long time. He also became interested and watched. He likes to watch me cooking. He said that he will grow up in the future. When he is older, he can cook for me. So he brought a stool and stood at the door of the kitchen to observe and learn. When I put the pot on the stove, I told him that the delicious food was about to be enjoyed. The boy\’s mouth was watering with anticipation. The result After I went to the room, I answered a phone call and then went to check some information. My son was playing with his building blocks in the living room. Suddenly there was a burning smell in the room. I rushed over to take a look and saw that the pressure cooker was spraying black.cigarette. I quickly turned off the heat, but all the vegetables were burnt. The son ran over and saw this scene. He was so anxious that he wanted to cry and said he wanted to eat. I can’t have a son either. I can only beat my chest and say it is such a pity. I told my son, \”Dad is so sad, my heart is broken.\” Unexpectedly, my son saw my uncomfortable look and comforted me. Tell me, \”Dad, let me give you my heart.\” \”Why?\” I was a little surprised. \”Because you said your heart is broken, but my heart is not broken, so I will give you mine and you will be fine.\” \”But what about yourself, what should you do?\” \”It\’s okay! Because I have super It\’s magic.\” Hearing such thoughtful words from his son. My bad mood disappeared immediately. \”Human beings are inherently good by nature\”, this is so true. What we can do as parents is to help our children keep this heart. The longer the better! I once read a story \”The Little Boy Who Saved the Fish\”. It makes us feel more deeply. One morning after a storm, a man was walking on the beach and noticed that in the shallow puddles on the beach, there were many small fish that had been swept ashore by last night\’s storm. Although there may be hundreds or even thousands of trapped small fish near the seaside, it won\’t take long for the water in the shallow puddles to be sucked dry by the sand and evaporated by the sun, and the small fish will dry up and die. die. The man suddenly found a little boy on the beach who kept picking up small fish from shallow puddles and throwing them back into the sea. The man couldn\’t help but walked over: \”My child, there are hundreds of thousands of small fish in this puddle, you can\’t save them.\” \”I know.\” The little boy replied without looking back. \”Oh? Then why are you still throwing it? Who cares?\” \”This little fish cares!\” the boy replied, picking up a fish and throwing it back into the sea. Rabindranath Tagore once said, \”The purpose of education should be to convey the breath of life to people.\” But too many of our education purposes are not here. Instead, it is about improving children\’s performance and allowing them to gain maximum fame and benefits. Some parents even say that raising children to provide for them in old age is to provide good returns in the future. In panic, we have long forgotten why we raise children? In fact, sincere and warm love, a kind and loving heart. This is what we should give our children. Our education, especially family education, is basic education, where children often try many of their first experiences in life. It is the first lesson in life. Good parents start by teaching their children to respect life. For example, every plant, every tree, every flower and every bird. When I take my child out, I often tell him to take care of the grass and feel the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Let his nature be good. Because this will not only enrich the children\’s hearts, but also broaden their horizons in the future. It also gives me something to control in this materialistic world. More things to calm yourself down. The famous German philosopher Jaspers said: \”The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.\” Education is the influence of the human soul. Education, rather than simply the accumulation of intellectual knowledge and understanding. It is worth pondering for every parent.

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