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If children’s character education is neglected, no matter how great their achievements are, they will be destroyed in an instant.

In the past few days, world badminton champion Lin Dan cheated on his wife during her pregnancy, which caused a lot of uproar in the city. This matter is related to morality, so I won’t comment much because everyone has a steelyard in their heart. If a person does not have good virtues, no matter how great his achievements are, they will fall apart in an instant. Character is the soul of a person and the foundation of the world. After becoming a father, I have always paid attention to the character education of my children, because this is the most important lesson in life. If we simply focus on children’s intellectual development and neglect character education, we are definitely putting the cart before the horse. Many parents think that \”when children are still young, they can be more relaxed and stricter when they grow up\” and \”children will naturally become sensible when they grow up.\” In fact, this is not the case, because \”the big tree looks at the seedlings, and the big people look at the small ones.\” When children are young, the influence of parents is the most profound and direct. If you indulge and pamper your children since childhood, it will probably be too late when they grow up. Mencius said thousands of years ago: Riches and honors cannot be fornicated, poverty and lowliness cannot be moved, and power cannot be surrendered. This is called a true man. This is the education of being a human being. In any era, this is worth learning. Whether it is education for boys or girls, education that focuses on character is needed. I once heard a friend tell a story: There was a young man whose family was very poor when he was a child, but he was always unwilling to suffer poverty and wanted to get ahead, so he studied hard, day and night, and finally got admitted to a key university. A 90s The key university students are very valuable. He did not live up to his family\’s expectations. He entered a large company and became an assistant to the president. His life was prosperous and his future was bright. It\’s a pity that he only worked for two years before going to jail because he took huge kickbacks in the company\’s business dealings. The boss originally planned to give him a chance, but then the young man\’s father found the company. He came not to plead for mercy, but to apologize. A rural man with red eyes told his son\’s boss, \”I didn\’t teach my son well. He always wanted to be strong. When he was a child, he stole things from the village and went home. But I was soft-hearted and felt that the child was suffering too much and he had a strong self-esteem. So I I didn’t educate him. I didn’t expect it to really hurt him! I can’t control him now, so please handle him strictly and save him, so as not to let him make mistakes again in the future.” Our society is full of human feelings and hidden rules. Therefore, without a firm stand and good character, it is very easy to go astray. I still remember that I was responsible for the promotion of a project. Every time my boss asked me to make a budget, I calculated it penny by penny. I often worked overtime to catch up with the progress. Some colleagues secretly told me that it would be okay to increase the budget a little, so I could just smoke a little. Drink money. To be honest, I am a relatively old-fashioned person and have not done anything like this. I stick to my principles as a human being, and I feel magnanimous and comfortable. After digging around in society, I discovered that how to teach children is a difficult problem. Many mothers told me that they are now too scared to let their children read fairy tale books because fairy tales are too simple and beautiful, and they are afraid that their children will suffer a disadvantage in society. Don’t we need fairness, justice, courage and responsibility, love and mutual help? On the contrary, many parents tell their children from an early age how to take advantage of others and how to strive for the greatest interests, so thatIn some schools, class selection officials have been bribed with candy and snacks. Such a child may win a moment of happiness. But it\’s not a good idea after all. No matter how difficult the world is, I still hope that my children will be strong-willed, upright and responsible. Cultivating children\’s sense of responsibility should start from an early age. And responsibility comes from having the courage to bear consequences. When they were young, they were asked to do their own things, bear the consequences of their own mistakes, and make up for what they lost. For example, one time, my son said he wanted to watch and play outside. I said he could go out after taking all the toys back within 10 minutes. But he was a little unhappy and deliberately delayed packing his things. I wasn\’t in a hurry, I just waited for him to take it easy. After he finally finished collecting it, he came to tell me about it before going out. I told him, \”You have used 20 minutes, and today\’s outing is cancelled.\” At that time his expression changed and he started to cry. But I still let him bear the consequences of his procrastination. Later, he understood this truth. If he did something wrong, he would have to bear the consequences. From then on, he did not dare to deliberately delay like this. If you make a mistake, you will have to bear the consequences, so I let him feel my pain and the hard work of cold compress. Through this experience, the child will understand the impact of his behavior. If you want to cultivate a child\’s sense of responsibility, you must let him bear the consequences. This education is very important, and the earlier the better. Character education is nothing if not appreciated by parents. In Little Beans by the Window, the author Tetsuko Kuroyanagi talks about Principal Kobayashi’s education, which is really instructive. The most dazzling aspect of Ba Academy is its respect for people and the shaping of children\’s character. \”No matter which child is born, he has excellent qualities. As he grows up, he will be affected by many influences, including those from the surrounding environment and those from adults. These excellent qualities may be affected. Damage. Therefore, we must discover these \”excellent characters\” early and let them carry forward, and cultivate children into people with rich personality.\” \”Discover these \”excellent characters\” early and let them carry forward.\” We Please understand this sentence carefully! \”Early\” – don\’t miss your child\’s growth and try to accompany your child when he or she is young. Only by accompanying can you discover your child\’s outstanding character. \”To discover\” – requires parents\’ attentiveness and a pair of discerning eyes. Then there is the matter of carrying it forward, how to do it? It’s simple but difficult to do—appreciate your own children! On Mother’s Day in 1975, Bill Gates, a sophomore at Harvard University, sent his mother a card with this sentence written on it: “I love you, Mom, and you never say that I am worse than others; Always looking for something worthy of praise in what I do; I miss all the time with you.\” From this card, we can see how wise Bill Gates\’s mother is. She has always used words of appreciation to The method cultivated a high degree of self-confidence in Bill Gates. Excellent mothers are always similar. Among the little Doudou by the window, what Xiao Doudou is most grateful to her mother for is her appreciation of herself. Xiao Doudou became a \”problem student\” in the first grade and was persuaded to leave by her teacher. But it wasn’t until she was twenty years old that her motherOnly then did she tell her about dropping out of school. If Xiao Doudou, who was still in the first grade, heard her mother say, \”What did you do? You actually made yourself drop out of school, we can only find another school. If you drop out again, no school will want you.\” !\” Fortunately, her mother saw the good character shining through in her child. For a child, what could be more tragic in the world than being denied and beaten by the parents who gave birth to him or her? We work hard every day to make our children strong and smart, and hope that they can live happily in this world in the future. Then you must remember that in addition to the honing and training of those skills, you must also pay attention to the character education of your children. Because he has a little ability but good character, he is considered a good person. But if your character is too poor, no matter how good your abilities are, you will ultimately harm others and yourself.

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