• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

If there had been sex education back then, would our first visit to our aunt be so embarrassing…

Yesterday, Women\’s Day, I rarely let myself go and had afternoon tea with a few mummies. Speaking of the recently controversial sex education books, Shishi’s mother suddenly said: As we talked, everyone recalled the dark history of their first encounter with the aunt, a representative figure of adolescence. . . @Youyoumo: It was my first time to visit my aunt, so I ran home confused and talked to my mother. @zhezhemama: When I came here for the first time, my mother happened to be on a business trip out of town. Luckily I know where her pads are. It looks like there is a lot of stock. I, who have never seen the world, think that this kind of thing is used in large quantities. So I changed almost 7 items in one hour. . . @诗诗马: It should be my biological mother, drink. We talked about this topic again in the mom group tonight. At that time, we hadn\’t had time to understand why our aunt came from the biology class or our mother\’s mouth, and the little theater in our brain was always overactive. @nannanmother: I still clearly remember that time when I went to the toilet, I looked down and saw a pool of bright red on my pants. When I was a child, I was a drama girl who loved watching costume dramas. For a moment, I thought that I was about to reveal my true form and become a fairy! Or maybe it was a hidden weapon! He will soon die of poison and lie in a pool of blood. . . Excitement, nervousness, and panic surrounded me, and I couldn\’t help squatting in the toilet and shouting: @花花AMA: As a studious baby who can learn knowledge by watching TV commercials, I always thought that my aunt was a blue liquid. When I saw red blood coming out of me, I thought I was going to die. . . After figuring out the cause of my aunt, it’s time to face the bloody life! @雪儿马: At that time, I thought I was done playing, and I didn’t dare to tell the adults. You can only change underwear one after another until there are no underwear left to change. . . @佳佳马: I know I need to use sanitary napkins, but I don’t know how to use this piece of stuff. So I use it to rub. . . Well, no matter how hard I try, I can\’t resist the flow of blood! No matter how embarrassed I am, I can only turn to my mother. Most girls who turn to their moms for help usually get the following combination: But some moms are cooler. They may think that women are born to use sanitary napkins. . . @咚咚 Mom: The first time I came to visit my aunt, my mother didn’t say anything and silently gave me a sanitary napkin. I didn\’t dare to ask any more questions, so I pretended to be mature and knowledgeable, so I stuck the glued side on my butt. Well, no blood came out. But the moment I tore it off, I didn’t want to mention it. Thinking about it carefully, the courage at that time may have been given to me by Liang Jingru. Anyway, everyone’s first experience with the auntie was a mess. When I give birth to a baby, I can finally upgrade my contempt chain and look at my baby the same way my mother looked at me. However, they have not yet reached puberty. . . @利子mother: My baby refuses to let me go for a second, and I can’t close the door when I go to the toilet. He follows me everywhere I go. It\’s hard for me to do, too. . . @小雨mother: My baby also saw me changing my auntie’s towel, but I really didn’t know how to explain it, so I lied to her and said that my buttocks were bleeding and I needed to wear a big hemostatic patch. Hey, I shouldn\’t have taken her to take the bus that day. . . While laughing and joking, I suddenly thought of my two daughters at home. One day, they will also have sex with their auntMeet. I don’t want them to scare themselves half to death by saying, “Auntie is blue,” “Sanitary napkins are like roll paper,” “Oh, I’m bleeding, I must be dying soon.” You still have to say what you need to say, just tell them openly and naturally. As for moms who have a boy at home, remember to give your baby a reminder:

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