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If you don’t know how to educate your children, please read these 8 cartoons

A child\’s future depends on the level of his parents. The level of parents determines the path their children take. The level of parents determines how children view things. And high-level reliable parents have won in these 8 details, and they will encourage you together. 90% of the company you give your children is \”fake\”. In recent years, companionship has become a hot word in parent-child education. A principal said in a lecture: \”Look at the school, when the children\’s report cards are issued, and look from back to front, the children with the worst grades must be the ones with the least parental presence.\” Those children with excellent grades are not only Because they are self-conscious and their parents put more effort into education. How much you accompany your children will reflect the results of your education in your children. Don\’t let your company turn into absent-minded company, don\’t let your company turn into fake. I hope parents all over the world can understand: It is better to spend 100% of your heart to accompany you for 1 hour than to spend 10% of your heart with them. Parents who get perfect scores look at the process, while parents who fail only look at the results. On the road to raising children, the biggest misunderstanding is to only look at the results and judge heroes only by success or failure. As education expert Wang Renping said: The beautiful meaning of life lies in the process rather than the result. If you focus solely on the results and not on the process of the child\’s efforts. Look at a flower. It\’s beautiful when it blooms, but it\’s a pity when its petals fall. But if you see the process of its slowly opening and withering, you will sigh that the fresh vitality is right in front of you. If you can\’t see the efforts your children put in during the process, you won\’t be able to fully accept your children\’s body and mind. Learning to appreciate the efforts that children put in during the process is a must for every parent. You cannot rely on others to educate your children, you can only rely on yourself. Bai Yansong once said directly in an interview: \”Many parents will blame the school and teachers for their mistakes in educating their children. In fact, the parents themselves are the ones who need to reflect most.\” On the road to educating their children, parents are always the first priority. bit. Children are the projection of family problems. Once there is a problem with a child, there must be a problem with the family relationship. On the road to education, never expect others to help you teach your children. Your good mood is your child\’s good weather. Educating children with emotions has become a common problem for many parents. If you often tell your children, \”Why are you so stupid?\” be careful. Over time, children will internalize their parents\’ evaluations into their own evaluations, thinking that they are really stupid and can\’t do anything well. This is how a child with a low sense of worth and no self-confidence is raised. I agree with what Teacher Yin Jianli said: \”Educating children is nothing more than talking to them well, not being anxious and not getting angry. If you do this, you will be 80% successful.\” If you do this, then your child will be very lucky. Not letting children make mistakes is the biggest mistake in education. I heard a story: A man applied for a job at a company, and the interviewer asked him what mistakes he had made. He said he had never made a mistake and failed the interview. Because interviewers know that the most profound things are learned from mistakes. There are certain roads that children must walk on their own, and there are some mistakes that children must make by themselves. On the premise of not hurting others or touching the moral bottom line, parents must allowAllow children the opportunity to try and make mistakes. Let children know that no one can never make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from mistakes how to correct them and improve ourselves. Smart parents encourage their children; bad parents discourage their children. As parents, you must remember that other people\’s children are never a benchmark for stimulating children to work hard. In the movie \”Stars on Earth\”, the teacher asked the parents of their children: \”If you like racing so much, why not have children by raising racehorses?\” An excellent child must not be born out of competition. Every child has his own characteristics and there is no comparison. What we need to do is to encourage children to be themselves with an appreciative perspective and gain their own happy life. High-level parents act as guides, while low-level parents only lose their temper. For children, whether they know how to think is the key to their future success. Children with the ability to think independently will not follow the crowd and follow what others say. Know what you want and constantly think about yourself on how to move towards your goals. Children\’s curiosity is the first step to inspire thinking. Parents should let their children know that being curious about everything is more important than not making mistakes. The healthiest education is to let children be children and let them think generously. In this way, children\’s lives will have fewer detours, less confusion, and more determination. Your children are not your hope, you are. Many parents easily fall into an educational misunderstanding. Parents are often willing to invest money in their children to attend cram schools and learn various new skills, but are not willing to invest in themselves. In fact, investing in yourself is more useful than investing in your children. Because children are copies of their parents’ lives, your current life is a reflection of your children’s future lives. Just like a family with a messy home, unable to raise children with a sense of order. A family without a book in the home and whose parents do not read cannot raise children who love to read. The backs of parents who manage themselves and work hard are the best benchmarks and examples for children on their way to growth. Everything in the world can be repeated if you do something wrong, but children\’s education cannot. A child only grows up once, and if you miss it, you can\’t get it back. I hope you and I can see our own problems in these eight cartoons and then slowly correct them. Discover problems as early as possible, make improvements as soon as possible, and walk with your children so that there will be no regrets in education.

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