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If you have a son at home, the sooner you know these things, the better for the child.

\”Boys should be raised poor, girls should be raised rich. I have suffered a loss because I have no money in this life and have not provided a better living environment for you two sisters. As long as you have experienced wealth since childhood, you will not be fooled by the small favors in front of you. .\” A line from the TV series \”Snail House\” has become the consensus of many parents. Especially parents who have both sons and daughters at home, they will choose to raise their daughters richly to meet their various needs, but for boys, they think it is easy to raise them. As long as they have food to eat and clothes to wear, the children can grow up. Boys should endure more hardships and experience more hardships, so that they can cope with the cruel life when they grow up. But for parents who have boys at home, is it really that easy to raise boys? In fact, parents have to spend more effort and energy in the process of raising boys. The following are three stages: 0-6 years old – bathing in spring 1. I am the person my parents love most. Research shows that parents embrace their daughters. Far more often than I hug my son, even for a newborn baby. In addition, parents talk to boys far less often than to girls. Mothers may severely punish boys but rarely do so to girls. In fact, boys during this period, like girls, have a special attachment to their mothers and long for more physical contact and attention from their mothers. The mother\’s role is very important. The mother should respond to the needs of her child and always pay attention to her child\’s emotional changes. Of course, in addition to breastfeeding, the father can also provide everything the baby needs. The father also plays a very important role in the growth process of the child. It is understood that every boy who grows up longs for the feeling of being put on his father\’s lap and neck when he was a child. In short, it is very important for parents to let boys know his place in their parents\’ hearts! 2. Use hands and feet to understand the world. During this period, sensory perception develops rapidly. They are eager to understand the world and explore new excitement. This is a way for them to learn. Compared with girls, boys have more energy. They are restless all the time, throwing toys, breaking things, tearing things apart, etc. Research shows that fathers have different parenting styles than mothers. When playing with their children, fathers are more energetic and prefer to interact with their children, while mothers want their children to calm down. Although it is hard for mothers to stay up late to watch their children, don\’t think this is a sign of their children being misbehaved. In fact, they are just too energetic, and this high-intensity exercise can release their energy. 3. Sex education cannot be ignored. Psychological research shows that children enter the sexual budding period between the ages of 2 and 4, and sex education during this period is the basis for future sexual maturity. Children during this period are generally naive and interested in their own sexual organs, and will ask their parents some \”adult questions\”: Mom, why are my breasts so small? Boys have penises, girls don’t have penises, right? Mom, where did I come from? . . . . . . Many parents cannot answer their children\’s questions honestly and often avoid answering or yell at them, thinking that these questions are very shameful. Psychologists recommend that when asking questions to younger children,Follow the principle of answering all questions and answering all questions. In this way, in the usual questions and answers, the child\’s sexual enlightenment education is subtly carried out. Likewise, this period is also a critical period for emotional development. Little boys will have an Oedipus complex, longing for their mother to love them more than their father, and hoping to replace their father in establishing the only relationship with their mother. Freud called this stage the \”Oedipal stage.\” It is very important to correctly handle the attachment relationship between a little boy and his mother. I have some suggestions for you: sexual enlightenment education is very important, let children know the difference between men and women, boys should keep a certain close distance from their mothers; boys should sleep in separate beds with their parents when they are 3 years old, and should sleep in separate beds when they are 5 years old. You have your own room; mothers should pay attention to their usual clothing and prevent children from having sexual associations; parents should not do intimate behaviors in front of their children, and if they are seen by their children, they must explain their shy behavior; encourage boys and girls to Normal friendship exchanges. 6-13 years old – full of manliness 1. Be a superman like dad. During this period, the role played by the father exceeds the role played by the mother. The little boy regards his father as a role model for learning, imitates and learns from him, and becomes more and more like his father in hobbies and sports. At the same time, he began to cling to his father and the adult men around him, and he also behaved aggressively. Although the little man around 6 years old cannot instantly become an omnipotent superman like his father, he is also proving in his own way that he is becoming more and more like a man like his father. For example, he likes to participate in some adventurous activities and often Climbing trees and being particularly fascinated by heroic characters in TV series or movies. During this period, the father should set a good example, be a good man in the eyes of the children, and accompany the children to do some outdoor sports appropriately; while the mother gradually relegates from the main position to the secondary position at this time, helping the father to be in front of the children. Establish authority, respect father, worship father. 2. Give wings to freedom. Boys will have many ideas of their own during this period and do not want to be restrained or controlled. When your child no longer clings to you and likes to complete one thing by himself, mother, don’t think that your child is alienated from you. In fact, he is proving to you that he has grown up and can do many things by himself and become a man. . Parents should give their children more space during this period and let them choose what they like. 3. I am very important. A boy at this stage always thinks about many things in his mind. Sometimes he feels that he is great and the world revolves around him; sometimes he feels that he is very small and useless and will only cause trouble to his parents. Parents must build up their children\’s self-confidence. This stage is a critical period for the formation of children\’s self-esteem. They must complete 20,000 affirmations before the age of 18. They must provide timely feedback, praise and praise for their children\’s good behavior. Don\’t feel that your mistakes are unforgivable, but be serious while being relaxed. Parents can adopt sandwich education, that is, shortcomings are sandwiched with advantages, and criticism is sandwiched with hopes (sure-but-believe). What was wrong? Where was the mistake? Once you correct your mistakes, you will get better and better… 13-18 years old – XiongEagle Test Flight 1. The Exploding Small Universe \”Adolescent boys are often extremely energetic,\” Michael Gurian wrote in the book \”The Wonder of Boys\”. At the age of 14, boys begin to move towards men. They tend to engage in more sports. Increased destructive power and easy anger. Parents should understand this energy of boys and can accompany them to participate in some sports competitions to enhance the parent-child relationship. 2. When he likes her, it is normal for boys to become interested in the opposite sex, start to like the opposite sex, have a crush on girls, and boldly pursue girls. Parents should not interfere too much, just let nature take its course! Having a boy in the family does not mean he is rich or not, he needs the care and company of his parents. Raising a boy may take some patience, but this little sapling will eventually grow into a giant tree.

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