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If you let your child go to school if he doesn\’t have these abilities, what grudge do you have against him?

At noon, I received a call from a friend and after hearing her anxiety, I couldn\’t help but laugh. I said: \”If your child is in school now, you will know how important it is to learn Braille in primary school! By then, you will not be entangled!\” It turns out that my friend is preparing for his son\’s current understanding of literacy. Interested but worried. My friend’s son is just in the kindergarten class. Recently, he is very interested in literacy. He often points to the words on packages and books and asks her what they are. My friend feels happy and thinks this is a sign of the child’s intelligence, but at the same time, he feels that the child is still young. , Premature literacy will cause children to have premature mental maturity. She does not want to teach her children to read so early. She plans to wait until the children enter the upper class and then teach them during the sensitive period of literacy. So every time the child asked her, she would simply read it and not teach the child deliberately. But sometimes the child would point to a word and keep asking her: \”Mom, what is this? What is this?\” Say it again?\” She felt very confused and didn\’t know what to do. But after hearing what I said, my friend was surprised. She said, are you sure you want to seize the opportunity to teach your children how to read? Wouldn\’t this force the child? I said that since the children are interested on their own and it is not the mother who forces them, but the children who want to learn on their own initiative, why do they feel that they are forcing the children? A friend said that she was forced to study by her parents. She was forced by her mother to learn a lot of words when she was very young. If she could not learn, her mother would beat her. This has left a deep psychological shadow on her to this day. , so she doesn’t want to become a utilitarian parent like her mother. I told her that it is the child\’s own interest to learn to read now. As long as the mother is not forcing it, as long as the child is interested, there is no need to worry about being like her mother, who is angry because the child has never learned to read. \”If you deliberately avoid teaching your children now and deliberately don\’t teach them, you may actually force your children like your mother when they pass the stage of being interested in reading! Moreover, if you want your children to be less worried after going to school, now you can It’s not bad to teach children more knowledge when they are interested.” My friend asked puzzledly: “Don’t they all talk about happy education and starting school from scratch? Since there is a zero starting point, will it be too utilitarian for me to teach children to read in advance? What?\” I sighed deeply and said, \”The overall education environment is so stressful now. How do you actually believe in starting school from scratch?\” My friend said, \”Of course I do. Our kindergarten teacher said that we now advocate quality education. , kindergarten is not allowed to teach reading. And I am really not that utilitarian parent. I don’t need my child to know how many words in advance, and I don’t need him to get 100 points in the exam. As long as he can keep up, it will be fine! I Now I want him to play and not be exposed to content related to knowledge.\” I said earnestly: \”If you ask the parents of primary school students, you won\’t think so. If you want your children to learn easily in the future, conscious guidance before school is very important. .” I told him a few true stories. One is my neighbor\’s child, a girl, who has just entered first grade. Mom felt like she was being driven crazy. Before the child enters school, he has never read or even learned to write. Mothers always think that after the child goes to school, the teacher willI was taught, so I didn’t prepare in advance. Who knew that on the first day of school, my mother received a call from the teacher asking her to go to school after school. When we got to school, the teacher took out a book and said, \”Why can\’t your child write even a single word? Today I copied homework. I asked them to write each word neatly in the grid. What is your daughter writing? ? Why can’t she even hold a pen?” The mother said nervously: “I’m sorry, my family is a happy education, and the child has entered school with zero basic knowledge. The child has never learned anything, and he can’t read or write.” The teacher said angrily Said: \”Are you a primary school student who doesn\’t understand anything? Do you believe others who say they have zero basic knowledge?\” The teacher clearly told the mother that the child must learn to read and write as quickly as possible and keep up with the progress of the class. So, from the first day of school, the mother and daughter were exhausted. Not only does Chinese have to be supplemented every day, but math and English are also the same. The child does not know anything and is not good at every subject. The teachers of various subjects seemed to have reached an agreement and often asked her daughter to stay after school. Then she told the parents earnestly and sincerely how big her child\’s problems were: \”I don\’t know a single letter in English, and I often make mistakes in addition and subtraction within ten in math. I also write Chinese from dictation.\” Silence every day…\” Every day when the child comes back from school, the mother will accompany the child to do homework and retell the content in class to the child. The mother and daughter could do more than 10 o\’clock at every turn, but the child\’s grades were still a mess. As a result, the mother and daughter continued to be criticized by the teacher at every turn. As time went by, the teacher became impatient and often spoke very unpleasantly. After all, when school was over, there were parents of students coming and going. Standing on the roadside like this, the teacher scolded them. Of course, the mother will feel embarrassed. She has been criticized too much, and she will naturally look for a place to vent her anger. My mother\’s temper became particularly bad, and she often quarreled with her husband. And when tutoring children with homework, they are even less patient. When the children still don\’t know how to teach them after two or three times, the mother will yell at the children. In the end, in order to help her children with their homework, the mother even chose to quit her job and focus on her children\’s homework every day after school. After a semester of hard work, my daughter finally passed the exam at the end of the semester. Before the mother had time to feel relieved, the new semester had begun, the difficulty of knowledge in each subject had also increased, and the children had more problems, which made the mother feel extremely depressed. She often regrets and thinks: \”If I had paid a little more attention to children\’s learning before, I would have faced completely different results now.\” Another friend of mine\’s child has not yet started from scratch. Her mother has targeted her children before they go to school. Some content was taught. The child\’s literacy level is about 400, math addition and subtraction within ten, and the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Originally, the mother thought that the child should have no problem coping with first grade if he had these foundations. The first two weeks were exactly what she imagined. The child learned easily. But gradually, the situation changed. The teacher\’s progress became faster and faster, and the child had to master more and more words. Teachers teach almost every day a new lesson, and there are many new words to learn every day. Not only must they be able to recognize, but also write, and understand the pinyin, radicals, and structure of words. Children often have not mastered the new words in the previous lesson. The content is here again. Later, the teacher asked the children to write essays every week, some of which were based on looking at pictures.Some of the speeches are based on the text, and some are describing one thing. Children often sit there and hold back for two hours without being able to write anything. Sometimes, after finally writing it, the teacher still criticizes it as unqualified. My mother is going crazy. She can\’t understand why it has become so difficult for her to study so easily when she was a child. The only thing that makes her feel relieved is that her child can still keep up with math and English. A friend said that luckily the child was only bad at one subject. If he was bad at all subjects, he would really not be able to survive. After listening to my words, my friend suddenly realized. She said that there is so much pressure now. It seems that I should not kill the children\’s enthusiasm. I should seize the children\’s interests and teach them to read more! Under the current education system, if you want your children to learn more easily after going to school, it is very necessary to prepare for learning in advance. To allow children to enter school with zero basic knowledge is to be prepared to jump into the abyss together with the children. The whole family is prepared to accept the most severe test together. The children are in pain and the parents are in pain. And the pressure is very high now. As the grades go up, learning faces more pressure and difficulties. Even if many children who have been prepared for school have a hard time learning, those who have just started from scratch will have an even harder time learning. . So don’t put yourself and your children to the test in the most difficult situations. It is very important to prepare for admission in advance. Among all preparations for studying, the most important thing is the amount of word recognition, which must be large! The amount of literacy is not only related to the children\’s Chinese language performance, but also affects their mathematics performance. Because mathematics is not simply addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Starting from the first grade, there are concept questions, application questions, right and wrong questions, etc. Only when children can read the words can they understand the questions, and only when they understand the reading can they do the questions. If a child is not literate enough, he or she may not be able to understand the questions. Therefore, before entering school, it is best for children to read about 700-800 words, ideally about 1,000 words, and at worst, 600 words. You can teach literacy the moment your child is interested in literacy. If your child is interested in literacy, you can teach your child literacy naturally by reading, observing the text on packages, learning road names, etc. If the child is not interested, he should start preparing to teach the child how to read after he enters middle school at the latest. Teach them step by step from easy to difficult. Start slowly, and your child will be able to recognize 1-2 words a day. If the child cannot remember, it is okay to spend 3 days consolidating and reviewing. Wait for the child\’s cognitive ability to increase day by day, and then gradually increase the amount of word recognition. If you spend a lot of energy teaching, but the child is still very slow to read, cannot remember, or forgets when he turns around, it is likely that there is something wrong with the child\’s visual recognition ability. At this time, you must be vigilant and find the reason in time. and make adjustments. Otherwise, this problem will become more and more difficult and become a major problem affecting the children\’s academic performance after they enter school. In addition to reading every day, I also need to catch my children\’s handwriting every day. Teach children the correct writing posture and pen holding posture, teach children to observe the position of each character in the grid, and let children become familiar with the strokes and order of horizontal and vertical strokes, so that they can write neatly. Don’t be fooled by the “Education Committee explicitly prohibiting children in first and second grade from writing books”I am entangled with slogans such as \”career\” and so on. If the handwriting is not good, everything will be in vain. In addition to Chinese, you must also be prepared for mathematics and English. You must be proficient in addition and subtraction within 20 mathematics! You can use daily life scenes to teach children mathematics Application questions. For example, when eating fruit, you can ask: \”Mom bought 5 apples, and dad bought 4 pears. How many fruits are there in the house?\” Or ask, \”Mom bought 5 apples, and dad bought 4 pears. How many fewer pears are there than apples?\” (How many more apples than pears?)\” These are the word questions that will appear in the future. In addition to being familiar with numbers, length, weight, shape, size, clocks, etc. can be taught to children in daily life. There are 26 letters in English. Know some basic words. Otherwise, first-grade English will consist of words and sentences. If a child has never seen English before, he will be confused and confused with pinyin. These are the basic subject requirements. In addition to subject knowledge, children\’s learning abilities must also be cultivated. Children\’s learning abilities are comprehensive abilities, including vision, hearing, movement, hand-eye balance, etc. Visual abilities will affect children\’s word recognition, reading, organization and logic. Whether children will miss questions, omit words, or skip lines when reading questions, and whether they can remember new words as quickly as possible are closely related to their visual ability. Auditory ability will affect the child\’s understanding of language, and whether the child can understand the teacher\’s instructions. and requirements, whether there is rich language in writing to make the article full depends on the auditory ability. Motor ability will affect the child\’s muscle control. When the muscle control is sufficient, the child can sit still and concentrate on listening. Only by holding the pen in the correct posture can you have a deeper understanding of front and back, left and right, up and down, speed, coordination, etc., and learn more easily. Hand-eye coordination will affect the speed of children\’s writing, the neatness of the words, etc. Only when children have these abilities can they be able to face various learning situations when they go to school. Just like children must be able to eat independently, fall asleep independently, and control their bowels and bowels, kindergarten will be more worry-free. Only when children have the basic skills Learning ability makes it easier to go to elementary school. Of course, in addition to school ability, parents also need to cultivate their children\’s learning habits, such as completing homework independently, quickly and attentively, classifying textbook assignments in an organized manner, organizing school bags, loving reading, etc. . Parents consciously cultivate their children\’s learning abilities and study habits when their children are young, which will make them more relaxed and more confident after entering school. Many mothers see this and think: Since the current education situation is so severe, children cannot If I enter school with zero basic knowledge, then I will let my child learn more, and then go to the other extreme, crazily asking the child to take tutoring. Yesterday, I saw a child who had just started kindergarten in the circle of friends doing this question. I immediately felt stupid Well, you know, this is a Mathematical Olympiad question for the third grade of elementary school. To do this question, you need to have basic knowledge of shapes, number concepts, substitutes, etc., be proficient in four-digit addition and subtraction, and understand the laws of triangle angles, etc. Knowledge can be easily mastered. Even if a child over two years old is a genius, this knowledge is beyond his understanding. HeYou can only rely on cramming to memorize this kind of knowledge. This is the real premature development of intelligence and will affect the child\’s mind. Therefore, although it is important to prepare in advance before entering school, it is definitely not a chicken-blooded mode. There is no need to sacrifice a child\’s childhood to pursue academic performance. If you want your children to not turn into crazy parents who yell when they enter school, prepare your children in advance before school!

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