• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

\”I\’ll give you 110,000 yuan, okay?\” The child\’s answer made the father cry…

Female star Mai Sato was revealed to have married Wang Quanren, who has a net worth of 3 billion from Formosa Plastics Group, two years ago. Now she can receive 110,000 yuan in living expenses every month. In addition to taking care of my 2-year-old son and gathering with friends, I haven\’t seen my husband for half a year. What is surprising is not only the news, but also the comments – there is no sympathy or sigh at all, almost all of them are full of envy: \”You can earn 110,000 a month and still don\’t have to see your husband? There is such a good thing in the world!\” @我的Big baby, big baby: 110,000 soft girl coins a month and you don’t have to meet your husband. This should be the dream of many married women. If you give me 110,000 a month, I won’t even see you! I\’m so annoyed! There are also comments like this everywhere – the comment area has almost become an essay contest to attack men, and in the WeChat group, this hot spot has also become an excellent outlet for everyone to complain. Yesterday, while waiting for friends in Xianzong Forest, a family of three was eating next to me. The little boy looked like he was three or four years old, sunny, optimistic and lively. Obviously, my mother is discussing the 110,000 yuan issue with her husband. My husband was very smart and did not express any opinions. Instead, he said, \”How about we talk about this issue with our son?\” So the question and answer between father and son came up like this: Dad: If I give you 110,000, would it be okay if I gave you 110,000? ? Little boy: A lot of money? Dad: Well, a lot of money. Little boy: Can we go to Disneyland? Dad: Okay. Little boy: Can I buy a lot of building blocks, puzzles, magnets, and Lego cars? Dad: Lots and lots of them, filling the whole house. Little boy: Can you eat steak, burgers, pizza, and pasta? Dad: Yes! Asked here, the little boy was thoughtful, and then asked: \”Dad, will you eat with us?\” Dad: No, I have to go spend time with someone else. Little boy: Why do you accompany others? Then can you still play English with me? Dad: No more. Little boy: Can you still watch \”Peter Pan\” and \”Peppa Pig\” with me? Dad: No more. Little boy: Can you still accompany me to the park to ride a scooter, balance bike, or bicycle? Dad: No, I may have to accompany others at any time. The little boy was unwilling: Can he still send me to kindergarten? Dad hesitated, took a deep breath and said: No more. Little boy: Aren’t you my father? If you don’t send me to kindergarten, I won’t like you! Dad: If I give you and Mom a lot of money, others will buy Dad’s time away. It turns out that the time I spend with you needs to be spent with others. The little boy took it seriously and cried loudly: I want my daddy! for free! I want my father to accompany me. He is my father and not someone else’s father. Others have other people’s fathers to accompany them… That father’s eyes suddenly turned red… And I, thinking of Zhe’s father occasionally working overtime, classmate Zhe kept asking: \” Why hasn\’t my father come back yet? I miss him so much.\” When his father came home from work, he would stay on top of his father and refuse to get off. I don’t agree with the parents’ approach of using 110,000 yuan to “test” their children. But this conversation made me think deeply: How much is the 110,000 we care about worth to our children? I also care about money, but if I had to choose between spending time with my children and money, I would choose less money. I must have time to spend with my children. I don\’t want toThe lack of father\’s love has unforeseeable psychological effects on children.

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