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In the beginning of spring, cook these dishes for your children. They are nutritious and delicious and will make your children grow taller.

I have been staying at home for many days, cooking different dishes for my baby every day, but I still can\’t handle the naughty child\’s picky eating and anorexia. Or pick and choose, barely eat a few mouthfuls. Or if you hold snacks all day long and skip meals, you will become an unhealthy little fat man. As soon as the hibernation is over, the temperature slowly rises, and the beautiful spring is coming. This is also a critical period for children\’s growth, and parents need to take good care of it. How to change the bad habits of anorexic and picky eaters in naughty children? Today, Dandan Mama recommends these quick dishes to parents. They are simple to make, delicious and nutritious. Come and learn them together! Chinese Toon Scrambled Eggs Chinese toon is a gift from nature to us in spring. In the beautiful early spring season, you must not miss this delicious taste on the tip of your tongue. It can effectively increase the baby\’s appetite. The vitamin D it contains can promote calcium absorption and is also of great benefit to growth and development. The VC and carotene in it have good antioxidant properties, protect skin cells from free radical damage, and prevent dry and rough skin. It should be noted that the nitrite in toon is high. For the health of your family and children, it is recommended to blanch it for 1 minute to remove the nitrite. Ingredients: Chinese toon, eggs Method: Blanch the Chinese toon for 1 minute, remove and chop into pieces and set aside; Crack 3 raw eggs into a bowl and stir evenly with the chopped Chinese toon; Heat the pan with cold oil and add the mixture of Chinese toon and egg liquid ; Heat until the eggs are bubbling and stir-fry until cooked, then serve. Chicken Soup Dumplings The weather is now hot and cold, so it is necessary to eat something good. A bowl of hot chicken soup dumplings can not only warm the stomach, but also provide sufficient nutrition. Chopped vegetables can also help picky children take in more vitamins. Why not? Let the children join the process of making dumplings and experience the feeling of making dumplings, which will make them more enjoyable to eat! Ingredients: celery, dumpling skins, cabbage, minced chicken, eggs, chicken broth, soy sauce. Method: mince celery, mince cabbage, stir-fry eggs, mince and set aside; add minced chicken, minced cabbage, minced eggs, add a little soy sauce, stir into filling. Wrap the dumplings; heat the chicken soup and cook the dumplings; add a little soy sauce to taste, sprinkle with minced celery and serve on a plate. Jam Pancakes Some babies love sweets, and putting cakes and biscuits into their mouths one after another is bad for their teeth and nutritional balance. If you want to eat healthy sweets, the best thing is to make a soft and sweet pancake by yourself. This simple pancake is very suitable for children to eat. It is rich in protein, high-quality fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, Iron, zinc and multivitamins. Ingredients: Eggs, flour, milk, jam, butter, a little salt. Method: Make batter. Add flour to eggs and stir evenly. Then add melted butter, milk, a small amount of salt, stir evenly. Pay attention to the batter and stir it evenly. Do not If there are any lumps, heat the non-stick pan, add the batter to the non-stick pan with a spoon, and fry both sides until the pancakes are cooked. Do not spread the pancakes too large to make them easier for children to eat. Add a little jam to the pancakes and serve them on a plate. Rice, meat and vegetable porridge. Many children refuse to eat meat and vegetables because they feel they have an unpleasant smell. A smart mother will think of other ways, such as cooking porridge~the aroma of rice, meat and vegetable porridge is deliciousTangy, savory, easy to digest, and perfect for dinner. Ingredients: minced pork, rice, cabbage Method: mince the pork, chop the cabbage and set aside; put the rice and minced pork into the pot, add appropriate amount of water and bring to a boil; add the minced cabbage into the pot, turn to low heat and simmer; simmer until sticky When thickened, add appropriate amount of seasoning and stir evenly. Mushroom egg soup is rich in nutrients, including essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides and other nutrients. It is a high-protein, low-fat nutritional health food. Regular consumption of mushrooms can well promote the body\’s absorption of nutrients from other foods. Ingredients: Mushrooms, eggs, green onions, minced garlic Method: Remove the stems of the mushrooms, wash and shred them, add a thin layer of oil to a pan and stir-fry them until cooked; chop the green onions, beat the raw egg liquid and set aside; put the mushrooms and green onions into the pot, and add water Bring to a boil; add appropriate amount of minced garlic and soy sauce to taste; finally add the prepared egg liquid, turn off the heat and serve on a plate after cooking. Isn’t it all very simple? Put it away quickly and start cooking it for your children and family~ If you have any other simple and delicious recipes, please leave a message to Dandan Mama to share!

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