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In the new semester, you must tell your children this sentence seriously! Your child will thank you sooner or later

Yesterday, I accompanied Ruirui to prepare things for the start of school. Maybe it took too long to pack them. Ruirui said impatiently: \”Mom, I haven\’t had enough rest during the summer vacation. I don\’t want to go to school at all. Studying is so hard. Why don\’t you go to work?\” I couldn\’t help but rolled my eyes and replied to him: \”Then do you think my mother has an easy life every day? Mom tells you that when you are my age, you have to go to work, do housework, and deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships every day. Relationship, you still have to continue studying and studying to prevent being eliminated by society. As for you, now you only have to do one thing: studying, and you feel it is hard. So what can you do when you grow up?\” The man who complained about the hardship of studying back then What happened to the child? Rui\’s mother had a cousin who dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school. At that time, her family tried to persuade her to continue studying and get into a college. But my cousin felt that studying was too tiring and it would be more interesting to work early to make money, so she started her part-time job regardless of everyone\’s objections. In the few years after dropping out of school, my cousin worked in many professions, such as beautician, hairdressing assistant, salesperson… Although the money she earned was not much, it was enough for her to spend on herself. At that time, in the eyes of us children who were still in school, she was so happy. You can eat whatever you want and wear whatever you want, without having to look at your parents’ faces. Later, when I was still in college, my cousin met a like-minded man in a factory. The two got together for three months and then got married. The reason was that my cousin was pregnant. I thought it was a beautiful and perfect love story, but no one expected that when my cousin was 7 months pregnant, the scumbag actually beat her, causing her to have to stay in the hospital for a while before she could stabilize the fetus. Afterwards, the man explained to everyone: \”I did some business with a friend a while ago and lost money, so I was in a bad mood. When I saw her doing nothing at home and making the house in tatters, I became a little angry. , so he touched her lightly. But I am all for this family. I just want to earn more money for milk powder for my child, so that I can take care of myself when Jiaoer is in confinement. \”What? A light touch? Could that make my cousin almost have a miscarriage? ! For this family? To be honest, his cousin has never seen a penny since marrying him, and the family expenses are all financed by his cousin\’s dowry. My cousin finally forgave the scumbag because of the sake of her children. My current cousin looks much older than me and works as a salesperson in a supermarket. Her husband, on the other hand, has been married for so many years and has never held a serious job. He spends his days daydreaming about getting rich with his gang of friends. If he has any money at home, he goes into business and then loses it. The last time I met my cousin, we talked about what happened when I was a kid. When talking about school time, my cousin couldn\’t help crying, \”Sister, do you know what I regret most in my life? It\’s that I didn\’t listen to my parents\’ advice, study hard and go to college. If I could study hard and go to college. If I study, graduate and find a good job, and then meet and marry a knowledgeable and educated person like my brother-in-law, I won’t end up following this useless person now. I can endure hardships, but I just can’t bear my children to endure hardships with me. .\” Looking at my cousin, I knew that she really regretted it. Yes, you were dissatisfied with it at firstStudying is tiring, but today, many years later, you realize that life without studying is even more tiring. Studying is the easiest thing among all the hard work. In fact, it is especially understandable for children to say that school is tiring, because at their age, their main task is to study. And with little experience, it seems that they only see this one difficult thing in their world. They haven\’t grown up yet, and they don\’t know how hard some people work with their faces facing the loess and sweating every day; they haven\’t grown up yet, and they don\’t know how hard some people work shivering while selling breakfast in the wind and snow. Hard work; they haven’t grown up yet and don’t know how hard it is for some people to work sweating under the scorching sun… If one day they grow up and engage in such a job, they will know how hard it is to study. An easy thing. Long Yingtai wrote in a letter to his son Andre: \”I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others, but because I hope you will have more choices in the future. Choose a job that is meaningful and has time, rather than being forced to make a living.\” Yes, reading may not bring a lot of material wealth to children, but it will bring them rich spiritual wealth, and at the same time, it will also give children many opportunities to choose. . Teacher Xiao Gu from the parents’ must-read lecture (click on the end of the article to read the original text to enjoy more exciting lessons from Teacher Xiao Gu) said when sharing: Let children know that everything is tiring, and studying as a student is just tiring. After a while, if you don’t study, you will be tired for the rest of your life. We should strive to treat learning as an interesting thing, so that when children encounter difficulties in learning, their first reaction will not be to escape, but to regard it as a challenge and strive to surpass! Reading is a noble act with the lowest threshold. Most of us are ordinary people, so our children are just children from ordinary families. They are not like those second and third generations who can have many roads to the world. And reading and studying is only one of the ways. For ordinary children, studying and entering college can be said to be the only way out. There can be distinctions between high and low in one\’s family background, but not in the spiritual world of studying. An ordinary person, even a poor person, can get out of the poor class and enter the middle class or aristocracy through reading and learning. Although the chance is low and many factors must be taken into account, as long as the child is willing to work hard, studying is a noble act with the lowest threshold. The fertile land at home may be flooded; the palace may be burned down by fire; but the culture in the belly cannot be flooded or burned, and no one can take it away. \”I read a lot of books, but then I forgot most of them. What\’s the point of reading like this?\” \”When I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can\’t remember what I ate. But To be sure, some of them have grown into my bones and flesh.\” This is what reading is about. Hidden in a child’s future temperament are the books he has read and the path he has traveled. And you must believe that there are only three things in this world that will not let you down. One is the money in your pocket, the other is the knowledge in your head, and the third is the road you have traveled. Reading may not change your destiny, but it will definitely change people\’s ability to tell the truth. The world is no longer the \”reading world\”In the era of \”books change your destiny\”, the voice of \”the theory that reading is useless\” has also increased. But is reading really useless? Of course not! When children go all the way up through reading, through high school, university, and even graduate school, He will find that the people around him are getting better and better, and they are getting farther and farther away from those who are good at using violence to solve problems. We often say that \”knowledge changes destiny\”, but in fact, knowledge changes our understanding of the world. Attitude towards everything. In the new semester, tell your children that studying hard is the safest and easiest way. If you have clear goals and know what you can do in the future, then work hard to do what you like; if If you have no goals and feel confused, then study hard. This is the best way for you to see the world. What other reasons do you have for not studying?!

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