• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

In the new year, let us use these 6 mentality to accompany our children and move towards a better tomorrow.

The new year has begun, and parents with children have also begun the journey of continuing to accompany their children. Accompanying is an uninterrupted compulsory task for being a parent. We may be engaged in this work every day, 365 days a year, but the mentality with which we accompany our children is very important, because the mentality not only affects ourselves and our children, but also affects The happiness index of our family. Establishing a good mental tone at the beginning of the new year will lay a solid foundation for happiness this year. The 6 kinds of mentality mentioned here, I hope you can always remind yourself to maintain possession and inject full energy into happiness throughout 2017: The first mentality: Positive and optimistic life is not always easy and relaxed, high-spirited Housing prices, smog that comes from time to time, crowded traffic… If you choose to complain, there will always be things you can complain about; and if you choose to look at life positively, you will always find that there are good things. Whenever I feel depressed because of unsatisfactory life, I think of the optimistic little girl in \”Pollyanna\”. Pollyanna\’s life is hard, and even if she doesn\’t get the long-awaited rag doll from the donation bucket, but only gets a pair of small crutches, she can still find reasons to be happy: you will never use them! She is as energetic as the rising sun and like a rainbow, bringing joy and hope to those around her. Pollyanna\’s story can inspire adults, and it can also give children the power of optimism. In the new year, no matter how many disappointments there are, we must maintain an optimistic attitude and actively face and resolve them. For things that can be changed, we can take active actions to promote changes, and for things that cannot be changed, , we can also find the good side from it. Children will naturally be infected by our attitude towards life and learn and imitate it. An optimistic child is more able to face difficulties and setbacks and will have a higher sense of happiness. The second mentality: Active learning If we want to inspire children to take the initiative to learn, it is better for us to exert our own efforts, study hard, and set a real role model for our children. Studying does not mean taking a certificate or studying for a master\’s degree or a Ph.D. For those of us who are busy shuttling between work and family, we may choose whatever we want to learn or like to learn. If we want to learn how to be better parents, then Just read more classic parenting books and listen to more lectures by famous experts; if you want to learn English, financial knowledge, flower arrangement, and make PPT… OK, the world is so rich, as long as you maintain your curiosity and listen to your inner voice, There is always one that suits your heart\’s desire. In the new year, we can set a learning goal and study plan for ourselves, even if we study for an hour or even half an hour on the road every day, by the end of the year, you will find that your persistence and accumulation will not only enrich yourself, It will also become a source of motivation for children to take the initiative to learn. The third mentality: Listen patiently. In the past year, you may have felt that the older your children are, the more disobedient they become. If you want your children to be \”obedient\”, we must first learn to listen to the inner \”words\” of your children. What is the reason behind a child crying? When your child goes against you, what do you want to express and fight for? Raising children requires a lot of patience, and listening to your childrenIt not only requires patience, but also requires continuous practice and practice, because listening is an attitude and an ability. We need to listen not only to what our child is saying, but also to his unspoken feelings and thoughts. In the new year, let us accompany our children with the attitude of patiently listening to them, so that we will know and understand them better, and establish a closer relationship with them. The fourth mentality: Acceptance and Appreciation If you have always compared your children with other children intentionally or unintentionally in the past, then from now on, please look at your children with an acceptance and appreciation perspective, and please also use this Look at yourself with eyes. Maybe we don’t have a good face, a spacious house, or a glamorous resume, but as long as we have an attitude of working hard, life will be enjoyable, and if we maintain a peaceful and tolerant attitude, our children will get better results. of nourishment. By accepting our own imperfections, we will live more calmly and confidently; by accepting our children\’s imperfections, we can appreciate our children for who they are. You must know that no two leaves are the same in the world. We do not need to belittle ourselves, but we must also learn to appreciate the advantages and strengths of our children. Every child has a unique shining point. Your child may have unsatisfactory academic performance, but if you see that his hands-on ability or athletic ability is strong, you should be proud of him. In the new year, please look at yourself and your children again with an appreciative eye. Maybe you will make completely different discoveries and be more deeply moved and happy. The fifth mentality: Support and encourage your child who has difficulty learning mathematics. Will you help him or ask a professional teacher to tutor him? Your child has a hobby that you consider to be “not doing his job”. Will you support his development in this area? For subject learning, perhaps as a parent you will help without hesitation, but for those seemingly \”useless\” things, you may be hesitant, or even stop your child decisively based on your own experience. In fact, as long as the child\’s interest is legitimate and does not affect normal learning, we might as well give the child support, because life needs to be not only useful, but also interesting, and doing things you like is the best way to make life more interesting. In the new year, children need our support and encouragement in many aspects, and this support and encouragement will accompany and warm them throughout their lives and become the pillar and strength for them to move forward bravely in the future. Sixth mentality: grow together. If you have often been anxious and angry about your children\’s homework and studies in the past year, then you might as well think about the progress and growth you have made in the past year. Raising children is also a self-cultivation for parents. If we ourselves do not grow, how can we ask our children to progress and grow? American psychologist Scott Pike mentioned in the book \”The Road Less Traveled\” that the true meaning of love is to help a person achieve spiritual growth. A person must first love himself before he can love others. To love ourselves, we need to take actions to improve our spiritual growth, such as reading, learning, and experiencing; and loving our children means investing our time and attention in them.Intention means that we truly think and act for the growth of our children. Dear, in the new year, we can work hard with our children, share the learning process and the joy of harvest, and grow together with our children. Watching your children make progress day by day and feeling that you are growing up day by day, is there anything more wonderful than this in the world?

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