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[Incisive] What is a good education? It’s not about teaching children to strive for first place.

Make your wishes strong, strengthen your ambitions, be humble in your heart, and soften your energy. When I was a child, I was not good at reading. I always had red letters in my exams, but I couldn’t score 60 points. One year in the exam, I managed to get over 60 points, and I was very happy to take it home and show it to my dad. My dad was eating and he put down his bowl and laughed. My brother and sister are very strange, they still laugh when they do so poorly in the exam. My father said: \”I have been looking for a successor for so many years, and now I finally found one.\” When I heard this, I was shocked! My father is a farmer, and he has been a farmer for three generations. I didn\’t want to be a farmer, so I studied hard later. I found that mainland parents are very concerned about grades and want their children to take first place. In fact, the world\’s elites today are not the top students they were back then. Their rankings in the class range from 7th to 17th. The reason is that these children have better interpersonal relationships and can be friends with the first or last place. Moreover, the children have less stress, have an easier life, and have the best creativity. A good child does not get first place, but the seeds within him are awakened. If your child is in the first place, let him stop working so hard and easily get the 7th to 17th place. If your child is in the bottom few, let him work hard to get into the top 17. . Why is No. 17 mentioned? That was the secret to my own success—there were only 17 people in my class when I was a kid. Children need reassurance from adults. When I was in high school, a teacher invited me to his house for dinner. We had dumplings. I was very happy. When the dumplings were brought to the table, I burst into tears. What the teacher said moved me even more. He said: \”I have been teaching for 50 years, and I guarantee you with my life that you will be successful in the future.\” Wow! I was even more moved, and tears fell on the dumplings. No one has ever understood me and pledged their lives to me. After two weeks, my hopes were shattered because every student in the class went to his house to eat dumplings. He pledged his life to each of his classmates. The grades you get in college don\’t mean anything. I took the college entrance exam, but I didn’t pass in the first year, and I didn’t pass in the second year, but I finally passed in the third year. The university admission score was 361, and I tested 361.5. When I got home, I wrote \”Congratulations to Lin Qingxuan for winning the gold medal\” on red paper and posted it on the door. When I went to college, I thought about who was the lucky person who scored 361 points in the exam. After some investigation, I found out it was Zhang Yi. Later he became the boss of Liulicongfang Company, a Fortune 500 company. So, maybe your child’s grades are not outstanding or that good, but don’t give up, because every child in the world is different. Just like growing plants, bamboo shoots and bananas are grown on hillside, watermelon and cantaloupe are grown in sandy land, and taro is grown in mud. Different plants are suitable for different soils, and they are not just the same. The tragedy of this world is that all different children are gathered in one campus and they hope to be educated to be the same. This is a big problem. A good child is one whose inner seed has been awakened. To educate children according to their characteristics is to awaken the seeds in their hearts. Good children are children who have awakened the seeds in their hearts, and they realize themselves; bad children have not awakened their seeds, and they have not realized themselves, and they are still living in confusion. I am a person who has awakened the seed in my heart. I have been determined to do it since the third grade of elementary school.A writer should write 500 words a day starting from elementary school, 1,000 words in middle school, 2,000 words in high school, and 3,000 words in college. I have persisted and now I have published 131 books. Abilities that children should master in their lives. There are many important things in life. In addition to learning, children should master these abilities: the ability to face setbacks. In addition to reading, labor can also exercise this ability. The ability to love. My student did an experiment. He went home and hugged the person he loved. He could hold the person he loved weighing 100 kilograms and spin around in a circle, but he definitely couldn\’t hold a stone weighing 100 kilograms. Only by facing your relatives and friends with full love can you face life better. The ability to recognize the diverse values ​​of life. There is a student in Taiwan whose father is a pineapple farmer. To determine the sweetness of pineapples, he taps each pineapple three times. Over the past few years, his father’s fingers that tap the pineapples have become swollen and enlarged. The student felt sorry for his father, so he invented a machine that could test the sweetness of pineapples by tapping three times. Later, he won the gold medal of the British Invention Award. A child does not necessarily have to have good grades, it depends on his understanding of life. The ability to expand your horizons. Nowadays, many children go to study abroad. Parents say it is to cultivate their children\’s world view. This is a good idea. Only by realizing the vastness of the world can we realize our own insignificance, weaken our own pain, and tolerate the world. The ability to express one\’s emotions and thoughts. Children learn to understand themselves and then learn to express themselves, especially introverted and closed children. There was a boy who liked a girl and wanted to date her. However, when he approached the girl, he became nervous and ran away with a red face. I often teach everyone the \”Lin Qingxuan Five-Character Ming Mantra\”: \”We are all human beings.\” Boys who dare not chase girls can recite \”We are all human beings\” silently. When they see people in high positions and are afraid to speak, they can also recite \”We are all human beings\”. By overcoming inner tension in this way, we are not afraid to express ourselves. When my eldest son went to college, I gave him a tips bag, which contained four sentences: Be strong in your aspirations, be strong in your aspirations, be humble in your heart, and be gentle in your spirit. A successful person only needs to have big aspirations and ideals, a strong will, a humble attitude and a gentle temperament.

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