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Is it better for children to be exposed to sports as early as possible?


Oct 1, 2023

Now is the era of developed Internet. Most children\’s \”play\” is mobile phones, computers, TVs and other electronic products. If they are not allowed to play, their children will lie down or sit when they go home. Most parents are aware of this phenomenon. In the eyes, it is inevitable to worry about the physical development of the child. It is during the growth period, how can we not exercise more? Staying at home and playing with your mobile phone all the time will give people a very decadent impression. Therefore, most of the solutions that are thought of to change this phenomenon are to enroll in sports interest classes to cultivate hobbies, sports and skills. The more popular interest classes now include: dancing, swimming, roller skating, taekwondo, etc., which are all very popular. Most parents choose for their children based on their own ideas and evaluate whether the child is suitable! However, without understanding the advice of parenting experts, those sports that will affect the child\’s physical development are not appropriate, especially those that are more professional. When the child grows older, there is no need to be too anxious to learn. Especially the following sports: 1) Long-distance running Today’s parents born in the 1980s and 1990s all like long-distance running. The exercise method most people choose, especially morning running, is good for their children. It can “prevent” their children from sleeping in, so they can let them join in. In fact, long-distance running should be an age-restricted sport. Especially for children under 8 years old, the tissues and organs of the child\’s body are not yet mature. If they jog for a long time, they will consume a lot of energy and damage their muscles and bones. If the lung capacity is insufficient, hypoxia and suffocation may easily occur, which will affect the development of the child\’s cardiopulmonary function. Benefits of children\’s physical exercise at home. A complete set of fun sports meeting video with 39 lessons. 2) Difficult dance. If there are girls in the family, parents will think of sending their children to dance, which can not only exercise their bodies but also cultivate their temperament. It is very suitable for girls, but parents always feel that dance should be started from childhood, and children at a young age are sent to training institutions. However, the time for learning different dances is different. Children aged 4-year-old are suitable for relatively introductory dance learning, while professional and difficult dances cannot be performed until the child is 7 years old, such as splits, lower back, etc. 3) The most popular thing about roller skating is roller skating. With just a pair of roller skates, parents can teach in the community, and children are more interested in it, especially boys, who think roller skates are cool and are very interested in learning. When parents see their children happy, they forget whether it is suitable for them or not. Because roller skating is mainly a lower limb strength sport when learned, whether a child is suitable for learning requires an assessment of the child\’s leg strength tolerance. Generally, it is not suitable for children under 4 years old, as they do not have basic muscle strength. Although it is good for parents to encourage their children to exercise more, they should pay attention to the actual situation of their children when choosing projects to avoid backfire!

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